New Cameras Could Thrill Fans, Aid Trainers

by | 06.26.2013 | 5:35pm
Blind Luck jockey cam

Michael Jones, innovator of the JonesCam, hopes to debut his tiny helmet camera at Saratoga Race Course this summer, to the delight of race fans and trainers alike.

The four-ounce camera, which is about the size of a cigarette lighter, sits on top a jockey's helmet, rather than to the side, as with older, larger models, and places the viewer almost at the rider's eye level.

NBC Sports Group representative Bob Hughes said that if approved by NYRA stewards, the cameras would offer unique points of view for racing's audience. Any footage from the JonesCams would be available to NYRA, OTB and HRTV, according to a report by the Albany Times Union.

Trainers have found the device helpful in early testing, too. The cameras have already helped top New York trainer Gary Contessa identify what his horses are spooking at during workouts.

Read more at the Albany Times Union 

  • Rebekah Lane

    Many of us rode along with Zenyatta on her morning runs. The views were amazing.

  • Jack

    As long as they don’t show these angles during the live race

    • greg

      why not? That would be awesome

      • I agree, racing fans would get a lot more “action”, Watching live you can’t really get a sense of the speed and the danger. With all jockeys wearing helmet cams it would be riveting and people would find it a lot more exciting. As a bonus it would sure help the stewards.

    • Michael Mckay

      I agree. As a handicapper you want a full view of the whole field.

  • s/s

    Great they can put cameras on jocks but can’t afford to put them in stalls where they belong.

  • Evelyn Waugh

    Wow! That was simply…amazing!!!

  • RedShoesGirl

    hrtv but not tvg?

  • RedShoesGirl

    aw, he tried so hard …

  • What a nice horse. It was amazing to see that when the horse in front of him fell it happened so fast you really didn’t see it. And those narrow parts where everyone pushes over – scary. A gorgeous track, and I know it’s not, but it would be the perfect training track for producing a truly balanced athlete.

  • Stephanie W.

    Ive seen this video before. When you google the name of this video it was made by a company called Equisight. They also have about 50 other videos.

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