Jockeys’ Guild Enlists State Lobbyists to Help Protect Interests

by | 01.28.2014 | 1:28pm

With nearly every state in the country facing economic challenges, there is very little leeway in legislative budgets that would provide funding for smaller programs. Because horse racing and funding for programs such as health insurance or retirement plans for jockeys would surely be low on a list of concerns for a state government, the Jockeys' Guild has enlisted the help of lobbyists to protect the group's interests.

During the first day of the two-day Jockeys' Guild Assembly, representative Barry Broad indicated that he and two other lobbyists, along with retired jockey Ramon Dominguez, have been working hard in California, New York, Kentucky, and Ohio to make sure the group's interests are not overlooked.

The Blood-Horse reports that items discussed during the Monday meeting included funding for retirement, increased fees for losing mounts, funding to match rider contributions to health insurance, and updating regulations to help improve rider and equine safety.

“As the industry works to try to get a little more money, we'll work to make sure there's a little piece of it for us,” Broad said.

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  • Roger

    STAY OUT of CA and concentrate on Racing states that benefit from casinos,vlts,etc.

  • Figless

    “As the industry works to try to get a little more money, we’ll work to make sure there’s a little piece of it for us,” Broad said.
    Umm, 10% of the increased purses go to the jocks, correct? The retirement and health insurance issues are the responsibility of all self employed independent contractors. The lone valid point, as always, if improving rider and equine safety.

    • betterthannothing

      “The lone valid point, as always, if improving rider and equine safety.”

      Right Figless! And it must be accomplished with sweeping reforms, the writing and enforcement of strong uniform rules by a central authority.

  • Richard C

    The better lobbyists cost a significant amount of cash — just to have a neat-looking chip in this game, you need a solid bankroll.

  • Mimi Hunter

    The safety of all involved has to be the bottom line. Jockey safety is tied to horse safety and to track safety. Jockeys need the health care to be in place and workable. Horses need to have really strict medication rules AND really strict enforcement of same wit the research to back it up. Jockeys can’t be safe if the horses they are riding just drop out from under them. The tracks have to be as safe as possible with track surfaces and other features that I’m sure are there, but I don’t know what they are. I’m thinking that the paramedic presence is one of these features. Improved safety will probably increase interest in racing and improve attendance [and handle].

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