Life at Ten: Will Not Be Sold

by | 11.17.2010 | 12:48am

Life at Ten has been withdrawn from the Fasig-Tipton Kentucky November sale after an unknown problem caused her to run far back in the Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic.

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Trainer Todd Pletcher said Life at Ten was fine Saturday morning, and that she must have had a “tie-up” issue right before Friday's race.  She was allowed to start anyway and was never involved in the running.


  • Shuvee

    Pletcher knew something was amiss w/ filly in paddock and said nothing to vets. He only told Johnny V to warm her up good. Johnny tells national TV via Bailey she wasn’t right, but decides not to report to gate vet. Instead he lets LaT jog around the track 40 lengths behind field as fav, bettors’ know nothing. I think it’s entirely possible JohnnyV purposely decides not to report anything to gate vet because he didn’t want to piss off Pletcher, remembering he was in similar situation at last yr’s BCClassic w/ Quality Road? If I had unloaded on LaT yesterday I would be seriously ticked off …… would make Borel’s anger look like a child’s tea party

  • In defense of Pletcher, he may have hoped Life At Ten would shake off whatever was bothering the filly during the warmup. When the horse didn”t shake it off during the warmup, the jockey should have said something to the vets at the gate and he should have been scratched.

    In harness racing, the vets behind the gate have different standards for scratching a horse. A $10,000 claimer can look somewhat bad and they will allow it to race, yet if a FFA horse warmed up the same way, the would have scratched him as the public expepcts a horse like that to warm up perfectly.

    The public got hosed.

  • Dave

    If this had happened in Australia, both trainer and jockey would have been suspended for at least 6 months.

  • nick

    if you were watching the tv broadcast..this is truly oiutrageous…

  • Tiznowbaby

    Allan, I don’t agree that a trainer should hope a horse shakes it off. If she’s not right, she shouldn’t go — for her sake, the jockeys’ sakes, and the bettors’ sakes.

  • Nancy

    Though I think JV should have said something, ultimately the responsibility belongs to the trainer who should have said something. Who the heck tells the jockey that their mount is off and doesn’t say a think to the track vet? Shame on Pletcher.

  • Ida Lee

    I cannot believe that Life At Ten was allowed to run knowing that there was something wrong with her. If her connections suspected ANYTHING, no matter how small, was wrong they should have scratched her. This level of competition calls for perfect health and soundness otherwise there is great danger to the horse. I was quite upset when I saw there was something wrong with LAT thinking it was something much worse. I was just sick for a while there until I found out what it was. So please have some consideration not just for the horse, but for the people who actually care about and love these horses. Not ot mention that it would have beem a disaster for horseracing if LAT was seriously hurt or worse on National TV

  • concerned

    another gambler who made a bet and got screwed by race officials and rider, and trainer who care less about us. we are the business. everyone else, are the facilitators.
    when will they figure that out.

    if there were no horses, we would figure something else to bet on.

  • Samantha

    Agree that both the jockey and Pletcher should have told the vets and scratched that horse. She deserves better. For a race that expensive and seeing something not right in the paddock, why on earth take the chance. She did soldier on and try, despite hurting, tying up, which says something huge for this mare. I hope they retire her and do right by her. What concerns me…is nothing was said…could it be due to their planning to sell her the next day? This IS NOT right. The horse, the public deserve better than this.

  • Bucky In Kentucky

    Pletcher was wrong to put the burden on Johnny V.

    His duty is fiirst and foremost to the welfare of the horse.

    The Ky regulators who allowed this to occur to this filly should be ousted.

    What about the bettor?

    Don’t they deserve better?

    This is a travesty and should be dealt with swiftly and severly.

    Shame on Todd Pletcher, is he really this ignorant?

  • Cam

    Great blog Keep it up man.

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