Mott’s Suspension, Fine For 2014 Flunixin Overage Upheld By New York Gaming Commission

by | 01.22.2018 | 6:04pm
Bill Mott

Bill Mott trainee Saratoga Snacks ran last in the fourth race at Belmont Park on Sept. 20, 2014. A post-race test revealed that the horse had higher than the permitted amount of Flunixin (bute) in his system. The trainer has been fighting the 15-day suspension and $1,000 fine associated with that positive test ever since, because the New York Gaming Commission did not provide a split sample; Mott believes this is a violation of due process.

According to, the hearing officer and the commission made the decision to uphold those two penalties at its meeting on Monday, arguing that the ability to have a split sample tested is not a right. Instead, the commission suggested that it could only offer a split sample if there was enough blood remaining from the original sample.

“It's like they had their minds made up before we ever had a hearing, that's the way it seems to me,” Mott said. “The hearing officer was in the same room, he heard the same stuff that we did, it seemed like it had no impact on him.”

In a program that began last fall, which is largely funded by the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association, horsemen in New York are now guaranteed to have a split sample available to them.



  • Cowling13

    If I was Bill Mott I would never run a horse in New York ever again.

    • StrideBig

      I second this! I’d establish a new home base if I were him.

      Changes were made due to the fight that he gave, but he as a person still suffered a poor result.

      I support Mr. Mott. I’m glad he chose to fight, just wish it would have turned out better for him. ~K

    • Longshot

      Yeah your right , but I don’t think his owners would go for that

    • Signed “everyone who has to run a horse against one of Bill Mott’s”

    • Ed

      Mott is fighting the establishment. How about a warning and next time a split sample. Case closed. NO, the establishment wants to make a point (a point I am not sure what it is). Mott is a classy, well groomed trainer. He is not a second string 2 horse barn trainer. He should have been given the benefit of the doubt. Let us move on to the real issues in horse racing. Bad steward decisions for one.

  • Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    15 day? Well that isn’t too bad, so why not serve it now
    Aqueduct is running so make the deal not to run horses at the Big A for 15 days starting today

  • J


  • Dave

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    • Tom Davis

      Some people are never at a loss for a cliche.

  • A Conlon

    Flunixin is banamine, not bute.

    • Picky, picky, picky. Obviously you have no appreciation for alternative facts. You are soooo old school.

    • Freedom Rocks

      Thank you for pointing that out. Jumped off the page while reading the article. Very distracting mistake. Can’t help but wondering how many other mistakes are fed to unknowing readers!

  • A Conlon

    Flunixin is banamine not bute.

  • Jay Stone

    This is the reason there needs to be one national governing board for racing. Individual rules and penalties for each state doesn’t work. The days given to Mr. Mott mean much less to him than the damage done to his impeccable reputation.

  • Tom Davis

    Bill Mott was instrumental in having guaranteed split samples available to NY horsemen. Something good has come from this.

  • togahombre

    the commissions spokesperson has previously defended their practice of not providing the referee sample by referencing a court ruling that allowed for law enforcement to bring driving while intoxicated charges without a second referee sample

  • ben

    It was not only the flunixin, but also an amount of lasix, that was not explainable by the NYGC.

    10 CC is allowed, 3 cc administrated by an NYRA vert, outcome 10 times the normal amounts.

    So in this case Mr. Mott should be applauded for fighting for his own right.

  • McGov

    Ridiculous. They basically admit that a split sample is a key ingredient in ensuring quality testing by changing rule… a quality control measure that should be basic standard for all those involved in any form of testing…and yet still uphold this decision.
    I’m not a lawyer and so I guess I’ll never understand this decision but stinks to high heaven from this lay seat.

    • Fred and Joan Booth

      When we worked as a groom in the test barn when caring for a horse that had won, we always requested a split sample even if the owner / trainer didn`t think it was needed.In our state the groom handling the horse can request a split sample for the horse he is cooling out.

  • JoeJoe

    Instead of simply doing 15 days and paying $1,000., he must have spent over $100,000 in fees. #notsmart

    • Noelle

      If I’d been falsely accused (as I believe he was, given his stellar reputation) I would certainly have fought it whatever the cost – assuming I had the money to fight. I’m glad he did.

      • kathid

        Same here, he had ability to fight which most smaller trainers do not have, so I thank him for that!!

  • CountyJazz

    Kudos to Mr. Mott if it results in split samples.
    Principled move.

  • Mike Oliveto

    But let’s give Navarro as many stalls as he wants.

    • Billy

      Jacobson pletcher rodriguez theres a bunch more then just mr juice ny let bradley win a stakes when the horse wasnt even trained by her… racing is just a freakin joke……money and greed horse suffers and back ar it the next day pathetic humans

    • Billy

      Hes just one of the many but im sure you know that….. aparently its not proper to call out those who have done wrong by name or speak of the lucy n ethel fiasco…..boy this industry sure loves to protect their undesirables

      • Hamish

        “Protect undesirables.” Wonder why that is?

        • Billy

          Known names big win % run alot of horses attract bets because name/win % good for what racing wants

          • Billy

            The time has come where racing can no longer hide their darkside…..i wonder why that is…..sure doesnt come from within

    • David Juffet

      Navarro is a waste of space. Mott is a horseman. How many horseman are still training now? Good point Mike.

    • Margarita Cosgrove-Difranco

      I agree, crooked as the day is long…

  • Scott

    Absolute lack of due process. Time to challenge the result in Court. The race isn’t official yet.

  • Steve Trizis

    I remember there used to be a wedsite that listed Horse Trainers who violated the rules. Does anyone know of the site, and its address. Also does Bill Mott have “many” overages? Always thought of him as someone who wouldn’t.

  • kmlman

    LOL Barry you are cracking me up!

  • Erin Casseday


  • the prime minister

    The Bute did a great job. He ran last.

    • Hamish

      Perhaps using bute results in where those that manipulate the order of finish of races want the horse to be? Many times, I’ve heard that it’s easier to slow a horse down than to speed one up.

  • kathid

    Of all trainers in New York, the NYRA goes after Bill Mott, an excellent trainer with a long career with no Positives…Bull…

  • affirmed

    dont know what to say on this! Bill Mott top race Horse trainer drug positive upheld by the New York Gaming well, we have to first find out who runs the Gaming Commission, to me it seems the Commission they really dont have any friends in Horse racing, and therefore if you are found to be positive, then it’s like… no plea bargain will help, it’s like an Iron Fist! and no matter what avenues you travel trying to prove this “sample, or that sample”, at the end they hold onto you! They are trying to make a point, and also an example, and they dont care who that example is! I would not say that Bill Mott , should not race in NYRA anymore,just keep racing and keep winning, their purses are good, and just dont come up with anymore Positives! it’s tough, but as soon as you start winning races in bunches, then that will let you stop thinking on this ! other trainers who have come up positive, they still train Horses here , just dont go over the allowed amount next time, and you will be fine.

    • StrideBig

      I believe the entire point of him fighting is that he shouldn’t have been close to having a positive according to the sworn testimony of the vets that administered the drugs.

      The lab most likely screwed up durning testing or mixed up samples. Hence the reason why he requested a spit sample to be done by a different laboratory approved by the association. Except he was denied that opportunity due to the lab using all or wasting the sample that was taken. Or the entity in charge of drawing the sample didn’t make sure there was enough sample taken from the horse. Neither of those things are Mr. Motts fault. The lab has a terrible track record with questionable results and then claiming they don’t have any sample left to send to a neutral lab to be retested. That in itself should have made a dismissal of the claims against Mr. Mott.

      PS. I worked in a lab for over 20yrs and worked with other labs as well…I’m well aware of issues that can and do happen…and labs sometimes try to deflect blame away from them.


      • affirmed

        Thanks StrideBig, now I am fully aware of what really took Place in regards to Bill Mott, and yes, he tried to show cause of possible unfair Judgements on him, I am thankful to you for shedding that Light on this Fines, and suspension on bill Mott. Looking at the whole Picture, it’s the testing Administration, they really are at fault, and i think that although Bill Mott have been still found to be guilty by them, then also Bill Mott should again appeal this latest decision, citing what you stated, and definately, he should be exonorated! hoping he continue to question them, he can still have it reversed.. their decision.I will say this I saw where a Football Player was accused of “Deflating Footballs” and he was suspended , while he never personally was caught deflating a Football, while he apparently stated that he did Like a little softer football, .however I am not a fan of any Football team to show taking sides, but regarding those Footballs, if you notice during a Game, everytime after a Play, or a touchdown the Player throws the Football to the Referees? well, they should have checked the Balls before the Game, testing them, and also doring the Game, but to save face , the guys in authority, always have to find a fall guy.. which apparently is Bill Mott… Please appeal this latest decision, they cant find you Guilty, when they cannot re-produce those origi9nal samples in question, they erred.thanks again “STRIDEBIG”.

  • Tom Davis

    NYRA and the NY horseman have agreed on guaranteed split samples. What if NYRA reneges on this and the horsemen don’t get a split sample, for whatever reason? Will the positive test be dismissed? We all know how the higher-ups in the corporate venue can act when they want their way!

    • RayPaulick

      New York Racing Association is not the regulatory authority. The New York State Gaming Commission is the regulator of horse racing.

      • Tom Davis

        Thanks for pointing that out Ray. Correction made. Question still stands.

      • There you go again trying to confuse the issue with facts

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