McNiel: Horse Slaughter Measure Isn’t Scaring Off Industry Groups

by | 03.09.2013 | 8:54am
Horse Slaughter Auction

As the debate continues in the Oklahoma legislature over two measures that could legalize horse slaughter in the state, State Rep. Skye McNiel, sponsor of House Bill 1999 posted the following press release:

Not only will a prominent horse association's show stay in Tulsa if a bill to allow horse slaughter is enacted into law, but the sponsoring association says horse slaughter is a responsible solution for unwanted horses facing neglect.

State Rep. Skye McNiel said opponents of her bill have spread fear with misleading information about the horse show.

“The two communications I have now received indicate that the American Quarter Horse Association and the Arabian Horse Association will continue to do business in Oklahoma and will not be influenced by House Bill 1999 becoming law,” said McNiel, R-Bristow. “This confirms what I have believed all along – that the opposition to my legislation is based on false assumptions about what it will mean for our state. The opposition also is based on a lack of knowledge regarding the options currently available to many horse owners.”

A letter from the American Quarter Horse Association stated that both the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship and the American Quarter Horse Youth Association World Championship would continue to take place in Oklahoma, irregardless of the law. The letter also stated that, “The Association encourages responsible ownership practices and management that will reduce the number of unwanted horses and recognizes that federally regulated, humane processing of unwanted horses is a necessary aspect of the equine industry because it provides a humane euthanasia alternative for horses that might otherwise continue a life of discomfort and pain, or inadequate car or abandonment.”

Brandi Herndon, Agribusiness Manager for Expo Square in Tulsa, e-mailed McNiel to dispel a false assertion that “The National Arabian Horse Association just announced at the BLM Advisory meeting they will be withdrawing the annual Arabian Horse Show from Oklahoma.”

“I am happy to report that the Arabian Horse Association and National Show Commission were in Tulsa over the weekend for their annual site visit We had a great meeting with them. Regarding the email below, Glen Petty, Executive Director of the AHA, confirmed via phone this afternoon this is not true.  He stated, ‘this is absolutely not true.' The AHA has another 5 year contract with Expo Square for their U.S. Arabian and Half-Arabian National Show 2013 – 2017,” wrote Herndon.

McNiel further noted that numerous organizations have endorsed her legislation including the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

“I understand why some individuals and organizations have a bad reaction to this bill,” McNiel said. “Unfortunately, the reality of the situation, which numerous organizations accept, is that we are either choosing the status quo – extreme neglect and abuse of horses – or allowing a humane method of slaughter to replace it.”

  • Rachel

    Well of course the QHA and AHA (of which I am a member) support slaughter…this lets those big breeding farms send all their fat, healthy leftovers to the kill pen at no expense or responsibility to themselves.

    Ooops, I mean, it’s just the humane solution for those hundred thousand poor crippled and infirmed beasts (which no for human consumption slaughter house will accept)…I mean, no one would just toss a healthy, young animal to the killers, would they???

  • First, let me just preface this by saying that I personally would never send a horse of mine to slaughter, actually, once I acquire one, it stays with me for life. However, I don’t understand the anti-slaughter people. No matter if Oklahoma has a slaughter plant, or wherever, HORSES WILL BE SLAUGHTERED! Unfortunately, their death at the hands of Mexican slaughter houses is so unbelievably excruciating and horrifying it is hard to comprehend. So, why is it, if slaughter is going to occur, no matter how much you people don’t want it here in the US and you spout about how inhumane it is, is it OKAY for it to still be going on at the same rate in Mexico and Canada, all of which involve horrible trailer trips. Since it is going to go on, (and as AA Big Book says “acceptance is the key to all my problems”) wouldn’t it be better if it was going on here where we could do our very BEST to make it as humane as possible, and regulated? I realize it will never be as humane as we would wish, what with the horse being a flight animal, however, at least it could be supervised and done in the best (I use that term figuratively) way possible?

    • Paula, most of those horrible trailer trips already take place within the United States. Why aren’t you making sure the existing transport is as humane as possible? There were contract buyers shipping horses to the Mexican slaughterhouses back when the Belgian slaughterhouses were still operating in Texas. The big increase in export is because those Belgian slaughterhouses moved to Mexico. How do you plan to make it more humane? How are you going to pay for making it more humane?

    • NY Owner

      The big book certainly doesn’t use acceptance as an excuse to turn away from helping those who can’t help themselves!  You’d be better off with the serenity prayer “give me the courage to change the things I can” and stand up for any and all measures that will end this inhumane process. That means ending sales, transport, and slaughter.  Humane euthanizia is needed but this isn’t it!!

      • nu-fan

        I soooo agree with your comment.  Thank you!

    • I agree in practice, yes horses will be slaughtered regardless.  But I also agree with NY Owner. If we just let it go on it will continue forever.  Change has to start somewhere. The line has to be drawn somewhere.  The next step should be no transportation for slaughter.  That IS where a lot of the suffering occurs.  

    • Well, I guess, until such time as all these wonderful things you all envision occur, it would be nice if the 160,000 per year that are crossing the border didn’t have to. If you think that correctly trying to slaughter a horse here in the US is not more humane then slashing the neck until the spinal cord is severed and the live horse processed, as is the way it is done in Mexico, or the shooting at horses in a pen with a rifle, as is done in Canada is better than what we can do here, then I guess we don’t have a better solution. SLAUGHTER IS GOING TO HAPPEN, THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP IT, THAT WILL NEVER NEVER HAPPEN, EXCEPT IN YOUR PIPE DREAMS!!! The problem is not all breeders are EVER going to be responsible, not all owners are EVER going to be responsible and reality is reality. As far as the quote from the  Big Book, I have to accept that not everyone is going to be the responsible owner that I am, and we have to make the most of it. There is no way you all are going to change people that don’t want to change. So make the best of a bad situation and do what you can to make the suffering as little as possible. Because everyday horses are going through hell on the way to their death.

      • Buckinhard

        If everyone is already defeated, as you seem to be then these people will not have their dreams fulfilled. If you don’t fight for what you see as an injustice to horse and other animals then you are essentually letting it happen. This is a tough world and we must be tough and fight. It is the way it is and one must not carry hated for what one doesn’t work to achieve. What if Pres. Abe Lincoln didn’t fight for the 13th Amendment against all odds of failure?

    • ROISIN

      I respect what you say. Realistically we can’t even ensure remotely humane conditions in our existing slaughterhouses. Why would it be any different for horse slughter ? 
       Every so often a slaughterhouse is closed because of unacceptable conditions. The expose is always by some undercover work by an organization. This clearly shows the industry is incapable of policing itself. Slaughter, by it’s very nature is very difficult to equate with the term humane, especially when it is on such a massive scale. The word, when used in conjunction with slaughter becomes nothing more than a feel good term.

      Who is going to ensure “humane ” slaughter for horses. As you may know some states are looking at laws to prevent any law suits for these proposed slaughterhouses and keeping the operation from any public scrutiny. This is being well thought out and planned because it is not wanted by a majority of the people.  

    • Buckinhard

      The slaughterhouses for horses in the states WERE NOT better than, at least, the Canadian slaughter houses. There is no such truthful word as humane slaughter for horses only chemical euthanasia, which I would suggest to anyone rather than slaughter, starvation etc. Stop the breeding !! There are mean and cruel people in every industry, that’s how some people are but give them an opportunity to do their dirty deeds in a closed forum as a slaughter house and oh boy, you’ve got the makings of suffering and horror. There will never be humane slaughtering of animals, take a look at the movie “earthlings” and you will see slaughter. If you can’t watch the movie, then I suggest the pracise of all slaughter of animals should stop.

  • Amgm1431

    Just exactly what are they going to define as a humane method of slaughter?

    • Swiss305

      Mr. McNiel needs to be pinned down on this.  It’s easy to toss around nice-sounding terms that mean nothing.

      • ROISIN

        That would be difficult since she is a politician. However, on this issue she needs to have her feet held to the fire, big time !

    • Dcurtis78

      I posted a link for Temple Grandin, but it was removed, I would suggest everyone look her up and see what she has to say on the subject.

      • Guest

        The problem is that the slaughter house that TG was involved with in Canada, was shut down for animal cruelty.

      • CherylBay

        Maybe YOU should get your facts straight. Both the prestigiouse AVMA and the AAEP endorse slaughter as a better alternative to reducing the numbers of un-wanted horses than neglect, starvation and a long trip to Mexico.

        For your information (not that you are interested in facts) here is a direct quote from Temple Grandin as spoken to the AVMA in 2012 ”

        “It is possible to make horse slaughter humane. The problems I
        have seen on the various undercover videos are correctable. The two most
        important design features are a non-slip floor in the stun box and
        solid sides to prevent the horse from looking out onto the slaughter

        Handling and stunning works best if two people are employed. One
        person drives the horse into the stun box and shuts the door and the
        other shoots it. This enables the horse to be shot before it has a
        chance to get upset.

        I am a big proponent of video auditing by a third party auditor over
        the internet. This prevents the problem of people acting good when they
        are being watched, and then engaging in rough handling when nobody is
        watching. Horse slaughter can be done humanely, but it will require the
        commitment of management to good animal welfare.”

        The entire AVMA statement can be found at

  • La Paloma

    Rep. Skye McNiel, how much money is your family going to make in all of this. Doesn’t your family own some of the biggest auction houses/or house in Oklahoma? From an legally ethical stand point shouldn’t you recuses yourself because of the fiduciary issues you stand to gain?  Yes there is a horse problem. Let’s find a creative way to solve, like taxing horse breeding, a small excise tax on purse money, or playday or trail ride,etc, fees. We the horse owns should be willing to pay a nominal fee to save and promote the industry. Yes red tape but it illustrates a civilized and educated constituency. As a citizen of the state of Oklahoma Please don’t allow this pathetic and dubious legislation to pass. And yes I have already expressed my sentiments to my elected state representative.

    • ziggypop

       Mcniel and family will make a ton off the bloodletting. Odd they claim to take a mythical moral high road, but we all know it is based avarice and greed. These people aren’t horsemen, they are meat packers.

  • River Lad

    Would Representative McNiel kindly clarify how she distinguishes “…provides a humane euthanasia” from”… a humane method of slaughter.” Seems to me the the combination of the words humane and slaughter make for an oxymoron. 

  • Noelle

    Agree entirely with Rachel.  Of course the “industry” supports slaughter.  The “industry” regards horses as commodities, not creatures, but that’s not how they want the public to think about the horses they produce and that’s why their support of slaughter is ultimately self-destructive.

    On the one hand they name horses and send them out to the races hoping the named horse will become a public figure.  On the other hand, if a horse they’ve produced fails to meet expectations, they want the option of sending that the same horse we might meet at the track (were it successful) to a slaughterhouse.

    They want it both ways – personhood for the successful; slaughter for the failures.  There’s no logic in that position.

    For example, everyone knows that Zenyatta is a marvelous individual with a distinct personality – who in their right mind would ever suggest she should go to a slaughterhouse when she can no longer make money for her connections?  Once you allow that Zenyatta cannot possibly be slaughtered under any circumstances, you can’t justify the slaughter of her less successful sister or brother.  They have personalities too, qualities that make each one of them as individual and distinctive as she is, even if winning races is not among their talents. 

    • Dcurtis78

      Why are you singling race horses? they make up a small percentage of the horses that go to slaughter, fact check before you get on your high horse. These same personalities you speak of also do not deserve the abuse and neglect and starvation. Something that is happening to far too many horses , most who are not race horses either. 

      • Milezinni

        “Why are you singling race horses? they make up a small percentage of the horses that go to slaughter, fact check before you get on your high horse. ”

        YOU need to fact check bro, it’s estimated that 65-80% of horses sent to Canada and Mexico for slaughter are racehorses…….last year alone, 125,000 (THOUSAND!!) horses were exported from the US over the border to be destroyed…Do you really believe there are 125,000 “wild” horses running around this country? Where?

        Misinformation is the fuel of ignorance…….

        • Not 125,000, 160,00 is more like it. And the numbers have not changed since slaughter was outlawed in the US. So, if you all think you are going to stop it, keep dreaming that dream.

          • Buckinhard


          • nu-fan

            And, regardless of whether we are successful, at least, we should try rather than just throwing our hands up in the air and giving up!

          • ROISIN

            Yes! And it has been said that bad things happen because good people do nothing !

          • Keep dreaming!!! How are you going to do that? Kill all the kill buyers? I just passed one today with a load of what looked like yearlings, looking all happy and bright and an older horse that didn’t even have his head up to look out the slats. Its terrible and I wanted to chase the jackass down, but what am I gonna do? I have no money. Where are you people buying all these horses up, if you are so determined that there will be no slaughter. That’s what you have to do. Put your money where your big mouths here on the Paulick Report are, spouting off, and buy all the horses that are unwanted and give them a home. That will solve the problem. Stop dreaming!!

          • Buckinhard

            Paula, I got your whiff of anger. I’m thinking a few thoughts about why you are so angry and lash out at the ones who are doing WORK to stop horse slaughter. 1) you are pro slaughter/ nay sayer and try to belittle the WORK anti horse slaughter advocates do tirelessly into the wee hours of the morning. 2)  you are frustrated and hurt by what you saw and have seen and really want to help but don’t know how or don’t know how much progress we have made. 3) you aren’t aware of the huge numbers of advocates WORKing towards the end of horse slaughter and feel nothing can be done and the only solution, which breaks your heart, is slaughter. Enough thoughts, but if you want to join the fight, doesn’t matter how little, such as a phone call, sign a petition or as much as you can do, I suggest to channel your anger. Every single anti-horse slaughter advocate MUST be careful and not blow up with anger. hatred and a continuous broken heart. There are days when we can’t see the very graphic images of the horrendous suffering the horse goes thru from beginning to end,we lay in bed at night knowing there is so much suffering at that very moment of thought, we can be so fragile at times and need to protect ourselves but we still call, write, email, fax, sign petitions, talk to others, spread the word among people we meet. Every little thing counts and every person counts ,no matter how much time is spent, in the war against horse slaughter. We call ourselves Horse Warriors and we have war to fight. There are priorities that need to be focused on first, ending the slaughter of our American horses and all horses. Deal with the problem of what then happens to the horses. We have low cost gelding clinics and chemical euthanasia clinics. We have organizations, that will help an owner in need, feed, vet, farrior etc. We have rescues, we have people that adopt the rescues, we have so many people helping. I personally took in 3 rescues and  placed them just since January. I will pick up and deliver a horse in need to a home or rescue. I work with Riverside Co and pick up abused and/or abandoned horse, sometimes taking them to a rescue the county has made arrangements with or take them to the county shelter for adoption. I’m not an equine rescue, I’m a person with room for a few extra horses temporarly. I do worry about feeding the extra ones, and diesel to haul the horses and I worry about not being able to place them BUT My Lord God provides and finds homes for them so I can help the next horse. If you or anybody else, wants to join the fight to save our horses you can friend me on facebook, where all of our work begins. Denise Constantinide

          • I can’t find you on facebook for some reason. Friend me please

        • Lory

          you are the one that needs to do some fact checking !  racehorses make up a very smal percentage and yes there are a lot of feral horses that are destroying the west ! but not many of them go to slaughter either !

        • Buckinhard

          The number one horse breed going to slaughter is quarter horses, including running quarters, followed by paints, drafts, standardbreds, arabians, thoroughbreds… in addition folks, remember each and every show horse, racehorse, plow/carriage horses(mostly from the Amish, abused) and pleasure horses has been given vaccinations, wormers, bute, clenbuterol etc. The caution label reads not for use in horses intended for food. Bute, clenbuterol, albuterol and around 48 other drugs commonly given to horses have ZERO withdrawal period for horses intended for food use. If anyone eats these horses they are eating toxic drugs residues and metabolytes. Is this what you want to eat? Do you want your kids in school eating toxic horse meat? In July 2013, the European Union, which oversees the slaughterhouse industry in Canada and Mexico, will require every single American horse going to slaughter to have a valid passport that list ALL veterinary treatment, with drugs, vaccines, wormers including topical ointments,most of us oldtimers remember when Furazone was taken off the market because it is cancer causing and now back on the market being the same drug becuse of the lobbying in WashD.C., sedation, tranquilization, antibiotics etc, given to the horse beginning at 8 months of age. Question, who has a list from their vet for their horse of ALL treatment given to their horse? So your horse goes to Oklahoma for slaughter, where is the horsemeat going? Not to the EU, they require a passport. US does not require a passort sooo……. who is going to eat this meat? You? Children? Prisoners? Pets? Ahhh Haaa, the people that make money on the slaughter industry, kill buyers,horse breeders,AQHA,etc, govenors of horse slaughter states, check out WHY the OK gov. wants horse slaughter, will have to FORGE passports for these horses, then the E.U. will test the meat and …OOOPS, they find bute residues and then begin tracing backwards to the culprit. Horse slaughter industry is for sneaky, slimy, unethical, immoral, uncaring,compassionateless, greedy people like AQHA etc orgs.Amish, politicians,ranchers and others who make money off the torture and inhumane treatment of horses. The slaughter industry is not a kind, caring humane industry nor do they hire kind, caring humane workers. The New Mexico owner of the proposed horse slaughterhouse was put of of the beef slaughter business because of the horrible conditions of his slaughterhouse including the treatment of the animals. Now he moves to horse slaughter and what has changed? Is he a kinder, caring, honest man now? 

          • Buckinhard

            SO SORRY, not the gov but the rep Mcniel. As of yet we don’t know which way the gov will go, but we are calling her office and saying NO to horse slaughter !

    • NY Owner

      You won’t see the Jockey Club or the state Horsemans’ Associations coming announcing they support slaughter as a humane euthansia alternative!  What you do see is trainers and owners losing their stalls at northeast tracks if one of their horses shows up in a kill pen.  Does the racing industry have some work to do?  Absolutely, but after reading this, I see that we are light-years ahead of the Arabian and Quarter Horse associations!

      • Milezinni

        “What you do see is trainers and owners losing their stalls at northeast tracks if one of their horses shows up in a kill pen.”

        Yeah? And whose looking for these horses in the kill pen? Does NYRA have people with a list of thousands of lip tatoo numbers wandering the feedlots? Dozens of lots, thousands upon thousands of horses….
        Don’t bet on it…..the problem with the “no kill” rules of North American racetracks is that NOBODY is enforcing it…..even when Beulah Park “found out” about Kaluki and Cactus Cafe in 2012 it was by an “anonymous tip”….Rules are useless if you don’t enforce them…..

      • ROISIN

        I agree. In our family we take care of our horses, winners and losers.

  • Dobeplayer

    Horse slaughter a responsible alternative? No, I don’t think so. I live in Oklahoma and this measure sickens me. I neither need nor want a horse slaughter facility in my state . When one of my horses becomes ill or crippled, in pain with no hope of recovery, my vet will humanely euthanize that horse. I don’t have to profit from my horses’ deaths and I will never understand people who think they do or who believe slaughter is a substitute for responsible ownership of these wonderful animals. 

    • I agree.  And one has to wonder how many cats and dogs would go to slaughter if it was an option.   Let’s get some $$ out of the poor things.

    • nu-fan

      Dobeplayer:  Just out of curiosity, what are you hearing from others in OK about this?  Is it being supported by most?  Is it even making the local news there? 

      • Dobeplayer

        Really not aware of any organized opposition. The bill passed the House 88 to 14 in a matter of days after the session opened and is now in the Senate. It seems to be on a very fast track to approval. I have no doubt our governor (not the brightest bulb on the string) will sign it once it hits her desk.

        • Lory

          a bill passing the house on a 6 to 1 ratio might mean that in a democracy the legislators are representing the views and wants of a majority of the citizens !

          • ajb

             More than likely it just means they are party hacks voting the way they are told to by the powers that be.  In other words, typical politicians.

          • ROISIN

            Exactly ! We the people need to take back our democracy and clean up this huge problem of out of control lobbyists and self serving- interests. 

        • nu-fan

          Thank you for the info.  Hope that someone steps up to the plate in your state government to demand that more time is offered to study the matter. 

        • mercy

          There is opposition! The bill passed so overwhelmingly because they are fasttracking it. I’ve called the governor’s office, and the secretary told me she’s gotten the majority of calls opposing the bills. She urged me to call my legistrator, which I already have….

      • La Paloma

          in reply there was a protest held at the state capital by animal rights groups that garnished publicity by the 3 local tv stations and newspapers. Also a local station conducted an unofficial survey/opinion and the pro slaughter was outnumbered by huge margin. not recall the numbers but comments were strongly aired in defense of the horse. I also periodic attend the Ok QH racing association meeting which represents horseman{QH, Paint, & Appies}at Remington Park and not much has been said openly in meetings as a matter of record but privately opinion is mixed. Sentiment runs strong on both sides in general. It appears the legislation is being  moved as quick as possible before a storm brews.

        • nu-fan

          La Paloma:  Thanks for your information.  Why isn’t your racing association taking a public stand against horse slaughter?  It’s interesting that the public opinion survey from that local station was so against horse slaughter but those who work with horses don’t voice the same opposition. 

          • La Paloma

             Personal belief is that they don’t want to raffle racing public feathers and will walk company line. Association made up of breeders, trainers, owners. Small percentage of purse goes to the horseman’s representative.  Also just released story/video KOCO 5 local station announces rally at State Capital in favor of slaughter house lifting 50 yr ban. Also I believe its the Oklahoma Farm Bureau that is supporting the measure. A strong lobby. other  Strong Lobbys  out in full force. But for the record on its own merit the association and its board do many good things for the horsemen, involved with Oklahoma racing commission and Remington Park and other tracks in Oklahoma and work hard to insure safety of tracks, horses and jockeys. So please don’t paint with a board brush. This is just one issue where feelings running high on both sides. Ultimately all looking for fair and equitable solution. As this statement reflects, convoluted facts. Both sides at times seem to misrepresent the facts. So most going with their gut feelings of right and wrong based on personal mindset.

    • La Paloma

       I agree.Ease your conscious.  Let your voice be heard. Exercise your rights and if you have not already contact your elected representative. It may be an exercise in futility. But at least give democracy a chance.

  • ziggypop

    Having horse associations coming out in favor of slaughter is like the AKC coming out in favor of and lobbying for puppy mills slaughtering and or sending their excess dogs to the the Pacific Rim, where those animals are every bit as inhumanely killed as horses are.  Google it, it is horrifying!

    How ignorant does this McNiel think her fellow Oklahomans are to support abject torture, while pleading slaughter is euthanasia?

    These horse associations give new rise to the definition of unethical and immoral.  Is this all the farther we have evolved in 2, 013 years of human intellectual and moral growth? Kill em because mankind selfishly or ignorantly bred too many for the almighty dollar?

    I am appalled.

    • ROISIN

      I must say I’m not at all surprised. These organizations are in the the horse business solely for reasons of money and ego..the horse, unfortunately, is the means to that end and is a disposable commodity. No matter how much these people in such organizations say they care about the horse it rings hollow. Nobody that cares about a horse could send it to slaughter ” for it’s own good”. Horse slaughter is in no way a humane answer but is, instead, a way to make some more money. Make no mistake, there is an agenda at work and it is a horsemeat market in this country as well as exporting it. This has been in the works for quite a while. It is a sad state of affairs.

      Also, the AKC makes lots of money from registrations and puppy mills are part of that revenue. The AKC is not really involved in dog welfare in the true sense. Their involvement does nothing in terms of limiting breeding of dogs because that would not be profitable, would it ? Limiting overbreeding cuts back on revenue in the case of the horse and dog also.

      It seems the common thread is money !! Have we sold out our humanity and our compassion to the almighty dollar ?

       People are fond of saying it is the best/only and the most “practical” solution to the “problem” of the “unwanted” horse. Many of the same people will profit both directly and indirectely from a horse slaughter “industry'”. The term “unwanted” is a blanket term that covers all possible reasons/excuses for a horse that winds up in the truck of the killer buyer. 

      There are solutions to the issue of “unwanted” horses but the slaughter
      “solution” is the most convenient and also profitable for those beating that drum. Money will be made and we can all turn our heads the other way.

      We need to take a close look at where we are headed in our society. All things are related and nothing happens in a vacum.  

  • In tears


    • Milezinni

      You should look up what they do in the Mexican Slaughterhouses…..

  • Conn1

    I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy a big juicy steak or hamburger, also pork chops and bacon, how about fried chicken or chicken soup, along with lamb chops, or any number of other delightful edibles.

    I can only pray that my likes are humanely killed and then slaughtered.  We may not want to eat horse meat but I am certain there are many that are not so put off by it. 

    • nu-fan

      And, that is just one reason that some people have turned to a vegetarian diet.  But, the line has to be drawn somewhere for now; and, that line might be that horses are not bred for consumption.  Likewise, we, here in the U.S., don’t slaughter dogs and cats, either.  It’s a culture taboo.  And, that culture is to be respected. 

    • Don’t count on it. I am pretty much a vegetarian, because after you see the videos of the baby pigs being slammed on the floor to kill them because there is something wrong with them, or the cows still kicking as they are put into the boiling water, you get pretty turned off at the thought of eating meat.

      • ROISIN

        Amen to that. People go through life with blinkers on. Most of us have noo idea of what goes on in these mass slaughterhouses, the population is so insulated and do not even give it a thought. I was like that for a long time. Plus much of meat produced this way is unhealthy.

  • Lory

    while i do not send any of my horses to slaughter i am seeing a lot of problems with well meaning but perhaps unrealistic rescues that are being closed down for the very same problems that they rescue horses from. I also think that a lot of folks proscribe a higher status to horses with unrealistic ideals . yes horses were responsible for settling the west to an extent but so were mules and to a greater extent oxen .All three animals were important to man but were tools ! Yes and livestock to be sold and traded . The care afforded them was out of neccesity more so than love as to be afoot at times was a death sentence . Ranches needed good stock to hold up under the work needed but even the best breeding sometimes turns out ones that cannot make their own living . To keep these culls was and is unrealistic even for the very best ranches. Horses are injured in any profession as well as the person using them but only the rich can pension them ,they simply live too long.
    The feral horses have developed into a very serious problem in the west .They have few predators and are forcing out native wildlife and creating a situation that soon will have a horrible impact on both themselves and the enviroment . In the future you will see articles about massive die offs due to starvation. The habitat even in good times could not support the number there are now and with the droughth it is unsupportable. While the enviros blame the cattlemen the truth is cattle and wildlife have co existed well for centuries but the feral horses are a breakpoint. The vast quantities of feed the government is feeding the corraled feral horses is creating problems for domestic horse owners in both scarity and price of feed.
    While i realize that the thought of slaughter infuriates and sickens some or a lot of people and is some thing i myself do not want for any of my own horses i think it is rather selfserving to vilify the people that see it as a partial solution. I have yet to see a good idea that has been put forth that addresses the problem with the lifespan of a horse. I also read in the news everyday of people going hungry both here and in other parts of the world
    i can see where use of protien from good healthy horses could make the difference in lives.
    While i realize most will not agree with what i have written i think it would help the problem if some would step back and take a long hard look at the issue, I hear screams of over breeding and greed but sometimes even the most well meaning people do not understand the truth and think they have soulutions when they really do not understand not all horses born are perfect or able to be used and sometimes that is not found out untill they are several years old. 

    • Lory

      I also did not mention that often times both mules and horses were eaten out of pure need . An indian warrior often times would end up eating the animal he rode after covering great distances and i doubt there was ever a calvary soldier that never dined on packmule or a mountain man caught in a bad blizzard that starved rather than eat his horse.

    • ROISIN

       That is history based on circumstances that have no bearing on what is going on today in terms of horse slaughter en masse and consumption of the flesh.

       Also, we are now looking at a horse slaughter “industry”with a market for the meat in this country as well as exporting it ?

      What is the need for this meat consumption ? Please, do not tell me about all the starving people overseas that need the meat. That would be a drop in the ocean for them because what they really need is less corrupt governments and less wars. That is the real help they need. Further, I read a lot about the obesity problems in this country! Can we ever believe the news media !!

       Some questions come to mind regarding the staggering numbers of horses that are in “need” of slaughter. Perhaps you would agree horses are not bred and raised for slaughter and human consumption, up to now, that is. Overbreeding and stupid breeding practices are huge problems.

      It looks like the goal is to change our culture concerning the horse and regard it as a food source.

      It would be nice if the the truth were told instead of lies, and more lies. I have listened to the mantra of the “starving horse” the “old and crippled horse” etc ad nauseam.

      This may come to pass but no good will come of it.

      A short exert from an old Shaker poem: A man of kindness to his beasts is kind.
                                                                 Brutal actions show a brutal mind.
                                                                 He(beast) can’t complain, but God’s
                                                                 omniscient eye beholds they cruelty-
                                                                 He hears his cry…..

      • LORY

        UNLESS YOU HAVE HAD YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND SIR THERE ARE A HUGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY THAT ARE GOING TO BED EACH NIGHT HUNGRY ! i hear the cries of tainted meat but i think that is overblown, as far as vaccines cattle and other food animals are vaccinated. as far as any drugs their liespan in animals is likewise a short term problem. hunger is real .

  • but of course AQHA and AHA would stay, they have been staunch supporters of horse slaughter for years.  AQHA send more horses to slaughter than any other breed.  They pushed for years to be the biggest breed registry and they succeeded, allowing horses with hereditary diseases to breed… HYPP etc.  Slaughter has been the main way AQHA breeders have culled their herds.  Breeding for color etc, is not responsible breeding… breeding for quantity instead of quality is not responsible breeding.  

  • Twowebworms

    I keep hearing that the only people calling in to the legislature and gov. Mary Fallin’s office are all from out of state. People of Oklahoma time is running out! You MUST call the governors office, identify yourself as an Oklahoman not in favor of this coming to our state. They are planning a rally for this Thursday and I guarantee you this rally will be stacked with many people, giving the impression to the media that this is a good thing. Call the radio, TV, newspaper offices and voice your disgust.
    This is the only way we have to combat this issue. There is not one group with enough money to organize and get our voice out.
    Gov. Falin’s Number is 405-521-2342. Call ASAP and tell her to veto

  • Buckinhard

    2:20pm Mar 9 If you would like to know about mad cow dz in your meat or clenbuterol in your veal and other issues listen to this you tube video with Dr. L.Freidlander and tuburculosis in your dairy products.  Bypass the woman and her comments if you like. I did, I wanted to hear Dr. Freidlander.  Horse and Animal Slaughter with Dr. Lester Freidlander Published on Mar 2, 2013 Interview with Dr. Lester Friedlander on the brutality of horse slaughter, and that of other animals. Describes how horsemeat and other animals are unsafe to eat due to current practices.. Dr. Friedlander was chief USDA meat inspector, and checked to see if the meat was safe for human consumption, and that animals were humanely killed. He was fired because he reported what the meat industry didn’t want him to say.

  • Okalahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association is one of Skye McNiels biggest fans. They contribute to her elections. Her family owns Mid America Livestock sale barn in Bristow. One bill being voted on SB375 by Mark Allen, outlines that only Brokers (Kill Buyers) can purchase, only from an auction to then sell at a horse slaughter plant. That means that an individual who chooses to sell their horse can’t keep it out of the slaughter pipeline if they take it to a sale. An individual can’t take their own horse to a horse slaughter plant if they decided that’s what they wanted to do. Only the brokers could take a horse and that horse has to be run through a sale, what kind of BS is that? That allows the auction owners, such as Skyes family, to make commissions, the kill buyers and not the individual selling their horse to make money. They purpose this will help alleviate the neglected horse issues in the state. Why are so many horses shipped in here from other states such as back east to the feedlots, when supposedly there are so many unwanted horses available to kill buyers righte here in Oklahoma? Another question I have is are Brokers (kill buyers) licensed, bonded, have business licenses? How do you tell who is and who isn’t a kill buyer? 

    These two bills are rediculous and Oklahoma politicians are falling for it when many other states have said “No”. 
    What will happen when the largest purchasing entity the EU stops buying horse meat from USA horses as they are not raised for human consumption and the meat is tainted with all the meds used to keep our companion animals comfortable and useful? Investors will loose but should if they are not smart enough to pay attention. Who will be left with the mess, the Oklahoma tax payers, but not before the politicians that stand to make a buck make some. 
    What a joke for Oklahoma to be the targeted state when so many other states have said No way and they don’t even have laws banning it like Oklahoma has since 1963. WTG Oklahoma. 

  • AQHA show mom

    AQHA unfortunately has much to gain by backing horse slaughter and although they may continue to hold their shows in OK, I can tell you that I will never show one of my quarter horses at any show again that is held in OK if this bill becomes the law in this state.

    • nu-fan

      And, I hope that you are also voicing your opposition to others in your sport.  Something tells me that you are and will continue to do so.  Thank you for doing your part in what you are planning on doing.  That is what others should do as well.

  • The only humane option is chemical euthanasia. McNiel has a whole family that will make money off the auctioning of horses for the purpose of slaughter, just like cattle, if these bills are passed. Her stating that Oklahoma horse owners need this “option” is all a ruse. The horse slaughterhouses don’t want old, sick, emaciated and neglected horses. They want young, healthy stock. The legislators in Oklahoma are fully aware that they are sponsoring an “industry” that will cause factory farming of horses for human consumption. They don’t care about the fact the head-shot kill process has been proven ineffective and inhumane when applied to equines. They think that they will cash in on this issue and that is all they care about.

    And another thing that nobody is checking is the numbers regarding reported abuse and neglect cases in Oklahoma. How many are there really? She makes it sound as if every horse owner in Oklahoma is being irresponsible and turning their horses loose.

    Her very last statement: “Humane method of slaughter” has been proven to not exist. What is this method she is referring to?

  •  This
    isn’t a question about killing the horses. Pretty much, it is generally
    accepted that horses at risk of starving to death need to be eliminated
    before that happens naturally. This is a question of whether or not it
    is legal, humane and ethical to make money off their dying meat. Since
    you cannot harvest the meat of a humanely euthanized horse, this
    liar—Skye McNiel is stating, erroneously, that horse slaughter is
    “humane.” She is getting the floor where much ignorance reigns, on the
    part of the media, members of the government and even industry
    professionals. Sue Wallis did the same thing but her lies didn’t get her
    anywhere in the Northern part of the country. The issue of trailering horses hundreds of miles to slaughter is a moot one, since it is farther to go from the Northern States to OK than it is to go to Canada. The answer to an unwanted
    horse “problem” is chemical euthanasia, but proponents of horse meat
    harvesting do not want that option considered. They want to promote the
    falsity that they are providing a needed “service” to the community.
    Horse slaughter is no more humane than the slaughter of unborn babies,
    which is happening all over our country. They poke rods through their
    heads to kill them too, claim they feel no pain and that it is “humane.” People can spin rhetoric any way they want to when there is money to be made. “Follow the money,” they say. In this case that trail will lead you to many pockets attached to members of the Varner and McNiel families…This Skye McNiel is betting upon the ignorance of the general public with regard to this issue. Most people don’t even know horses are eaten elsewhere in the world and they definitely don’t know about what happens to a horse in a kill box or beyond.

  • Meyer1127

    Horse slaughter is not humane,no way, no how.People who listen to these greedy pro slaughter folks.Don’t want to see or hear what it is really like in the trucks,the holding pens,and the kill boxes.Images should be spread in all the magazines ,news papers,and all tv news stations of exactly what takes place.If you don’t want to believe something then you only listen to people who say it is not true.If you have the visual evidence then you have to believe it.

  • John

    Horse slaughter for human consumption is not euthanasia.  The horse slaughter is a cruel, inhumane and unnecessary industry.  Also, the meat is tainted with drugs that cause blood disorders and cancer in humans.  Write/call your Senators and Representatives and let them know that you do not want a horse slaughter plant in Oklahoma. You do not want Oklahoma to be known as “the horse slaughter” state. 

  • nu-fan

    For those of you who will not just sit back and do nothing, how about contacting the governor of that state?  Forget that representative; she has her own agenda and nothing that you can say will influence her.  But, she does not operate in a cocoon, so voice your opposition to other stakeholders.  If you are a registered Republican (as is that governor) how about contacting the National Republican Party?  Can they afford to lose any more members?  Let them know that you will pull your membership to that party and become an independent.  Contact the state’s tourism bureau and let them know that you will not visit that state.  Perhaps, some of you have other ideas on how to get your opposition to this measure heard.  Provide us some additional suggestions.  Oklahoma may think that this is just their issue.  Nope.  Those of us in other states are also watching and can impact that state’s future.  If I was a major employer, I wouldn’t set up shop in that state–if that measure passes–because it might harm my company’s reputation to be associated with this abuse of horses.

  • mercygrey

    I can’t believe Skye McNiel wants to say that her reasons are to help the overpopulation, and the sick and starving horses. These bills will not let owners take their horses to the plants, they have to put them in the auctions. Kill Buyers at the auctions pass over old, sick, starving horses every day – in favor of healthy, fat ones. The ones needing help are POed, and not even bid on…. And of course the associations are for the plants – they need a place to dispose of their overbreeding, and the older race horses that have wore out their usefullness. The majority of the responsible horse owners are against these bills.

    These plants are inhumane. The devices are made for cattle, not horses. Horses are made differently, and they thrash and panic. The hauling that everyone wants to focus on, won’t be ending. Just because the horses won’t be going to Mexico, doesn’t mean they still won’t be shipped. They will be crowded, panicking, in very inhumane conditions in the US.

    There are other ways that people are working on: gelding clinics, educating owners, trying to stop overbreeding, etc…. It’s slow, but it can work. Slaughter plants are not the answer!

  • Of course the AQHA isn’t going to stop doing business in Oklahoma – their official stance promotes horse slaughter! The AQHA has been guilty, for years, of running and promoting a self-destructive and inhumane business model of breeding as many horses as possible and throwing away those that do not meet predetermined and distorted criteria. For the AQHA, horse slaughter amounts to lucrative convenience, facilitating those AQHA breeders who are so inclined, to irresponsibly breed more horses than the market can absorb. The breed most represented in the slaughter pipeline is the American Quarter Horse.

  • MaryFallinallaboutmoney?

    Horse slaughter the answer! You must me an educated retard to believe, think, or say such a statement! Have you no idea that most scum who sell to slaughter trick horse owners with the belief the horse is going to a “good home”? How about this, if there are SO many unwanted horses why then has the crime of stealing horses skyrocketed? Just continue to give scum more of an excuse to steal horses and increase crime & I’ll pray for those who enable this inhumane act upon horses… May God protect them from a loving horse owner suffering from temporary insanity due to the devastating losses of their stolen horse by not finding where these educated retards live. Amen

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