Los Alamitos Withdraws Offer to Expand: ‘We Won’t be Part of a Beauty Contest’

by | 03.27.2013 | 8:41am

Citing a desire to avoid a showdown with Fairplex Park and various disagreements with the California Thoroughbred Trainers regarding proposed track expansion, officials from Los Alamitos withdrew an offer to expand its racetrack to accommodate Thoroughbred racing.

According to a report in the Daily Racing Form, Brad McKinzie, a consultant with Los Alamitos indicated that discussions regarding expansion could resume if industry officials are not satisfied with Fairplex Park's proposal.

“Ed (Allred, owner of Los Alamitos) has said all along that we won't be part of a beauty contest,” McKinzie told the DRF. “They should judge Fairplex Park on its merits – stabling, the racetrack, and what it will cost. If at that time, they want to talk to Los Alamitos, I'm sure Los Alamitos will have an open mind. At this time, we won't get involved with industry infighting.”

Both Los Alamitos and Fairplex have submitted proposals for expansion, should Betfair Hollywood Park close to racing, which is expected in 2014.

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    The blind leading the blind

  • Kirk S.

    The way Allred has been putting “for sale” signs on different parts of his property, it’s about time he announced Los Alamitos won’t expand. Actions speak louder than press releases.

    The parcel south of the barns has plans for a 300-bay truck depot. The remaining part of the old golf course (which you see on telecasts next to the QH chute) has recently been rezoned for commercial industrial and for single family homes.

    The only parcels left for him to sell are the track’s parking lot, the barns and the track facility.

    Definitely no room to expand ever at Los Alamitos.

  • swiss305

    How about Santa Anita expanding its stabling area to make up for the loss of stabling/training at Hollywood Park then taking on an expanded schedule of racing, as has been proposed for many years. Del Mar has also been considered for additional race days. With those two running additional dates and taking a month or two off each year, southern California racing could survive, even improve. As for expansion at Santa Anita, it was just a couple of years ago that the ownership agreed to allow a developer to build an enormous shopping center right next to the existing enormous shopping center on their main parking lot. Luckily, that deal fell through. A fraction of that space could be transformed, adjacent to the existing stables, into new, fireproof buildings for horses and people.

    • nu-fan

      Agree. In a sport with declining fan interest, it makes sense for Los Alamitos to not get caught up in increasing its expenses. Santa Anita is a “destination” that most are willing to drive to. For the few that won’t drive that far, would their numbers be big enough to support Fairplex or other So Cal location? Except for Del Mar, which seems under-used, I don’t think so.

  • Rick B

    interesting that no one seems interested in access to the Orange County market. Business must be booming…

    • Jeffrey

      If you build it they won’t come.

      No one is interested because there is no market in Orange County.

      Good grief.

  • KatraB

    Betfair Hollywood Park will still be open for racing in 2014! They have the best backside and it is
    stupid to tear it down and put in useless needless buildings, as half of them would not be filled and
    would stand empty anyway.

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