‘Juice Man’ Video Leads To $5,000 Fine For Navarro, Gindi At Monmouth Park

by | 09.11.2017 | 5:42pm
Trainer Jorge Navarro (center) celebrating a five-win day at Monmouth Park on July 23

Jorge Navarro, leading Monmouth Park trainer each of the last five years, and owner Randal Gindi, whose Monster Racing Stable was the New Jersey track's third leading owner in 2017, have each been fined $5,000 by Monmouth Park stewards for “conduct detrimental to racing.”

The fines stem from an Aug. 4 incident at Monmouth Park, captured on video by a patron in the clubhouse teletheater and posted on YouTube, as Gindal and Navarro celebrated a victory at Gulfstream Park by Sir Sebastian, a horse trained by the trainer's brother, Marcial Navarro.

“Adios, amigos. Adios, amigos,” Gindi is heard saying in the video. “The juice man!”

Navarro responds: “Is that a Navarro? Is that a Navarro? Is that a Navarro at 2-1? That's the way we do it.”

“That's the juice. That's the vegetable juice,” replies Gindi.

“We f – – k everyone,” says Navarro.

“We f – – k everyone, and I line my pockets with the bookie with another twenty thousand,” said Gindi. “Oh, yeah! Life is great.”

The New Jersey Racing Commission was notified of the video, said to be taken by a patron who had had a previous run-in with Gindi. A formal hearing was conducted on Sept. 6 in which stewards listened to testimony, reviewed the video and considered all the evidence presented to them.

“The stewards believe the conduct exhibited (by Navarro and Gindi) is extremely detrimental to racing and that a larger fine is warranted,” the ruling states, adding that the maximum penalty the stewards may impose is $5,000.

The stewards have referred the matter to the racing commission with a recommendation that Gindi be fined $20,000 and Navarro $10,000. The New Jersey Racing Commission is scheduled to meet Sept. 20 and the matter of Navarro and Gindi is on the agenda.

“Everyone wants to pick on Navarro when I win a race,” Jorge Navarro told the Paulick Report. “They call me the ‘juice man,' even when my kids are around. My son is 10, my daughter is 7. How many fingers do you have to count the number of times I hear that stuff? But I'm going to keep winning races.”

Navarro said neither he nor Gindi bet with bookmakers and said of Gindi: “He's one of my best owners and he is passionate about it. He had a punk approach with that guy. He was very wrong for saying that. We are professionals. We should not say that.”

Navarro won 65 races from 158 starters at Monmouth Park in 2017, eclipsing his own previous record of 59 wins in 2016. Gindi's Monster Racing Stable won 10 races, with three seconds and three thirds from 19 starters during the just-completed meet.


Jorge Navarro ruling

Randal Gindi ruling


  • Flying J

    This industry is doomed. But we already knew that.

    • Blue Larkspur

      Yes – reduced to polishing a lot of turds, when they used to be the playground of legitimate leaders of industry and a few Hollywood celebs

      • Flying J

        A cesspool comes to mind.

  • gus stewart

    Reminds me back at hollywood park in the 70s, when harness racing was there. Just a kid then, but guys i knew would be acting very similar just not the vulgarity. I remember i was told to bet 2 dollars on horses then which of course an adult would bet for me they won 8 out of 9 one night, one that lost broke. This video is classic and yes this is what public outside of racing thinks sbout racings participants.. many great people in biz, but this is what gets the headlines. Wait i see a great show with these guys,,

    • greg

      OMG, I went to Hollywood Park 3-4 nights a week in the 70″s, and to Los Al once or twice. I get the butt kicking of my life on the backside when I said to GENE VANLANDINGHAM’s son “you’re as crooked as your father” I was ~16, he was ~HUGE!! and he beat me from one end of the kitchen to the other

      • gus stewart

        It is one thing to use meds to gain an advatage, but what was going on back in early 70s was you pretty much on certain nights could sweep a card, maybe lose a few. So flash forward 2017, we have come a long way, but no leadership only allows these things to continue. Yep they could be watching at home online and nobody would say a thing. But even if they are not cheating, it just shows the disrespect for the racing biz. Of course we could say the same thing about our current courthouses being corrupted by money snd power. Still thankful on 9.11 i live in this country, where we do have the freedom to speak our minds even when its in your face stuff

        • lastromntribune

          good post Gus……. Still thankful on 9.11 i live in this country, where we do have the freedom to speak our minds even when its in your face stuff

      • Ouch!

        • greg

          Yeah, wasn’t one of my better moments, however we had claimed a horse that won 3 in a row with the Younger Vanlandingham, wire to wire, rode for us and never got closer than 5th, same owner claimed back from us and next out with same driver won wire to wire, HHHMMM it still hurts to type this LOL

    • Michael Castellano

      I once saw a definitely fixed race at Roosevelt one night in the 80s. They brought in a horse from Monticello that was dead last in his last 8, so the program didn’t show the races beyond, which was three wins in a row at Roosevelt, including one from the 8 post. Well in this race, he also had the 8 post. Was bet down from 99 – 1 (which was really more, the board didn’t show higher) to 25 – 1 just before post time. Well he got the lead like he was shot from a cannon before the first turn. And then Ben “shotgun” Webster pulled wide with the favorite, but hung forcing anyone who wanted to challenge to go three wide. They were booing and tossing garbage by the half. Of course he won, paid about $50. Just showed how arrogant and obvious the cheating had become. Although I will admit that during this era of higher purses most New York harness races seemed on the level. This horse never returned to New York after this race.

    • Gus, I worked for DRF covering Western Harness at Hollywood Park and use of PEDs was not needed, as the drivers simply fixed the races by pulling the good ones and betting on the trash. Much easier on a horse’s system this way. More humane.

      • gus stewart

        That is what i was saying, no medications were needed, even though i was very young, i was introduced to the guys that were pulling the strings in other words. Thats why harness racing was banned from hp i was told. All i know is that there has to be a fix to todays problems with meds across all racing of horses. There just doesnt seem to be the real sincere effort to do it. Yea there is some improvement, but to the current race fan and general public its far from enough.

      • MR.DR.

        Hey……..Why not name these drugs?…..what exactly are the drugs you think are PEDs that make horses win?………You are the king of the “anti lasix movement”……..lasix is not a big deal……it really isn’t…….but you spread this bad info all the time…….name drugs you think will make a horse win/,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Michael Infurna

    What’s wrong with a guy at the track who saddles horse at a 42% win rate with mostly claimers, 80% in the money and brags about his success?

    If I didn’t know any better I would think Oscar Barrera is still alive and training at Monmouth. Has there ever been a major race meet where a trainer has dominated with horses that just don’t win, but run off the screen?

    I’d propose that Monmouth Park change its name to Navarro Downs. Navarro owns this track and you obviously can’t argue with success!!

    • jimmyski

      Anyone who plays this track or races that involve him doesn’t like their money.He wins mainly with sprinters and i’m guessing his turf strike rate at a route isn’t the same.He’s ahead of the lab and laughing at the trainers he’s beating.

    • Hal Apinio

      I think Frank Miramahdi would agree with your proposition. He’s made enough money betting on Navarro to pay off most of his debts.

      • Rude Dog

        Not all of them. Still owes Boy Hal quite a few beers.

  • Gate To Wire

    It could have been worse.
    He could have killed 7 horses with PED’s, had the Racing commission cover it up, and then never get suspended.

    • Julio Garrido

      He’s had more than 7 horses die in his care.

      • Blue Larkspur

        which one?

        • Julio Garrido

          Log onto Florida Department of Professional Regulations. Look up licenses and search under his name. They are all there

          • Blue Larkspur

            It was a bit of sarcasm, considering Baffert had seven die mysteriously on him in 2011-2013 …

    • lastromntribune

      spreading rumors…no proof. lies your spreading. until it is proven you are committing slander. lets hope the shoe is not on the other foot for your sake

      • Olebobbowers

        Gate to Wire is 1,000% correct in his statements. Look it up, and you’ll recognize how pathetic your challenge toward him is.

      • Deplorable

        Trust me baffert will not sue anybody for slander about the subject of those 7 horses or his “cycling/supplementing” program. If this ever hit a civil court and the discovery that goes along with it and there is a good attorney on the other side of the table from baffert or any of these other “greats” (even if the “greats” have great lawyers) they will lose and lose badly. Baffert is way too smart to sue somebody for slander/libel/defamation about this subject because he will then be open to discovery about his actions. Btw, it is not a rumor about those 7 horses – it is factual and not a lie! Get real, please. Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong were clean in the eyes of the public too for many, many years but we all know the FACTS about them now, don’t we?

        • Patrick

          thanks for mentioning his name. i was wondering who multiple people were referring to. those who want to help the industry should be specific about what they believe are the facts, willing to admit error if they’re mistaken, and not be cowed by lame “let’s hope for your sake” admonitions or the fear of pointing out that the emperor has no clothes. as you wrote: “get real.” cheers.

    • Olebobbowers

      But, Gate To Wire, you are overlooking a very important factor, that being, murdering those 7 horses in 14 months, was the gateway for that trainer to win a Triple Crown! Besides being a Hall of Fame trainer. I worked on the racetrack for over 5 decades, and back in the day I honored Hall of Famers, rightfully so. Now though, it has become the Hall of Shame, and I view the POS’s that are entering, as a dog views a fire hydrant.

      • Al McBean

        well I for one don’t recognize American pharaoh as a triple crown winner because he accomplished the feat with the assistance of lasik and whatever other vitamins he received…barry bonds hit the most home runs in a single season but is not recognized as the home run king why should pharaoh be recognized when he needed drugs to win the triple crown.

        • LawsonL

          Bonds is the Home run King

      • Deplorable

        You are so, so correct! Those 7 horses were just part of the process of perfecting the perfect “supplementing” cycle! No if, and or buts about it!

  • I would take that $20,000 and invest in charm school or possibly some new threads. Minus the fine of course.

    • Manefan

      On the runways this fall, “Neanderthal Man Metro”.

    • Lilboymoney

      Didn’t you get fined at Prairie Meadows for turning over garbage cans after a DQ of one of your horses? What about the wrong horse you ran at Remington Park? What happened to that deal?

  • Matt J [CD/KEE]

    Celebrating your horse winning a race is now considered “conduct detrimental to racing.” I see the NJ Racing Commission has their priorities in the right place….

    • Michael Zeisler

      Are you kidding me is that the way to celebrate a victory by saying Juiceman

      • Matt J [CD/KEE]

        There’s more to this than what the video showed. I’m sure some salty gambler was losing big time (most likely the dude filming) and had to bring up Navarro’s juicing allegations to them. So when the Navarro horse (inevitably) won, they joked and played off of these tired accusations by the way they acted in the video. It’s not appropriate, but it’s harmless. $5k for this is ridiculous, but it’s to be expected by the clueless racing commission of New Jersey.

        If people are so skeptical, just don’t place any wagers on a race that has a horse trained by Navarro. I’m convinced degenerate gamblers with an infinitely negative ROI are simply angry seeing another person succeed in this game.

    • Really? He was bragging about illegal gambling and F-ing everyone. Had he been doing it from home instead of the track all would have been well.

      • Matt J [CD/KEE]

        What’s illegal about a man betting on his own horse?

        They’re clearly being facetious when they say they’re F’ing everyone. It’s banter.

        • Doug Bennett

          Is Navarro paying you for the damage control work? If not, he should be.

        • Scooter Gankins

          He’s saying he bet that money through a bookie instead of betting it at the track. That way the huge amount of money he wagers doesn’t slam down the odds, resulting in a larger payout. This is obviously a problem.

        • J. Nasium

          I agree. They make an unusual out of town bet with a book and red flags go up from coats to coast. Then the horse wins! Vinnie and the boyz ain’t gonna like that very much…..I think the bet was all BS. If you ask me the real sneaky trainer is the one who is 1 for 21 and comes up with a $50 winner. People don’t look at those because they figure he’s got to win sometime….LOL…If he’s giving something to this horses then catch him and run him out of the business, if not then close mouth or better yet BET with him!

        • guest

          George N — Jorge Navarro. not too swift

      • lastromntribune


      • Karl the guy is just goofing off. This video is NOT serious. He is just joking.

        • guest

          Oh really? The video was recorded by a bystander / stranger.

          • johnnyknj

            Wrong. The video was recorded by the guy that Gindi had been squabbling with previously.

      • Johnny

        Come on now Karl. I would be willing to wager a tidy some of money you have made some winning bets on your own horses, dropped F bombs of your own loudly at the race track (or in public), bragged about a horse or bet of yours and celebrated loudly when you have won a race or a wager. I cannot stand Navarro but being a loud mouth or bragging is not a crime.

      • worldb.free

        Not sure it “would have been well” from anywhere. His license is a not a right. $5000 or $20000 is a slap on the wrist. One uses african children to mine gold. The other fixes races by habitually adding “juice” to assure his wins. He used the word “juice” not you, not me. I have no clue what George N is talking about. This is a very serious offense and goes far beyond bad conduct at the track bar.

    • worldb.free

      Anything can be “conduct detrimental to racing.” It could be on or off track. Racing or non racing related. I know a trainer who “forgot” he left one when he shipped to another track and lost his license for life after the horse was found at Santa Rosa with no food or water for twoo days. I do realize most get away with anything and keep there license. Celebrating betting with bookies and juicing your horses should not be $5000 or $100,000. They should be forced to go watch the Jets every Sunday for the next 20 years, with no admission to racetracks.

  • Bryan Langlois

    My suggestion would be for everyone who can, go to this commission hearing on the 20th and let your voices be heard that we will not stand for this any more in this industry. Make a huge showing demanding that the highest possible penalties be given in this case by the commission.

    • Matt J [CD/KEE]

      Exactly what would you be saying to the commission? Navarro doesn’t win with grace, BAN HIM!

      If he receives another positive test, then get them to change their suspension policy regarding positives. Until then, everyone in here sounds like sore losers who have been burned one too many times by THE JUICEMAN!

      • Bryan Langlois

        No…what I would say to them is racing has enough problems with image, and having these clowns doing what they just did only re-enforces that image to the public.
        You are right…aside from the content detrimental to racing…there is not a real violation that was made. However, we as fans of the sport really need to start showing these commissions we have a voice, we are sick and tired of this, and the next time these clowns get dinged with any medication violation they need to be banned outright from the sport.

        • disqus_Wp1tYwcjgm

          Sir, you do know George N is Jorge Navarro, n’est-ce pas?

  • Richard C

    Monmouth Park is just another joint comparable with the neighborhood boxing venues from back in the day where the hometown heroes – no matter if their (lack of) talent made a tomato can look like a world champ – had the ref, judges, sportswriters and probably the corner men of the opponent in the bag.

  • Bubba

    How about while they are at it the racing commission fines it self the maximum for not protecting the betting public. Stick security on him for 24 hours a day 7 days a week for at least a month. After they are done, evaluate his wins. And if he continues at his high percentage, then announce their findings so all the jealous people can go on with their own affairs. (my guess this doesn’t happen a the jealous people are rightfully jealous) or his percentages become mortal. Test every shot that goes in to a horse. escort every person that goes in to the barn. It would be expensive for a month but integrity would be returned. Way too simple. Throw all the complex testing out the door. Save money on science and do surveillance. If he isn’t doing anything wrong then he will want this as much as anyone to vindicate himself. This video is arrogant not illegal, like I said the bigger detriment to racing is the commission not doing more to watch what goes on.

    • Blue Larkspur

      Just get him out of the game. Period.

      • Dennis

        You guys just cant take it when someone is successful

        • Blue Larkspur

          That Sylvester Carmouche … so “successful” to hide in the fog with his mount and wait for the field so he could urge his fresh horse over the wire in front of them… yes, we just can’t take ” success”

        • Jared T Raitor

          Typical TRUMPTRASH!

    • lastromantribune

      you make a whole lot of sense bubba. but the name of the game is still “if you isn’t cheating your not trying”….it is all about catching them……sad isn’t it ?

      • Lehane

        And sad for the horses.

    • All American Chutzpah

      Well. You know what they say? There’s Noah Business like Shoah Business.

  • Hamish

    Situations like this should trigger investigations into all connections involved here: owner, trainer, grooms, those that ship his horses and of course the vets. Do the ownership interests have income outside of racing to support the horses that run in their names, or are racing purses and wagering the only way to make ends meet? How many other trainers that the vet treats have similar win and in the money percentages with their horses? Do these high percentage connections win more or less races when they ship from their home stable? Examine the tax returns of all of the same parties previously mentioned. Until horse racing drills down into the underlying financial circumstances of the bad actors and quid pro quos along with who is behind certain unacceptable behaviors, the age old phrase and prevailing attitude of “It’s just horse racing,” will surely lead to the sport’s continuing demise.

    • Flintstone

      Just need to give the horse whatever the owner is on… Guy managed to insult the entire human race and the animal kingdom in 31 seconds. THAT’S fast.

      • Don’thaveaclue

        One of the funniest comments I’ve seen on here in a long time.

  • nancybb

    Not only should you ‘not say that,’ you should not do that.

  • Julio Garrido

    Oh no poor Jorge,everybody is picking on him. Stop cheating you dumb-ass and no one will ever pick on you again, PROMISE. Would love to hear from Gandi. Probably nowhere to be found.

    • Matthew Weaver

      Gindi is a nerd n a wannabe who hooked up with a cheating trainer who comes from a family of nothing but cheating trainers including his brother n father. They can’t help their arrogance n will pay a heavy price for it very soon. They have woken up a hibernating bear with this video. Mark my words.

    • larry outlaw

      If the punk stopped cheating,his winning would be down to nothing. He would be a 4% trainer.

  • Jack The Ripper

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. QUESTION EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON AN AMERICAN RACETRACK. Leading trainer for the past 5 years ? Not even Aidan O’Brien can shout such a feat but yet this Navarro guy makes American racing look even more dodgy by the day.

    • Matt J [CD/KEE]

      Apples to oranges comparing O’Brien to Navarro.

      • Jack The Ripper

        How so ? Aidan may be training well bred horses but that’s no ticket to victory. And I used the comparison to say that even with all the fire power he has Aidan is not winning 5 titles in a row. What is Navarros history ? Who did he tuter under ? how did he become this champion trainer ? What’s his secret ? How does a trainer go from 57 wins in 2012 to 113 in 2013 dealing with claimers ? What is he doing with those horses that previous trianers didn’t ? In 2016 he had 487 starters compaired to 436 in 2015. A difference of 51 +starters. Out of those 51+ starters he added 34 more victories.( 146 in 2015 112 in 2015) Who goes 34 for 51 WITH CLAIMERS ? Something Is obviously wrong.

  • Al McBean

    Any horse player who bet at Monmouth deserves to lose every penny they have..I bet the Haskell this year my only bet there because I like to support tracks on there biggest day but next year God’s willing I will not bet a nickel at that dump..The integrity of the game is in such disrepair and that includes the NYRA circuit with the imbecile Chris Kay allowing trainers to do just about anything that they want with horses….I could go on and on but why the hell bother….sad sad sad.

    • The L Giver

      Do anything with their horses short of entering a rabbit, correct??

      • Al McBean

        no no rabbits that would ruin the integrity of the game…lmao.

    • I think NYRA is trying to do the right thing. You cannot lump them in the same boat as Monmouth Park by any stretch of the imagination. And it is not merely a Monmouth issue, it is a State of New Jersey issue, as they are tasked with keeping the sport clean.

      • Al McBean

        respectfully Mr Irwin as I noticed you are one of the few that gives a crap about the integrity of the game but NYRA under the incompetent Chris Kay has gone the way of Monmouth parx and the rest..I remember not too long ago under the leadership of Charlie Heyward the NYRA circuit was by far the best in the nation..the installation of the quarantine barn and other controls produced a product that was very much on the level . I play this game professionally on a daily basis and when the nonsense start happening I see it almost instantly. I can and have adjusted to the product that is being produced but the average horse player cannot and the compromising of the games integrity is detrimental to the future of the game. The difference in the game since Mr Kay took over is stark…he is without a doubt a complete incompetent. NYRA is benefiting from the slots at Aqueduct but any business model that cannot stand on its own in terms of making money is doomed to fail.

        • Hamish

          I thought the NYRA put that pre-race detention barn in while Mr. Hayward was chief, but also took it out when he was still there?

          • Al McBean

            maybe he left because of stuff like that I remember him leaving out of frustration not necessarily because he wanted to.

        • The professional bettors–the original whales I knew–left the California game when Frankel became unbeatable. These guys loved to bet the game when it was on the level. As far as I can see their likes have not returned. They know the difference, as you stated.

          • Del

            Thank you very much for acknowledging the fact that Frankel was a part of the problem that has really hurt the game and run certain bettors off – high percentage “super” trainers. Bobby is revered by many just like another super trainer named Bob but they were/are just as much of the problem plaguing racing as the guys like Navarro who everybody loves to call a cheater. Trust me I’m not defending Navarro – he’s despicable but I don’t defend the other two trainer’s referenced in this post either who’s horses never seemed/seem to get tired.

          • Blue Larkspur

            Has racing done anything about either of them?

          • Al McBean

            wow just the name frankel gets me going…remember those days like it was yesterday.

          • All American Chutzpah

            Sounds like all is Kosher here.

      • Ray Bushholz

        If NYRA was trying to do the right thing they would sit Pletcher down for 10 years like they did to Dutrow. How many positives has he had in the last couple years? Not to mention Rudy. You think Dubb has something to do with Rudy getting a free pass.

  • Tax Man

    I hope someone sends this video to the IRS.

  • Joejoe

    Simply ban him from monmouth….then you will have 5 horse fields instead of 6.

    • Matt J [CD/KEE]

      And a massive lawsuit on their hands to boot!

  • Michael Castellano

    Racing is currently infected with this mentality. And the trainers involved in this chemistry view the bettors as fools and dupes that deserve to be screwed. Surely they will deal the sport a death blow one day if they are not stopped. And it likely includes some of the top named trainers from all over the country, including some of the ones we see in the stands on Breeder’s Cup Days. The ones not this stupid and who rub elbows with the elite figures of racing. It’s not just these minor league wise guys. But I’m not going to hold my breath that much will be done about the problem, as it goes right up to the top levels.

    • Peter Scarnati

      You have hit the nail squarely on the head here Michael. However, when you say “currently infected,” I would take that one step further and unequivocally state that horsemen have this opinion (whether they know it or not) of the bettors for decades now.
      You are correct in your assessment of this ultimately being a death blow to the industry. After all, how much longer can the participants walk all over those who are responsible for paying all of the freight for the industry?

  • snowchrome

    Everything in this video is detrimental to racing. The part I found more interesting was the owner betting his money through the bookie. If he bet his money through the track then he probably thought it would have influenced the odds too much. And then everybody at the track would have thought something is up. Pretty smart except he told the world what he did.

    • Look “snowchrome” or what ever your actual name is, this owner and trainer were mocking everybody that complains about them. They were having their own unique brand of fun, no matter how unfunny it was. You cannot take this at face value.

      • johnnyknj

        Thank you Barry. No excuse for the behavior, but they were obviously not serious in what they were saying.

      • harpharper

        Hey Barry, remember when you spoke the truth, on live tv, when Animal Kingdom won the Derby. Where you fined by the stewards for speaking the truth?

      • Matthew Weaver

        I totally disagree. These are extremely arrogant men. It wasn’t even Navarros horse, it was his brothers.. so what’s the point of shouting this out?? If I’m accused of cheating then my brother wins the race, whos mocking who?

    • Jim Shanagher

      What do you think a bookmaker would do with his action? You think he would keep that action in house and just take a beating? Never happen. No bookmaker worth his salt would take his horse action. Not unless he was a heavy player in sports then, you take that action and lay off the horses at the track.

  • Permitted pre-race Lasix facilitates, sets the example, and rewards the drug juicing culture. If racing wants to become considered a clean and fair sport, pre-race Lasix must be eliminated.

    • Unfortunately that is a small part of the equation. Wish it were that simple.

  • Doug Bennett

    “Is that a Navarro? Is that a Navarro? Is that a Navarro at 2-1?”

    Then don’t bet it. If the Juice Man wins 1 in 3, the BEST you’ll do betting his horses to win at 2-1 is break even over time.

    Better questions from a bettor’s perspective would be “Is that a Navarro? Is that a Navarro ridden by a 20%+ jockey? Is that a Navarro trading at 10-1 odds or higher?”

    • Eric

      Navarro ran 158 horses at Monmouth. Only 11 of them went off at 8-1 or higher (1 win).

      He won 41% at Monmouth, and you would have made a slight profit (3%) betting all his horses even though his entries are hammered at the windows – they went off favored more than half the time.

      Stats courtesy of Statsmaster.

      • Doug Bennett

        Thanks, Eric. The stats are helpful – this suggests the odds on Navarro horses at Monmouth are fair. I can’t say I’ve ever bet one there, but don’t quote me.

        I need to put more of my rules of thumb to the statistical test. This particular heuristic was born after employing it to success twice on Kentucky Derby Day 2016. Bettors let winner Catalina Red go at 14-1 in the Churchill Downs Stakes (Race 7) and Sharp Azteca at 13-1 in the Pat Day Mile (Race 10). At that time, Navarro was a 31% trainer.

        Could be a Derby Day anomaly – perhaps the Derby crowd was unaware Navarro horses tend to outperform history when they have their “vegetable juice”.

        • DanM

          Recent large increases in WIN and WPS percentages

          Jorge Navarro at Monmouth Park

          2015 WIN: 42/162 26%, WPS: 93/162 57%
          2016 WIN: 59/160 37%, WPS: 106/160 66%
          2017 WIN: 65/158 41%, WPS: 112/158 71%

          • Doug Bennett

            The juice is loose!

        • jimmyski

          Sharp Azteca dueled with Imperial Hint in blazing fractions and kept on going.Hint blew a tire and finished 30 back.He’s come back to duplicate that race and is probably his best horse.Catalina came from Chad Stewart and ran a beyer 20 points higher than he ever ran and never ran a beyer close to that.Trainers know you livelyhood is toast if your caught on Derby Day but Mr.Navarro is bullet proof .One day the house of cards will come down on him!

          • Doug Bennett

            I was more surprised American Freedom ran out in the Pat Day Mile despite having a 5 and 10 BSF advantage over Hint and Azteca, respectively.

            Catalina Red had run a 96 in his last race. If he really ran a 116 in the Churchill Downs Stakes as you suggest, that means Calculator ran a 114-115, Kobe’s Back a 113-114, Holy Boss and Salutos Amigos a 112-113. None were above 104 in 2016 so I doubt Red ran 20 points higher.

  • Ryan

    Navarro is trash but he also fills the entry box so nothing is done about it. He’s the peter miller of the right coast

    • greg

      Could NOT have said that better myself, and I’ve tried, however it’s Miller, D’Amato, and now Baltas who control the entry box and if a race goes (combined they have 19% of the horse population, add in O’Neill and it’s 26%)

      • Blue Larkspur

        the kingpin having a shock of white hair

  • Condor

    Racings all about perception, thanks for the $5000.

  • worldb.free

    These are crooks and should lose there licenses and be barred from going to any track.

  • Michael Infurna

    Why didn’t the stewards recommend ruling both of them off? Let them go to PARX or Penn.
    3 scared blind mice!!

  • MP Mickey

    Nice to see that the stewards did something. If the larger fines are approved that would be better. However let’s be realistic. Navarro has over 70 horses stabled at monmouth. He drops horses into spots that they can’t lose. Other trainers are afraid to claim off him with good reason. So he gets away with dropping horses. A perfect scenario. I also feel that he has something that helps the horses run. However it is up to the track to determine what it is and take the appropriate action. Monmouth Park should be obligated to take extra steps to insure their product is as good as it can be. All of the previous mentioned precautions can be taken next year. Maybe with the new management at monmouth in 2018 we will see some changes.

  • Stu S

    This was an oppertune time to stop taking entries from Navarro but no balls to do so….

  • Mike Oliveto

    I’m still trying to correlate the Dutrow 10-year suspension and this $5k joke of a fine. The dirtbag made $20k with his bookie and pays a $5k fine. In his accounting the fine is nothing more than the ordinary cost of doing business. Then move on to today’s cheating and start all over again…

    • Mike, this guy was just playing. There is no evidence of any $20,000. He is simply mocking those who criticize him. Of course this is in bad taste, but what he is really doing is taunting or daring anybody to do something about it.

      • Edgar Frose

        How do you know this? Why wouldn’t he be betting? Unless you have proof he didn’t bet , it’s not reasonable to claim it was a ‘joke’

        • I take the opposite view, how can you prove he made $20,000?

          • Edgar Frose

            Can’t other than he claimed it, and would be stupid to not bet his live ones. So he’s either stupid and didn’t bet, or stupid and yelled all over youtube about it.

  • Guy is an obvious lowlife, but not sure this would hold up in any court should they fight it.

    • louisville race fan

      i agree, obviously celebrating in an obnoxious fashion is enough to get you fined.NO more high-fiving in the winners circle or the otb…..We are watching!!!!and do respond to phone recordings

  • OopsyDaisy3

    Do we really want someone handling horses in races who has so much hate and disdain for other’s in the industry? Why just the fine is what i would like to ask?
    I am now reading as i go through the comments, that he has had 7 horses die under his care. Add horses to the list of people and creatures he has disdain for.

  • CE Butler

    Navarro, Juan Vasquez et.al.should be banned from racing for life;heck these two make Dick Dutrow look like a cub scout and NY (rightly so) banned him for 10 years. Navarro has turned Monmouth into a joke. I’m sure they would ban him but then they would have no horses running. It is a shame what he has done. Frankly, MP Mgt. is to blame as well, they have to know whts going on w/ this guy unless they believe the :dog ate the homework”!

  • Dave Hunter

    Monmouth is in the same category as Parx, Penn National and Delaware for me. 65 wins from 158 starters? Please.

    • Tom Davis

      The training manual must have been rewritten.

  • George N.

    Correct. Another owner who isn’t as happy and successful as these guys so he has to record them celebrating and post it to social media so all of the Navarro haters can come take this video as something more than humor-in-poor-taste then make disgusting comments and false accusations via the comfort of their own home.

    • George, if those who fined these two clowns really believed that what they said was for real, they would have taken much harsher penalties. I think they were fined for showing bad manners at the expense of the game. They were not fined for actively juicing horses.

      • Don’thaveaclue

        Exactly. They were being guys. Based on my 6 decades of observing the opposite sex. Not all, of course, behave this way, but some did and some do. Unfortunately, seems that a few are interpreting their cocky jubilation in a more sinister way than can be proven. So, when there’s no concrete proof, let’s just speculate and point the finger.

  • Where is your proof or source for this interesting contention. That silly look on the owners face and his absurd tone do not support your contention, nor do the owners “peeks” at the camera.

  • salthebarber

    For a game that should be extremely protective of its integrity, it once again turns a blind eye to illegal activities.

    Navarro and his cohorts are flaunting their thievery and getting away with it. Everyone would cheat, if they are going to pay a minor fine once in a while. Well, maybe they are.

  • CK


  • Tom Davis

    They knew the audio and video were being taken. That’s why they said what they said and acted like they did. They were teasing the racing authorities. Very unprofessional.

  • Kevin Callinan

    I’d rather remember the Monmouth I grew up with; this version isn’t worth supporting.

  • Jack Bogorta


  • BluePedal .

    I have full faith in the upstanding individuals tasked with collecting post race samples and the professionals who test those samples at the lab…


  • MR.DR.

    You all are nuts……….anyone that thinks they can fix a race using drugs…………is a sure loser……..you all think trainers bet……..you would be shocked at the truth……….you can’t beat this game…….i do this for a living………you all have absolutely no common sense……….you all think lasix is a big deal……it is NOT………..try betting 1st time lasix……you will go broke……….run in dubai………..everyone is worried……”i wonder how no lasix will affect him?”………ANSWER? It never does………
    GET ONE THING STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MR.DR.

      one thing straight………how do you cash a bet big enough to matter?………..TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Online?……..at the track?……….bookies?……….
      The answer?………you will get caught!!!!!!!!
      Being a pro handicapper, means i know things you people don’t……..i know people in security……….forget trying to fix horseracing…….its a bad bet……….horses are dumb……horses on drugs? really really dumb…….you cant count on it…..
      GO FIX HUMAN GAMES!…….it is much easier!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom in Chandler

    Ever seen someone just after they win money on a race? Look much like Gindi?
    Gindi tells us that he, of course, didn’t meet Jorge at Monmouth to bet Jorge’s brother’s horse. They met coincidentally in the bar. Gindi didn’t even bet that race. In fact, he tells us he rarely bets races.
    Bragging about juicing horses as “the way he does it”? Big misunderstanding. Just like thinking he bet that race.
    Karl, what’s the playbook here? Everyone knows 20% is the magic level; even in New Jersey, 41% is just too hot now. Try Louisiana, where 35% is cool?

    • Edgar Frose

      Nice post.

  • john

    Low lifes….

  • SR1985

    While the video is inappropriate, the commission should have investigated the allegations. The issue here is the inconsistenty of how the rules are applied. The two men are recommended to have fines of $20000 and $10000 for inappropriate comments made at the track, for conduct detrimental to racing. Trainers who violate medical regulations don’t recieve these fines. Even though, one could argue that a suspension would be worst than $20000 fine.

    I agree owners and trainers should be held to high standard; however, at the same time, when situations like this occur, allegations should be investigated and a penalty assesed based on the results of the investigation.

  • JBird

    This is what’s wrong with racing. Everyone hangs there hat on this, as if to say “job well done”. In actuality, all you’re left with is a short video clip that would never hold in a court of law.

    Look at a racing clip from 30 years ago, now look at a simulcast feed in present day. Over 80% of them look the same. Look at any other major sporting event during the same time frame, the difference is night and day.

    The same person who negotiated the Iran Deal must have hand their hand in these simulcast agreements. When will we wake up and realize a simple host fee for “putting on the show” doesn’t cut it. It’s embarrassing!

    Anyone who has held an important position in racing over the last 20 years should be ashamed of themselves, for these very people are responsible for its demise. Time to fall on the sword! Bye bye.

  • The Local Seth

    He was clearly joking, this is a witch hunt

    • ridingtowin

      Nah, this is not a witch hunt. The name Juice Man fits this guy to a tee. And he may have been joking to the camera, but Al Capone done did the same thing. Criminals and cheats sometimes taunt thinking they will never be caught or have to answer for their crimes. His time will eventually come too.

  • larry outlaw

    That should be the end of Navarro and his punk owner,they should never be allowed on any race track in the U.S. And everyone wonders why racing is in the bucket. Punks like this should be hung.

  • Howard

    I took this video for one reason. Expose cheaters. As horsemen and horse players we all need to take a stand on this. Navarro is a good trainer and would be 25% clean but people get greedy and pressured. Look at the owners and vets first. Pressure will make trainers crack.

  • Mike

    A guy who says he just won 20k… dresses like that, right.

  • Bombhead

    Let’s face the truth. Crime pays!!! And well. And with all the wimps in charge it will keep paying well. NYRA is full of wimps and pu$$ies. And these guys know it.

  • Mike

    Couple things, they were watching his brothers horse at GP, anyone check his brothers numbers, their awful, so if he is juicing, it’s not helping. The owner who claims to have won 20k, check him out, if that guy won 20k I’m Donald Duck. I think they were having some fun with the guy who recorded the video.

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