Los Alamitos Asks CHRB To Investigate Former Clerk Of Scales

by | 07.27.2017 | 5:50pm
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Los Alamitos has asked the California Horse Racing Board to investigate the job performance of the Orange County, California, track's former clerk of scales. The clerk of scales is responsible for reporting the correct weight of jockeys before and after a race. That weight is reported in the official results chart of the race and in a horse's past performances.

Orlando Gutierrez, marketing director for Los Alamitos, would not confirm the identity of the former clerk of scales believed to be under investigation at the request of track management.

Glen Miki formerly held that position during the Los Alamitos Quarter horse meeting.

On July 9, CHRB stewards reported receiving a phone call from stewards at the Alameda County Fair at Pleasanton saying two jockeys were removed from their mounts for being excessively overweight. Paul Atkinson, the CHRB safety steward at Los Alamitos, was advised to observe the weighing-out process before races that night and found one jockey who had been scheduled to ride at 124 pounds actually weighed 131.

On July 14, the overweight policy was changed at Los Alamitos to permit jockeys to ride at up to seven pounds over their assigned weight. Previously, they were required to weigh no more than 126 pounds. Since the rule change, jockeys have been listed in officials charts at up to 130 pounds.

Two jockeys, Carlos M. Huerta, and Armando Cervantes, were taken off their mounts July 14 after stewards said “neither could come close to the seven-pound overweight” rule. Huerta and Cervantes were scheduled to ride horses that night at 124 pounds. Each was fined $100 by CHRB stewards.

Huerta had been meeting 126-pound weight assignments as recently as July 14. On July 8, when he rode three horses for Los Alamitos track owner Edward C. Allred and trainer Scott Willoughby, the official chart also listed Huerta at 126 pounds. He has not ridden since July 16.

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