New Mexico: Judge Halts Planned Jan. 1 Opening of Horse Slaughterhouse

by | 12.31.2013 | 8:44am

A district judge in New Mexico has issued a temporary restraining order which prevents a planned horse slaughterhouse from opening this week before a hearing that is scheduled for Jan. 3.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that Judge Matthew Wilson issued the order Monday, stating that Valley Meat Co. must “show cause for why the temporary restraining order should not be extended or a preliminary injunction issued.”

Valley Meat Co., a former beef slaughterhouse in Roswell, N.M., has converted its operations over in order to process horses, and had planned on opening Jan. 1. The facility has drawn fire for its plans to process horses, and several legal attempts have been made to prevent the plant from opening.

New Mexico State Attorney General Gary King filed a lawsuit against the plant earlier this month, saying that the company “has chronically failed to comply with state environmental and safety laws over the years.”

Blair Dunn, the attorney for Valley Meat Co., is confident the restraining order will be dismissed, telling the Journal, “Judge Wilson has only seen their side of the story so far. I expect that when this judge gets all the facts put in front of him, he will dismiss this one, too.”

Read more in the Albuquerque Journal

  • Equitable

    Hooray for the Judge and for the Attorney Gen. Now, for continued efforts by all.

  • Ladyofthelake

    Thanks stupid US Congesss for allowing it to even be considered in the first place!

  • Alexa Pilcher

    The methods we humans have adopted for the ‘processing’ of these precious horses is truly horrifying, … in fact, all meat processing. I hope someone at least enlightens the judge in the most graphic way of this before any final rulings come down.

  • Denise Filipowski

    People, are just plain dumb ,and greedy! Any one who would eat a horse with all the medications that they have consumed over the years would be eating tainted meat! Horses are not for eating! When we eat meat . A steer, chicken or any other meat was raised to eat.Horses DO NOT fall under that category. Please help stop this before it gets started!

    • fb0252

      ya, let’s continue to send ’em to Mexico on 1500 mile trips packed in like sardines to have their throats sliced. better yet, keep ’em for 10 years in a 10 by 10 dusty closet, couple of flakes of hay a day and a 13 yr. old to visit them once a month. perfect sense.

  • blueberry

    Wow, Ms Dunn says when the judge gets all the facts he will dismiss, well lets see, horse slaughter is inhumane and horrible, how stupid can the human species be, horses are not raised for human consumption, they are companion animals, but some idiot said; oh lets eat horses since we eat everything else with 4 legs, I am disgusted with human greed

    • Casey

      Mr. Dunn…

  • TN Trosin

    To keep it on topic, it appears that the NM attorney general is basing the restraining order on past sins of the corporation and not on anything else.

    • jrstark

      Sins? Try a proven record of multiple humane and environmental violations. When they were operating as a dairy cow slaughterhouse, this company went three years without a waste water permit. They still don’t have one for horses, but think they should be allowed to operate anyway.

  • bert

    I live in Ocala where since they have closed the slaughter houses we have a record # of starving Horses. Is it no not more humane to put them down or have them starve to death!!! I ahve signed several petitions to change the shipping of horses to slaughter houses. If we can adopt a more humane transportation of these animals then lets do it. Or better yet all you useless people should just pay a 100 dollars and put your animals down that you can no longer afford to keep!!!

    • jrstark

      You had almost 50 years to clean up the shipping while the slaughterhouses were open here. Even since the slaughterhouses here were closed down, pro-slaughter is still fighting every effort to clean up the shipping. So how will allowing slaughter again suddenly make shipping “more humane” when they don’t want it to be?

  • JS

    SO, when slaughter is up and running here, the horses will all be slaughtered in the US and will not be shipped to Canada and Mexico or is it just to get a share of the money as De Los Santos of Valley Meats said ?? It certainly has nothing to do with being humane and everything to do with money, directly and indirectly as well as lack of responsibility at all levels of the horse industry. And all proponents of horse slaughter know this, no matter how they try to spin it !!


    That is great news but in fact, Valley Meats did not have a temporary or permanent ground water discharge permit as check by inspection of public record request. The permit is still in the hearing process and it’s approval will be determined by the Governors
    ‘s cabinet member to the environment. Earliest is late January, latest is late February. Temporary permits have been requested but not granted.

  • Herman’s Kennel

    Horse meat , just the thought of it makes me nauseous …. Physically not litterally , I could puke

  • Really,… who in their right mind spends over a hundred thousand diollars to convert a cattle slaughterng plant to a horse slaughter facility even before they know for certain it’s going to be made legal, and without incredible opposition anyway? Scammers!!

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