New Mexico: Owner, Trainer Sanctioned for Clenbuterol Overage

by | 01.26.2015 | 8:42am

The New Mexico Racing Commission has sanctioned an owner and trainer after their horse was found to have more than six time the allowed limit of clenbuterol in its system.

According to a report in the Albuquerque Journal, the filly Silver Stone Bay returned the overage results after winning a race at Zia Park on Oct. 7, 2014. The filly's trainer, Lillian Silva, had her license suspended from Oct. 23, 2014 through June 21, 2015. Silva was also fined $2,500. It was Silva's second drug infraction within a year.

The filly's owner, Carlos Jose Sosa, had to forfeit the winner's share of the purse, $7,027.

According to the racing commission, neither Silva or Sosa filed an appeal prior to the 10-day deadline.

Read more in the Albuquerque Journal

  • jojo

    I have one thing to say , what the hell do these poor horses go through when they get a level of 1800 pc of clenbuterol? I cant even imagine, Ochoa just got caught finally from Ruidoso for 4 clenbuterols in 365 days, one being 1565 level…I would love to give these trainers this amount and watch them shake out of their skin

    • OopsyDaisy3

      jojo – Amazingly sickening. What other words to describe this abuse are there?
      She got off easy. And therein lies the repeat offender proclivity.
      Linda in Texas

    • doc

      What Ochoa are you referring to jojo? The leading money earner in QH racing,OCHOA, never had a clenbuterol or any other positive test. If you have something to the contrary, state the facts!!!

      • Tres Abagados Stupidos

        I think he means a trainer named Ochoa.

      • Mimi H

        He [Jojo] specified ‘the trainer not the horse’

    • Phil

      jojo, all due respect, I don’t think you understand what a picogram is, one trillionth of a gram. A standard 3cc dose of ventipulmin syrup has roughly 215 mcg of Clenbuterol HCL, that’s 215,000,000 picograms. So essentially the horse was probably given a standard dose very close to or at what the advertised and approved “out” time is for clenbuterol depending on jurisdiction (3, 7 14, or 21 days), and he was probably just unlucky that the residual trace amounts of 1800 pc still showed in the post race tests, had the tests been delayed a few hours or if the dose been given a few hours earlier chances are the horse would have tested clean. The testing science is so precise that giving a dose at 71 hours before a race might test positive but 74 hours before wouldn’t. When a post race tests shows levels 1000x or 10,000x the acceptable amount then you can probably assume it was given closer to the race than the approved window and it could have influenced the outcome.

      You need to understand the science before assuming people are abusing horses or cheating. As a disclosure, I don’t know the trainer in question and have never been to a QH race so I have no dog in the fight.

      How would you feel as a trainer or owner if the Racing Commission told you it was permissible to use a certain therapeutic medication x days before a race, you followed all their guidelines to a “T” and then learned after a win you were 600 trillionths of a gram over the limit?

      I understand zero tolerance is zero tolerance, I have no problems with rules, but don’t paint people in a bad light if they have picogram overages of therapeutic medications.

      • Jojo

        Sorry Stand corrected however silva almost 6 times over legal limit! And Ochoa the trainer not horse

      • Dcurtis

        I can agree what you are saying totally on the picograms , however it has been my observation that the use of clembutrol has been widely abused and the results are horses clapseing
        and dying on the track , even in prescribed proper use it weakens the heart , I am 100 % behind banning it except for use by a state vet for a horse that really has a respitory problem and the said horse needs to be on the. Vets list until cleared up.

  • Cmacjake

    Suspension of a trainer does nothing. Suspend the horse and maybe someone will listen.

    • kim gillette

      its coming with aqha, cant wait for first clenbuterol! and owners are getting it, but some don’t believe aqha matters and that is ok but it does at the end of the day

  • William L. Anton

    The problem I see here is that the repeat offenders do not receive enough of a suspension and or fine. That is the only way to slow this terrible thing down.

  • Jttf

    After what happened at los alamitos. There should not be any clenbuterol or albuterol in any horse.

  • Before “clem” became popular and well known, I pointed out that USADA stated that it had steroidal impact on humans. At the time, nobody seemed to think much about it. I cannot wait for this outfit to take over our sport, institute out-of-competition testing and use its tools and smarts to go after designer drugs.

  • Ryafan

    As a former trainer who never once had any ‘overages’ or positives, when I see all of these overages, though I realize an occasional error by vet, staff, etc, could happen, I equate an overage exactly as you would a DUI, over the legal limit you are IMPAIRED, and that should be that. It offends me how so many say ” well, it was only an overage, not a violation.” Bull, please d not tell anyone who has ever lost a loved one to a drunk driver that he was simply a tad over the limit. They are one and the same.

    • Ryafan

      Every person pulled over always says ” I only had two beers” when asked, too.

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