Monmouth: William Hill to Sponsor Haskell, Become Exclusive Sports Betting Provider

by | 05.07.2013 | 3:15pm

William Hill, the world's leading sports betting company, has teamed with Monmouth Park in Oceanport, New Jersey in a long term agreement to become the racetrack's exclusive sports betting provider.

Under the agreement, William Hill also becomes title sponsor of the $1 million Haskell Invitational, one of the nation's premier horse races. The race, which will be run July 28, will be called the William Hill Haskell Invitational.

Should sports betting become legal under federal law, William Hill will develop a full Las Vegas-style sports book at the historic racetrack, subject to the approval of New Jersey gaming regulatory authorities.

New Jersey enacted a law legalizing sports betting last year following a voter referendum that passed by a 2-to-1 margin. The major professional sports leagues and the NCAA have sued to stop New Jersey's plans, claiming they would violate federal law. In February, a federal judge ruled in favor of the leagues and NCAA. New Jersey has filed an appeal and oral argument in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled for June 26.

“One day sports betting will be legal in New Jersey. When it is, William Hill will be there,” said William Hill US CEO Joe Asher. “In the meantime, we are really excited to sponsor the William Hill Haskell Invitational, one of the America's great races for three-year-olds at one of America's great racetracks.”

Dennis Drazin, advisor to the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association and Darby Development LLC, operators of Monmouth Park, said, “We have carefully evaluated which sports betting company would put us in the best position to succeed and we decided to partner with a world leader.  We are thrilled to announce this partnership for sports betting at Monmouth Park and happy to have William Hill as the proud sponsor of the William Hill Haskell Invitational.”

The William Hill Haskell Invitational, set for its 46th renewal, is North America's richest invitational Thoroughbred race. The mile and an eighth test draws horse racing's best three-year-olds to the Jersey Shore. In recent years, champions Big Brown, Rachel Alexandra and Lookin at Lucky have won the Haskell.

Monmouth Park's 2013 racing season begins Saturday, May 11 and runs through Oct. 6.

  • Don Reed

    Um. Where is “William Hill” incorporated? Who is the actual CEO of WH? (not the US
    CEO, whose name is utterly irrelevant)? Last’s year’s profit & loss statement?

    To Whom are the bets going?

    I’ve been in racing for 25 years. Never hear of WH. Who is WH?

    And at what point does the “PR” (Paulick Report) become “PR” (Press Release)?

    • William Hill

      Who the “F” are you?

      • Don Reed

        I’m Fugugly. How ’bout you, WH? Same? You don’t say.

    • Bob

      Only on the the world’s largest bookmakers with 231,000,000 Pounds profit last year…

      Obviously never heard of Google either.

    • Tinky

      Sorry Don, but Bob (below) is correct. You need to get out more.

      • Don Reed

        I’ll take that suggestion, it’s appreciated thanks. But comparing W. Hill to Google is ridiculous (comment, below); the latter is an internationally recognized brand, whereas, WH has a very slight recognition factor in the U.S. outside of Vegas, and has never mentioned in any of the hundreds of racing articles I’ve read in the past decade.

        Tell them to sponsor a U.S. golf tournament (price: 0.000001 of one week’s profits). Or maybe the CEO can go on Doctor Oz and complain that his gall bladder is acting up. He might even run into Jimmy Fallon in the hallway (in which case, the whole thing starts up again – Fallon: “Who are you?”).

        • WH

          Hey Don the ReRe, do a little homework before you type away with all your bull…

          • Don Reed

            Next time, say what you have to say intelligently. That way, “[edited]” will not necessary.

            And returning to an old theme, how courageous of you to hide, as a habitual coward, behind the initials “WH.”

    • Glimmerglass

      Founded in 1934, the public traded (London) company has one of the largest global wagering presences around. In the US they run over 150 of the Las Vegas books already. In terms of size they’re a giant with a market capitalization of approx $2.8 GBP, almost twice the size of their rival Ladbrokes. (Whereas Churchill Downs market cap today is around $1.4 billion US$ or about 1.06B GBP)

      Go to any wagering locale in London and its most likely a William Hill shop as they have around 2,300 of them in the UK.

      • Don Reed

        Thanks, Glim. If this had been in the article itself…

  • Don Reed

    Scenario: NJAW replaced by TVG. TVG stinks. WH takes over MP betting. Offers at home betting in head-to-head competition with TVG. Communist gambling system in NJ destroyed.

    That would be nice.

  • jack

    like Betfair, William Hill is another “scum of the earth” English company. They generate most of their income from fobts (slot machines)….never bother trying to have a horse racing bet with them….as the legendary Barney Curley once said “you can’t get 2 bananas to a banana with them”.

  • But, i ask “How does all of this save the dysfunctional state of horse racing in New Jersey”

    It is quite apparant the operators of Monmouth Park are willing to lie down with anybody, who will promise them a positive return on their investment.

    As recently, as 2009, William Hill was 1.5 billion dollars in debt and has been the subject of lawsuits. Additionally, they violated the British advertising standards repeatedly and were banned from running television ads that “condoned gambling behaviour that was socially irresponsible”. Can you see the possible ad “Monmouth Park and Monmouth University – Perfect Together”

    William Hill only recently entered the American gaming market in June of 2012, in Las Vegas. Not a lot of past performance material to rely upon.

    And what happened to Betfair, who once was bidding to be the operator of the track? Is this what they meant all along about “exchange wagering”. Trading Betfair for William Hiil.

    Tread lightly, punters.

    • Don Reed

      “Can you see the possible ad ‘Monmouth Park and Monmouth University – Perfect Together.’ ”

      I agree entirely, without reservation, with the intent & the enthusiasm of your message.

      One thing went wrong. You have confused Monmouth University (is it even a “university”?) with RUTGERS University, which has irrevocably disgraced itself by hiring the worst of the worst in their athletics department —

      Which, inevitably, will lead to people doubting that anyone with a degree from Rutgers (NOT Monmouth) can actually read or write.

      If your editing option is still active, please change.

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