NBC: Travers Draws Solid Overnight Rating

by | 08.26.2013 | 2:28pm

The NBC Sports Group said the 144th running of the Travers Stakes on NBC Saturday drew a .71 overnight rating, the best in the Summer at Saratoga series since the 2011 Travers Stakes.

A final ratings figure is still to come, but Dan Masonson, senior director of communications for NBC Sports Group, said the overnight of .71 was second only to the .8 overnight rating for the 2011 Travers.

Overnight ratings represent the percentage of all households with televisions tuning in among Nielsen's survey of the top 56 U.S. metered markets.

The third season of Summer at Saratoga, a partnership between NBC and the New York Racing Association, wraps up Saturday with coverage of the Grade 2, $250,000 Bernard Baruch Handicap, the Grade 1, $500,000 Forego Stakes, and the Grade 1, $750,000 Woodward Stakes (4 – 6 PM on NBC Sports Network).


  • DawnP

    If you live in the DC Metro area like I do, then you would’ve had to tune into HRTV to watch the races. Why? Redskins preseason. Need I say more?

    • Richard C

      Remember how racing was bounced around by ESPN due to the Little League World Series? Not much can be done with an affiliate, but – at least for the majority of viewers – the program will now run on time and in its entirety.

      • DawnP

        Yes, all too well! I’m just glad that I was able to watch the Travers on another channel!

    • Glimmerglass

      Visiting family in No. VA and encountered the same woe – NBC’s affiliate decided to bump Spa coverage for a Redskins preseason game.

      NBC/Universal/Comcast owns outright the station – WRC-TV 4 – and despite other channels airing the same Redskins game they just punted off racing. The Peacock Network sent a pound sand message to viewers in the 9th largest TV market. It’s not like No. Va and Southern MD aren’t significantly pronounced with an equine interest.

      Knowing this well in advance NBC should’ve switched the live coverage to NBC Sports Channel for the DC market. Doesn’t The Jockey Club pay in one form or another to get this aired on TV? Hopefully they get a pro-rated credit back.

      • Hoops and Horses

        Actually, the game (as noted above) was when it was because in most of the country, it was airing on NFL Network.

    • Don Reed

      As long as the deceitful and frequently ridiculous owner of the Redskins remains in the driver’s seat, the NY Giants will always have one less thing to worry about. We really ought to change things around so that the ownership, by constitutional law, remains in the Snyder family forever (comparable to the status of the British royal family).

      • Hoops and Horses

        Keep in mind that Jack Kent Cooke set up the sale of the Redskins the way he did for tax purposes with the assumption his son John would take over ownership. He could never have imagined someone like Daniel Snyder would have jumped up and paid what he did for the Redskins nor could he have thought the value of NFL franchises would grow as they do and the NFL would be the 800-pound gorilla of sports it now is.

        • Don Reed

          Dan Snyder reminds me, repeatedly, of the Calumet Svengali, Lexington Kentucky’s J.T. Lundy, who, unfortunately, did not have a five-million fan base that would have been willing to pay any price for any tickets to watch the breeding sessions.

          Lundy wrecked Calumet; Snyder has made a mockery out of simple human decency and the value of the team has soared. Is it any wonder that this is an environment in which multi-million dollar employees are arrested for murder?

          • Hoops and Horses

            Lundy definitely wrecked Calumet and Snyder for better or worse is the Redskins owner. What is so funny was when Jeff Lurie bought the Eagles in early 1994 for a then-record $180 million, it was looked at as being grossly overpriced and he was ridiculed for doing it. Lurie was simply ahead of the game as the Eagles are now worth well over $1 Billion I believe and until some hiccups the last couple of years record-wise were considered to be the gold standard in how to run an NFL franchise.

          • Don Reed

            We must keep in mind that these estimates hinge entirely on the number of future NFL employees who are indicted for & convicted of murder.

            Concurrently, this may lead to a spike in the estimated net worth of the NFL Prison Leagues by the year 2040, at which time, Jeff Lurie can make a double killing.

    • Hoops and Horses

      You can’t fault the Redskins or the NBC-Owned station for that one. Game I believe was at 4:30 PM local time because the game was also airing nationally on NFL Network (and NFL broadcast rules require any game airing nationally on cable, even in preseason to air on the local stations of the teams playing if it is live, same reason for instance when an Eagles game is on ESPN or NFL Network, the game usually airs on ABC-Owned WPVI-TV or WPHL-TV). NFL Network had to air the game then because CBS had a live national telecast at 8:00 PM of Rams-Broncos.

  • harry

    Well in Washington D C area this telecast was completely blacked out because of stupid Redskins per-season game. Thank goodness for HRTV or would not have been able to watch at all. The Washington NBC sports executives hates horse racing!!! They won’t even talk about
    the Preakness until after race is over!!!! No cover of horse racing EVER by NBC in Washington D C channel 4. Sad so sad!!!!

    • Hoops and Horses

      That telecast was where it was (4:30 PM ET) because Bills-Redskins was airing in most of the country on NFL Network, which had to show it then due to CBS having a national pre-season game (Rams-Broncos) at 8:00 PM ET.

  • Don Reed

    “The best in the Summer at Saratoga series since the 2011 Travers Stakes.”

    My goodness, how the decades just fly by. Could it really have been that long ago?

  • Ashley

    Nice to see people mad that they do not get to some good races on national TV. To bad to b/ this was one have hell of a race.

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