Maryland Commission Issues Clenbuterol Notice

by | 01.04.2014 | 6:01pm

The Maryland Racing Commission has distributed a notice confirming the state's new regulations and recommended guidelines for the therapeutic use of clenbuterol that became effective Jan. 1, 2014. Following is that notice:

It has come to the attention of the Maryland Racing Commission that there is misinformation being circulated within the racing community regarding the implementation of the new recommended withdrawal time and testing for clenbuterol.

To be clear, the recommended withdrawal time for the therapeutic use of clenbuterol prior to a horse's race is 14 days. This recommendation, and the published uniform regulatory threshold to be employed by the laboratory conducting drug testing for the Commission, became effective on January 1, 2014 along with the other medication reforms that were enacted by the Commission.

The new guidelines and testing thresholds were the subject of public hearings by the Commission. They were finally adopted in November and the implemen­tation date of January 1, 2014 has been stated from the outset in order to allow sufficient time for horsemen to adjust their treatment practices.

So there is no misunderstanding, the Commission will enforce the new regulatory threshold for clenbuterol.

We very much appreciate your cooperation as we transition into the new medication reforms.

Bruce Quade
Chairman, Maryland Racing Commission

For more information and to download the New Maryland Racing Medication Guideline Booklet click here.

  • Bubba

    Will the commission also announce when it plans to start testing for steroids? Or if they say that they do, then I hope that Ray could ask to see the records from the commission that they actually do. It is common Knowledge in the Mid-Atlantic region that steroids (mostly winstrol and equipoise) are used regularly for horses racing in Maryland. If they attempt to say that they do test for steroids then I would love for Ray to come up with a plan working with the racing commission to have a sample sent to another lab that might actually have a test that works. (Possibly University of Penn)

    • Tom

      Is Maryland actually testing for anything these days? If so, who is
      paying that bill? Is MJC paying? Are the horsemen footing the bill?
      Or, is the cost of the tests coming out of MRC’s budget?

      the new drug rules in MD, have the testing protocols changed to reflect
      the new threshold limits and withdrawal times? Or, are they simply
      taking a short cut and using the same old tests? Seems pretty useless
      to impose new rules and not upgrade the tests.

      And if MJC is
      paying the tab for the new tests, I’d find it hard to believe there will
      be a change. Frank isn’t going to put another dime into improving MD
      racing unless it comes from the horsemen’s purse account first. Given
      the landmine potholes and mud pit in the horsemen’s parking lot
      yesterday, it is obvious Frank isn’t interested in MD racing except for 2 days a year.

    • intheknow

      It is common knowledge for sure that steroids are used in Md . I’ve spoked to several trainers who were told by the Racing secretary that they were fine until Jan 1st . I was told by a vet that they can give winstrol or equipoise up to race day .. what a joke . There’s a reason certain trainers there can’t win other places . Anyone who wishes to see it in black and white should look at trainers % at Pimlico then the difference when they went to colonial downs where they do test .. follow the bread crumbs people .. I liked Mr strinachs letter and agree that racing needs to go that direction but one should clean up ones own house before telling others how to do theirs..

  • Hamish

    What lab does MD use for drug testing and is it accredited? MD says it is implementing new strict rules for certain substances, yet existing testing protocols may be inadequate and the lab may not be able to comply? Why even waste the paper on which the rules are printed?

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