NBC Sports Group To Broadcast Royal Ascot Beginning In 2017

by | 05.22.2016 | 11:49am
Racing at Royal Ascot

NBC Sports Group has reached a multi-year agreement for exclusive United States media rights to the Royal Meeting in Ascot, Berkshire, England – one of the most prestigious horse racing meets in the world – beginning in 2017.

NBCSN will present live coverage of the mid-June event for five consecutive days (Tuesday-Saturday) for at least 3.5 hours each day (8:30 a.m. – Noon ET). All coverage will be streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group's live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs.

Royal Ascot is one of the world's most valuable horse racing events, attracting many of the world's finest racehorses to compete for more than $8 million in prize money. The event features 30 races, including eight at world championship “Grade One” level.

As the home of horse racing, NBC Sports Group's Royal Ascot coverage will complement its exclusive, long-term media agreements for all of the Triple Crown races – Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes – and the Breeders' Cup.

“We are excited to work with Royal Ascot to bring to the U.S. audience live coverage of an event that the millions of Americans who enjoy our Triple Crown and Breeders' Cup telecasts will be sure to enjoy,” said Jon Miller, President of Programming for NBC Sports and NBCSN.

“This agreement with NBCUniversal will allow us to bring Royal Ascot to a mainstream American audience – one that will gravitate to the racing to watch its best horses take on ours, and indeed those more interested in fashions and uniquely British pageantry,” said Juliet Slot, Commercial Director at Ascot. “We are thrilled to be announcing this today and will be working with NBC on site this year so that they can plan to bring the best of British to America.”

Undrafted, partly-owned by former Patriots and Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker, won the Group One Diamond Jubilee Stakes in 2015. California Chrome, the 2014 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, was entered in last year's Prince of Wales's Stakes at Royal Ascot before he was sidelined with a bruised foot.

The Royal Meeting is also the center of the British social season and a pivotal week in the calendar of the Royal Family, who arrive every day by the world famous “Royal Procession” – with the first carriage carrying The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Royal Ascot joins NBC Sports Group's extensive roster of world-class international properties and events including the Premier League, The Open Championship, Formula One, Tour de France, French Open, and Premiership Rugby.

  • Quilla

    Oh, dear. I hope they up their game from the unworthy presentations (IMHO) they’re presenting now for the Classics.

    Thank the racing gods for the mute button and wishing I could personally duct tape many of those talking egos.

    It still (!) surprises and annoys me that idiotic interviews are carried on during the trophy presentation. Please. Stop. It.

    /my critical view

    • Jbumi

      At least during the Preakness coverage we weren’t “treated” to 15+ minutes on hats!!!!

      • Quilla

        Yes. There’s that.

        But I’d like to get those NBC poobahs in a locked room and tell them that there are other horses with their special stories in a race not just the favorite and that what is going on in the present is more important than barking at personalities so full of themselves they can’t give fun information – historical or trivial – about an event. Live feed, people, not endless recaps.

        Know how they can have out-of-season Black-Eyed Susans?
        Know where the Woodlawn vase spent the Civil War?
        Know when the tradition of painting the weathervane began?

        I was working the mute so much I must have missed those stories. ;)

        • Jbumi

          Well, I know they paint daisies to look like black-eyed susans because they’re out-of-season, but although I know I’ve heard the stories on the other two (sports broadcasting in the 70’s was so much better than it is now), I don’t remember anymore.

          It isn’t just the horse racing broadcasts – I think sports broadcasting in general has taken a large step backwards. But I also think these things are cyclical & have high hopes that it’ll soon improve.

          • Quilla

            Buried in Kentucky and 1909. First heard (and confirmed with internet check) in the 1970s.

            Memorable trivia from NBC’s Derby: horseshoe on trophy was flipped around in 1999. That little nugget – out of so much babbling – came from Costas, surprisingly.

          • Jbumi

            Yes – I was also surprised when Costas actually said something interesting!!! Don’t remember who said it, but on Black-Eyed Susan day they mentioned that a Clydesdale’s horseshoe weighs 5 lbs.!! Lmaris, in comments on Blood Horse, said they’re that heavy in order to enhance the high leg movement – said they also do that with Tennesee Walkers and Saddlebreds.

  • Fred

    Looking forward to seeing our friend Eddie O is a top hat and tails…

  • SPA

    If they force the two skater idiots down our throat the coverage will be worthless, I’d rather hear from that fool Prince Chuck. If it’s a big dose of Eddie O., Nuemier, Bailey and especially Pincay then this will be great.

  • Always Curious

    I am just HAPPY it will be televised. period. TVG providing no coverage (when I still had it on cable) which I absolutely could not believe. I got up early, ready to watch & where was the Queen? I can’t imagine it will be anything like the freak show of our TC races. It is just too dignified. The fashion of the crowd is beautiful and follows strict guidelines. I doubt anyone with pink hair or a totally bizarre outfit (man or woman) would even get in the gates. Men do have to wear top hats and tails. I cannot recall the regulations for women but they do exist. I love not only the racing but the pageantry of the Queen in her carriage pulled by all those beautiful horses. She just turned 90. I believe tradition will reign.

    • eshever

      I’m not sure it’s “televised.” Sounds like it’s on the computer — “NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs.”

      • Buckpasser

        No sounds like it’s both live tv NBCSN and also on streaming services.

  • Judith Donlan

    Looking forward to enjoying these races with the dignity and informative commentary they deserve. Keep the skate twins “on ice” for this coverage please!

  • Manny AZ

    You are all complaining about NBC coverage of racing and they’re the best at showing all inside information and extra coverage to many things not just the betting/racing, without them no other network would do it… Yes I do hate the twins and their stupid hats on KD day, but I’m sure other people like it. TVG only cares about how much money you’re gambling, they rather show a 5k claimer from Evangelines Downs, than show a replay of a G1 stakes race

    • SPA

      Who likes it? I’ve yet to come across a racing fan who actually likes it. NBC does an ok job but more in depth stories of the competitors and how they got there are needed.

      • eshever

        NBC does a good job when they treat it like a sport but they don’t spend a lot of time doing that.

  • Bryan Langlois (ShelterDoc)

    One Word for the coverage….”Muttonchops!!!!”

    • SPA

      Agreed!! He’s got to be 75 by now I think.

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