New Mexico Stewards Scratch Horse From Rich Futurity Due to Owner’s Fourth Drug Violation

by | 10.26.2014 | 10:12pm

Jm Blu Moonflash was scratched by New Mexico Racing Commission stewards from Sunday's $289,728 New Mexico Classic Futurity at Zia Park after penalties from the Association of Racing Commissioners International model rules for multiple drug offenses were imposed on both the horse's owner, J and M Racing and Farm, and the horse himself.

According to stewards, J & M Racing and Farm runners recently received their fourth Category B medication violation of the past year when Jm Blu Moonflash tested positive for clenbuterol after winning a futurity trial at Ruidoso Downs May 30.

J & M Racing and Farm is owned by Javier and Elsa Marquez of Monahans, Texas. The stable also owns Jm Miracle, the winner of this year's controversial All American Futurity at Ruidoso Downs.

Jm Blu Moonflash qualified for the New Mexico Classic Futurity finals with a second-place finish in the trials at Zia Park on Oct. 11. The following day, however, stewards held a hearing on the May 30 clenbuterol violation and a short time later issued a ruling that included a penalty on the horse's owner because it was the fourth Category B penalty for horses owned by J & M Racing and Farm within the last 365 days.

Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator that can have anabolic steroidal effects on horses.

That penalty, following the RCI recommended penalty and model rule, resulted in disqualification of Jm Blu Moonflash, loss of purse, and a $5,000 fine. Jm Blu Moonflash has been placed on the veterinarian's list for 45 days and must pass a commission-approved examination before becoming eligible to be entered.

Jose Muela was the trainer of record when Jm Blu Moonflash tested positive for clenbuterol May 30. He subsequently served a 60-day suspension for a separate clenbuterol positive in April and the horse was transferred to the name of Umberto Belloc, the trainer of record when Jm Blu Moonflash qualified for the New Mexico Classic Futurity on Oct. 11.

Belloc was also the trainer of record for Jm Miracle when he won the All American Futurity.

  • Interested NM Observer

    And that perfectly sums up the problem here in NM. A hearing held a held the DAY AFTER the Oct 11 trial, FOR A DRUG VIOLATION THAT OCCURRED MAY 30th. If NMRC did their job, the horse would never have been in the trials to begin with. Heck there’s one trainer that got 3 clenbuterols at one meet in 2013 …. still waiting for the hearing on the third one — it’s been stayed five times. Rumor has it $3500 will buy you a trainer license or a stay … whichever you happen to need a the moment.

    Everyone knows Belloc is nothing but a paper trainer for Roberto Sanchez. A month before the All American, he was selling hay and watermelons on the Ruidoso backside; then Muela got his suspension and, voila, Belloc wins the AA and Sanchez gets his picture taken with the trophy. Doesn’t take a genius to connect those dots, does it?

    • Horse Guy

      No kidding, look at the NM reports for the Ruidoso meet as well. A token violation here or there. But more tough love after Labor Day. Time for this commission of puppets to get ousted. If I were the AG, I’d go to work on these made for TV, imposters. Who is really calling the shots in New Mexico?

      • betterthannothing

        The average breeding and racing operation in NM is third world. Horses fans should worry less about stallions going to Japan, Korea or Turkey and should really worry about those in NM. That state is rotten to the core from top to bottom.

        • betterthannothing

          Horse fans

    • Ben van den Brink

      The other deal is ± ban racing completely, till things are worked out.

    • Tres Abagados Stupidos

      The owner J & M Racing still gets last place money of $7,243 and the guy that had the 11th fastest time (which would have been 10th fastest) does not get to run in the finals. If the ruling would not have taken so long then this horse would never have been able to qualify for the finals. If I had the 11th fastest time I would be raising a big stink about this.

  • Sad Spectator

    Suspend the horse for a year, and the owner for 5!

    • cal gal

      good idea, nmrc are you listening?

  • nm ex racer

    amazing , why are they finally getting owners for cheating? its about time! thank you ray paulick for paying attention to this ever ending story of j and m racing and the offenses they have had

  • Rickey O

    Do we looked shocked? Not at all… Anyone that is involved in NM racing knows all about the drugs and corruption that is taking place. NM is filled with nothing but druggie and paper trainers. We all know that JM Miracle is dead. They do nothing but drug the horses until they eventually drop dead. Ray Paulick I thank you for brining this to the Public. Everyone knows that Roberto Sanchez is the real trainer for JM..

    • Bellwether

      And the powers that be (T-Breds included ) have their heads stuck in that dark hole where the sun never shines…It’s a National Disgrace…Period…

      • Rickey O

        Definitely… Everyone also in NM know this about the T-Breds as well.. They have a trainer that was ruled off of Turf Paradise for TCO2 back in the day. He just threatens NM that he will pull all his horses out and they won’t have enough to fill the barns if he leaves so they leave him alone. Word is oon

        • ex new mexico racer

          ya look who won 4 races today, in tb

          • Uncle Mo


          • Uncle Mo

            he clearly has stated “they won’t catch him”. I bet his ex-jockey at Alb can tell everyone a few stories. He knows exactly what’s going into the horses and what the jockeys are told to use on the horses.

        • SoreLoser

          If Justin Evans pulled all his horses he would have no place to put them all. Granted, Turf Paradise begged him back to help fill a card, he can’t place as many as he has at one track. Also, they CAN fill races without him here. He is no huge asset to NM. He claims decent horses from small barns that have that only horse that gets them by and runs them in the dirt with his mix and makes a measly 20 grand off of them until they are spent like Jaycito. He kills racing in NM if anything. Also, he contributed ONE horse to Zia day and gets to cover the entire backside with his stock.

          It even goes as far as the races being written for him.

          He isn’t the only bad one in TB racing though. Look up High Test Gal and what happened there.

          • Uncle Mo

            You are very correct… It’s a shame what he has done to Jaycito… They have a group out there trying to get Jaycito so they can retire him. Rebranded is another fine example paid top dollar for him at the sale and all he can do win a race in NM with 4 other horses. He went to CA & OK and did no better then a $5000 claimer. Then all you hear is about “Dirt Monster” that was embarrassed by HD’s horse. If it’s so great why is it sitting in a barn at Zia. I don’t see it running this weekend in CA. The horse that he had in on Zia Day was a $5000 claimer previously and ran next to last.

            What happened to High Test Gal?

          • SoreLoser

            From what I understand, Jaycito has two good legs when he comes back to the barn.

            High Test Gal runs under Cano, I could be mistaken but I believe it is a paper trained horse. Correct me if wrong.

        • harry

          He was ruled off in Az. for alcohol, vodka injections or tubing with vodka. Ineligible for licensing for a few years and the minute he was eligible mgt. welcomed him bk with open arms. The only thing he screws more than owners is his friends wives.

    • AngelaFromAbilene

      I left New Mexico Wednesday after Labor Day, 2002 and did not go back until June of this year. I went back because it appears the NMRC have finally grown a pair. With what I saw this summer, I’ll be back next year with a small string.

      Have they COMPLETELY cleaned it up? No but what I saw was very encouraging. Hitting the cover of the NY Times was a wake-up call and every time NM racing is a headline and the only NM racing headlines are negative, they take another big bite. This one in particular should give everyone a little hope. WHEN have they EVER gone after an owner?

      By the way, I don’t drug my horses, I ain’t a paper trainer for anyone and I know quite a few just like me out there. So please, don’t use such a broad brush.

      • uncle mo

        hhhmmm.. so we take it you only raced in NM for two months.

        • AngelaFromAbilene

          What’s your point? I went back SPECIFICALLY to see for myself IF what I was hearing was indeed true. It appears to me, it is. Are they done? Not by a long shot but it IS getting better and this is just another example.

  • Just An Observer

    Let me get this straight…the NMRC is just now punishing this owner for something that’s been happening again & again over the last 5 months?? Way to go NMRC!! I’m shocked that Ruidoso Downs actually posted the bad clenbuterol test! They tend to sweep everything under the rug. These owners & their trainer (Roberto Sanchez) should never have been allowed to run horses this past summer. Everyone knows who really trains these horses & it’s not Belloc. If anyone was unsure, they figured it out pretty quickly when the ego driven Sanchez brothers took a picture kissing the AA trophy. What really bothers me in this whole situation is Roberto & all the other Demophine using, piece of crap trainers from Louisiana & Oklahoma still go to Ruidoso’s Super Select horse sale & buy horses. These guys never left racing & people act shocked that doping is still going on. If tracks works ban Clenbuterol it would make a huge difference. The bottom line is ALL of the trainers that were convicted of using Demorphine should have had ALL their privileges at race tracks, race horse sales suspended & they should have done jail time.

    • Ben van den Brink

      At least they are trying to get things straight in NM. One is always asking for more, but the start is there.

      Thanks Ray for posting.

      • HorsePower Racing

        Agree with BEN….NM is and has always been a joke but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt maybe ( ? ) they are trying to clean things up and have the “found” the right path ??

    • greg

      In Calif. they would have had to “investigate” for a minimum of 24 months to call a hearing and then 4-6 months to determine a “penalty” that will be either cut in 1/2 or “deferred” if the trainer/owner promise to 1. not do it again and 2. promise not to contest the “penalty” Now if that isn’t a deterrent WTF would be??? LOL not funny, sad

      • kim gillette

        guess you didn’t hear about what just happened at los al,, allred rocks!

        • Jim Sherwood

          What did Dr. Allred do? We have not heard anything.

        • Katie Katella

          8 of 10 qualifiers to Super Derby owned by same owners and trained by same trainer. The banned De La Torres connected to all and actually listed as owners! What did Dr. Allred do? I’ve heard nothing – the Derby is this weekend.

          • Kim Gillette

            Guess you need to see they are retesting 11 thru 30 super derby on hold for this weekend. He is the only owner with any guts.

    • cal gal

      yes on horse sales, and jail time, however some think its all the vets fault , haha joke!

    • the other observer

      The person selling these drugs should be the one put in jail. The problem goes back to when Ruidoso Downs and the people who run it covered up a bad caffeine test. Oh! the owner and trainer were white. The Latino trainers the have beenr suspended are still suspended and most of the white trainers have been reinstated or their charges changed to a more lenient offense in order for them to be reinstated. They are either running in Louisiana, or another state but they are still running and sending the horses trained by them to the Rainbow, Ruidoso and All American futurities.

  • Bellwether

    “And The Beat Goes On”…And On And On…Keep on slapping those wrist!!!…

  • HappyHarriett

    I wish a bright light would shine on the shenanigans in CA racing, starting with mandatory cameras and microphones in all stalls and barns. Amazing how things would change.

    Owners – DEMAND THIS TRANSPARENCY, and don’t forget to have your Trainer sign a Training Agreement that outlines his/her responsibilities to you and your horse(s). None of your horses should step foot in his/her barn without a signed contract that is enforced.

  • Richard C

    Unless any number of state racing commissions cease the apologetic tone of dishing out penalties to scofflaws — the sport will continue to sink into an abyss that is home to pro wrestling.

  • Fast Filly

    It is just a shame that they can’t do this before the race was run..I don’t understand why the people with the 11th place time don’t sue them for the entire purse…so only nine horses got to run back…this happens over and over that the tests don’t come back from the trials till the finals are run and then someone gets cheated out of a chance to run. Looks like the labs could this back quicker, or give them three weeks inbetween races so the tests can get back and give someone else a chance.

    • Interested NM Observer

      I don’t disagree with anything you said, however this test has been back for months — the violation happened in May and they didn’t issue a ruling until October. This mess is exclusively at the feet of the NM Racing Commission. The tests usually come back in 10-14 work days; add up to another 30 days if the trainer sends a split test. Regardless, it has been known that the test was bad since at least mid-July. The commission needs to stop granting stays and move hearings on horses that are nominated to trials to the front of the line.

      • Fast Filly

        Not just NM, Texas has one that won the big futurity there a few weeks ago, same thing, trials were bad but didn’t come back until after the horse WON the finals and now since they sent the split off, the same trainer and owner qualified for another one at same track…just cheats the eleventh place horse from getting to run..why hasn’t anyone sued for this money, that may make them stop this stuff…

  • betterthannothing

    How about throwing all those cruel, filthy c r i m i n a l s in jail and never accepting them and their ilk again in horse racing INCLUDING QH RACING? Many would be banned, I understand, but something drastic needs to be done to protect horses from those gross abusers.

    This is what happens when an industry is allowed to exploit live animals without an authority solely devoted to their protection. That void not only destroys horses, it attracts s c u m and destroys everything around them, including the industry itself. If not done for the welfare and safety of horses, an equine protective authority should be created for the good of the industry.

    Someone posted here previously that J & M has a string of QH that run legal races and one that runs illegal races. Why is this allowed to happen so openly? Where are the Feds since state and local officials are corrupt and apparently no one gives a damn about the suffering and killing of those poor horses?

  • Mike Collins

    So when do they start doing the Trainers the same way. New Mexico needs to start taking control.

    • AngelaFromAbilene

      They are.

  • h

    First they need to stop the paper trainers! Belloc was in Arizona last winter, paper training at Turf Paradise. Arizona is filled with paper trainers, many who also race in NM. Authorities just look the other way.

  • Jack Frazier

    The only way to stop this is to 1) make sure the trainer of record is not a program trainer. The horses would have to be in their barn and control. It is already against the rules to be a program trainer but the racing jurisdictions look the other way. 2) horses shipping in from training facilities should be automatically tested using blood, urine and saliva and they need to be on the grounds 72 hours before their race. 3) place video cameras in every barn looking down the shed row 24/7. 4) first offense should be 30 days; second offense six months; third offense five years. 5) any horse that test positive should be banned for six months. 6) racing commissions need to enforce the rules for everyone including the big name, marque trainers. Won’t happen though.

    • betterthannothing

      I like all your ideas but “5) any horse that test positive should be banned for six months.”

      That could be a death sentence for some horses. I would be okay with it if all banned horses are tracked and if owners want to dump them, they are then forced to pay a 1-year pension to an accredited retirement/retraining facility to take them in.

      • Jack Frazier

        Possibly but it would give the owner a chance to save some money and find clean trainer.

        • ex new mexico racer

          it has been my viewing , most owners know exactly what trainers are doing which is why they choose that trainer, whether they don’t use or do use

  • AngelaFromAbilene

    While New Mexico has been pretty much “anything goes” for years and years, it is a FACT they are cleaning it up. And have been making strides for a couple of years now. You people are NEVER happy. You want MORE, “they” do MORE yet you’re STILL complaining. Rhome wasn’t built in a day. Just a thought for those that can’t for ONCE say “good job,” why don’t you find another hobby or sport.

  • AngelaFromAbilene

    A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a vet in west Texas. Their clinic had had a very well-bred mare brought in for what turned out to be basically a broken leg. As I understand it, they got her healed up but she would never be sound for any type of riding or as a broodmare. Rather than pay the bill, her high profile owners dropped off her papers and a transfer report. They were trying to find this mare a home. I don’t believe Monahans is just crawling with high profile owners. When I asked if this was a Marquez horse, I got a “no comment.”

    Javier and Elsa Marquez are the poster kids for BAD owners and morally bankrupt people. They don’t give a tinkers damn how many horses they kill trying to win and neither do their trainers! And the sad fact is they have killed a bunch of ’em. These people will continue doing exactly as they please until they are locked up for one crime or another.

  • Terrence Lane

    Bout time, wake da F–k up NM

  • julie morgan

    nowbetterthannothing, not everyone in NM is third world, there are a few of us who still stay in contact with people in KY trying to stay up with the most recent information and implement those thing in our programs.

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