Maryland voters approve gambling expansion

by | 11.07.2012 | 10:26am

On Tuesday, voters in Maryland approved an expansion of gambling in the state that will soon include table games and a casino near the nation's capital.

According to the Associated Press, table games like craps and poker could begin early next year at Maryland's three existing casinos and at two expected to be built later. In addition, because the question also passed in Prince George's County, a casino can also be built near the nation's capital.

Gov. Martin O'Malley had called a special session in August to consider the expansion. Lawmakers passed legislation that still needed voter approval.

  • Second Watcher

    Glad to hear there’s some good election news.

  • Harry

    Penn National paid millions and millions and millions to try and stop this bill from passing. 95% of “vote no on this item funded by Penn National gaming”. Charles Town I believe in serious trouble when 550million a year goes from Maryland to West Virginia. The question on the ballot between vote yes or vote no coast more than any item ever voted by public in state of Maryland. Now Penn National who owns Rosecroft raceway will be closing Rosecroft and moving on. This bill should have been passed 10 years ago when Maryland racetracks were trying to get slots at Laurel Park. Sad so sad!!!

  • Hadrianmarcus

    Penn National spent about 22 million to defeat it, MGM spent about 15 million in support of it. Charles Town will downscale a bit….but the $550 million figure is really doubtful. The opening of the five new casinos in Maryland didn’t affect revenue as expected, the National Harbor Casino and table games addition will to a greater degree. Customers in Western Maryland and western Northern Virginia…can drive to Charles Town (which has the bonus of horse racing)….or fight the beltway to drive to the National Harbor Casino. Maryland customer’s inside the beltway will stay inside the beltway. Charles Town will still do better than most of Penn National’s other casinos…they just won’t be the only game in town.

  • Why doesn’t the Stronach crowd try letting the public @ large around Laurel Park know there is T-Bred Horse Racing going on???…ty…  

  • Tom

    A wee bit of misinformation in this post:

    1) All 5 MD casinos are not open.  Only three are currently operating, with two more to be built/brought into operation.  One of the current casinos is requesting a reduction in the number of slot machines, i.e., the Perryville (PennNat) site;
    2) it is not a “done deal” that the 6th casino license will be awarded to National Harbor’s site.  Expect at least one other bid on the 6th license.  Once all bids are in, the casino board will decide which is the best suitor for the license.  Conventional wisdom is the NatHarb site will be the recipient;
    3) PennNat spent over $41mm to defeat the measure, with MGM pitching in over $40mm to support it.

    Expect a lawsuit to be filed by PennNat to challenge the referendum results…..

  • Harry

     Amen cause he does not want Maryland racing to succeed. So sad!!!

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