Jeffrey Englehart Denied New York License After Positive Marijuana Test

by | 02.16.2017 | 7:10pm

Jeffrey Englehart, son of Chris and brother of Jeremiah, has lost his training license in New York after testing positive for marijuana.

According to the Daily Racing Form, stewards scratched Englehart's entry on Thursday's card as a result of the test. Englehart has been informed he will not be permitted to reapply for a license for one year. He has five days to switch his horses to other trainers (he has indicated he will move them to assistant Rachel Sells) before he he is banned at tracks in the state.

“I made a bad decision to smoke marijuana,” Englehart told the Form. “It affects my life, it affects my business.”

Read more at the Daily Racing Form

  • Whynotwest

    Oh c’mon. Let’s worry more about the drugs given to the horses and less about what these trainers and horsemen are doing recreationally. It has no impact on the races or there outcomes.

    • SPA

      If trainers are not following the rules on putting drugs in themselves how can you expect them to follow the rules of putting drugs in horses? No matter your stance on pot, he knew the rules beforehand and broke them. You don’t get to pick and choose which rules you want to follow.

      • Whynotwest

        I only care about the rules pertaining to the horses. The rules for the humans are completely irrelevant to me. I’m not here to judge character.

        • SPA

          Nobody is judging anybody’s character. You completely overlook the fact that there are rules and whether you like them or not you have top follow them in order to participate. You don’t get to choose to only follow the rules you agree with.

          • Whynotwest

            There are rules pertaining to the horses that are not currently being enforced. Instead, they are choosing to focus on drug testing rules for the horsemen? Give me a break, there are many more important rules that need to be enforced before these. I personally don’t have an opinion on the drug testing rules for these horsemen, but infractions far more severe than this are happening every day. I’m not overlooking anything. They have to pick and choose their battles and, in my opinion, they are picking the wrong ones.

          • longtimehorsewoman

            Exactly. Well said.

          • SPA

            I agree with you, that’s an issue that needs to be addressed. But if you get caught speeding your defense is not “There are other people running red lights that didn’t get caught.” We can argue the merits of the rule, but for now it’s a rule and if you break it……..

    • WT

      You are absolutely right!

    • Larry Sterne

      drinking or smoking on the job if this was the case is a serious matter

      • Whynotwest

        I don’t see anywhere in this article where it mentions drinking at all. It also does not say one word about smoking anything “on the job”. Having it detected in your system is a far cry from “smoking on the job”. Regardless of when or where he was smoking, I disagree with you. This is not a serious offense.

        • Mr J

          Pot can stay in your system for weeks. It doesnt compromise anyones safety unless he is smoking at the barns or going in high

      • Charles Smith

        I don’t know what track or tracks you patronize or work at, but I’m in Northern California, am frequently in the Clubhouse at Golden Gate Fields and I CONSTANTLY see trainers in the bar area drinking during racing hours. I won’t call names, but the same guys are always in there on race days, they go down to saddle a horse and then they come back upstairs and reclaim their seat at the bar.

    • Scot Morley

      Exactly, we need to worry about the horses. If this guy is strung out on heroine then we are in trouble. Pot is legal I say:)

      • Carla Parrillo

        Legal doesn’t make it safe, or appropriate while on the Jon. ANY JOB.
        Living in an area that has legalized. Medical intake, and staring to move forward. What I predicted at the beginning the car accidents just like alcohol has had an influence on their driving. There have been reports and statistics alrready made: the numbers of mvas/dui are over and above alcohols realated ones and the accidents w life threatening injuries has been increasing.
        This is and could be a person tak8by care of the horses.

        • I haven’t seen any stats published yet, so it would be interesting to see these. What is the source?

          • Carla Parrillo

            Our local reports have been collaborated thru shared efforts to tally numbers. I worked in the trauma center. I saw unnofficia
            Changes in the #of DUI starting to increase and. Alcohol was not detected. ..after 20+ years it isnt hard to become aware. .just recently the report was shared. I expect like everthing else. Those who legitimately need this for medcical reasons become compromised by those who just won’t complywiththe rules.

    • Carla Parrillo

      Don’t you see the domino effect in this. The human uses a drug. As a relaxer, focuser, pain reliever whatever. Thinks he is working with a clear head. But important parts of a horses, training, well being, healthy checks keep getting missed. This will effect a groomer, a handler, a rider for workouts. Because some important fact, observation or physical changes in the horse was not seen. Other environment for the horses surroundings will become compromised. So their fall the dominoes having a direc impact on the race. …and who gets blamed, the horse and jockey for a not so great performance. The duo become discouraged, the waters and betters lose money. The fans lose interest in the sport. …a personal note, I worked in a trauma center for 27 years. I saw the impact on its lives over and over again. Job injuries, poor job production, for some moving on from “JUST WEED” to stronger life controlling substances. They all, as popular expression, fried their brand to mush sooner or later.
      …Still think it does not affect the outcome of the race?
      …smoking anything around this environment rack, stall, home barn beautiful country residences. Think of what one careless spark, still smouldering joint, (even a cigarette but) can cause.
      More impirtantly, JUST THINK???!!!

  • Kenny Hurd

    There is no way in hell that his license revocation is from his drug test. Come on people, this is fake news. There is way more to this story and everyone with half a brain knows it. I expect Grenning to get to the bottom of this in the near future. My guess is that the Gaming Commission hasn’t finished whatever investigation they have going on with him. This has to be way bigger. Seriously, B Lynch got a week or two suspension for the same thing in the same year.

    • Mike Oliveto

      Fake news? Seriously?

      • Kenny Hurd

        Mike, go ask trainers in NY if they get drug tests randomly for themselves? They don’t. You get tested after your horse test positive! This is a complete sham that somehow is either getting swept under the rug or the GC is waiting to unload on a bigger story that must involve much more.

    • Tom Armstrong

      Lynch because he isn’t a NY trainer was offered to give up his license or forfeit it. No such offer for Englehart. I spoke with Grenning last night.

      • Kenny Hurd

        Guy come on, thee rules aren’t different for trainers based on what state your from! You have to be licensed in every state to run a horse anyway. Grenning didn’t even get a quote from the GC as they refused to do so. There are red flags all over this. I can’t believe people actually believe it was weed. Stay tuned it will come out.

    • RB

      He was suspended before for 15 days for not showing up to a drug test. He is being denied a license before for the same thing I guess they had enough. He always has and will be a pot head but is not his first offense.

      • CB

        He reported for the drug test, passed and had his license reinstated. If this is a recurring theme with him, why wasn’t it reported in this article or DRF? They love to rehash the past.

      • Jlangley

        Even if that is true, this is way to harsh for a 2nd time offense for POT. I don’t consider myself an advocate for that at all. Let’s face facts here, this is legal for recreational use in dozens of states nowadays. This kid being 25, has done a lot for his age. He won 70 races in 2016 and 21 outside of his home base of FL. I’ve followed the Englehart’s since the 80’s and have enjoyed watching Jeffery’s career unfold. Looks like he’s built a great stable for himself, if he’s done this at his age with NO major client behind him. I wouldn’t expect a pot positive to stop him from coming back.

    • Carla Parrillo

      Maybe in this case it was the last straw. I know how basic employee reviews work. How many reminders or warrnings and chances do individuals like trainers handlers, groomer etc. Need to receive before
      Managers and owners have to draw the line. New racing professionals are joining the field with better training ability. So maybe its time to take these issues seriously, and others that don’t rethink their careers within this racing community.

  • Carla Parrillo

    The example has to start somewhere. This helps to prove the 9ndustry is getting tougher and that protects everyone, even the horses. Every one in this industry, for the sake of the horses need to work with a clear head.

    • Mr J

      Doesnt prove anything

      • Carla Parrillo

        I have to stay litalbto what I see. And the rules have to be the same within the,industry. If their are rules regarding substance use by the handlers, trainers or whoever. Then they need to be carried out by the industry first without swaying from one location to another. …I have been observing the racing industry for a long time.
        There were times I saw the lowest side of it to it becoming an acceptable form of entertainment for everyone. To seeing improvements showing up more within the industry. So if moves like this are not seen as a move up to improvement then this is a view some will never see. We Always should conside one thing. The horse and jockeys safety comes first.

  • SR1985

    I am one for consistency. I don’t feel bad for the trainer. He knew the rules and requirements when he applied for the license. While a one year suspension appears to be excessive, he has to accept it.

    This same standard needs to be applied across the board to trainers who continue to violate medical rules.

    • john

      Agreed.. A year seems excessive for this…

    • Larry Sterne

      AMEN,but when did good management practices get in the way of racing officials

  • McGov


  • togahombre

    at one time rick dutrow was denied a ny licence because of a possession charge

    • ridingtowin

      Yeah but Dutrow was doing a lot harder drugs then weed.

  • Racing Fan

    His career now up in smoke ! If you can’t play by the rules you die by the rules !!

    • Whynotwest

      HAHA oh my lord. How ridiculous.

  • Mike Oliveto

    This is outrageous. Juice trainers run around unabated scamming the general public and the honest horsemen yet they hang a kid out to dry for what amounts to a misdemeanor. The only crime being committed here is by the New York State Gaming Commission.

    • ridingtowin

      Correct. Smoking a joint is only a misdemeanor, while doping horses to fix races is a federal crime.

  • FlyingDutchman

    A year in NY, yet if he was smoking out here in SoCal, they’d never give him a second’s glance.

    • Andy

      This is why we need one governing body to oversee all tracks and use uniform rules across the country.

  • Alydom

    With all that goes on in racing, he gets a 1yr ban? What am I missing here?

  • mike

    What a joke – dirtiest game going and they they are worried about a joint in the backstretch???

    • Mr J

      He could have smoked a week ago at home and it would still show up. Dumb rule

    • Ky Race Fan

      Agree! Lets look at the real problems. Killing ants with a sledgehammer,come on NY!

    • Carla Parrillo

      ……and who made it dirty? The, horses, who do what they are taught to do. The fans who want to live what they see, and continue to see it. So if we as indivualsbwith common interests and a love for the spirTo my friends who played the sadness of looking after their parents in this plight of health. How sad that those who gave everything for his family, one day they ask you who you are? And that little by little you guys are losing their powers to be prostrate.
      For a very important person in my life, cause and effect of being a big part of who I am and how I am. A person that one day he had the bad luck of getting lost in the world of mental illness. For You, for still being your memory sometimes and you desmemoria in others, to keep fighting for you and never lose the desire to move on…
      The mental health problems are devastating and paralyze the person and those around them.
      Everyone says: ” if you need anything, don’t hesitate, I’ll be there for you “… so I’m going to make a bet, without being pessimistic, I wish ” my 100 plus friends ” put this on your wall. You just have to copy (not share)!!!
      Write “done” in comments when you do!
      It’s the month of awareness of the mental illness.
      Thank you!t

    • Carla Parrillo

      …who made it a dirty game? the horses doing what they are taught and trained to do. The fans who come to watch an event they love. The media who are overseen, reviewed censored and never seen on the air again if they led the public astray? ,No It became dirty when someone with deep pockets gets what they want with DOLLAR SIGNS.
      SO. if we care, and fear for the sport on a whole, then we need to. help bring changes to anyone willing to listen, be part of this racing community and step up to help clean it up.
      A very dear priest, and pastor as well as a fully friend once said in his sermon. Attending church, once a week and paying into the collection does not enforce your membership, other acts show others that you are.
      So learn to step up if your help is needed. Come forward perform acts to show support to who needs it.
      Do you and we want a cleaner racing community and organization then let’s help clean it up!

  • Richard C

    It’s Reefer Madness.

  • Independent Red

    Seriously!?! Come to So Cal where it’s legal😉

  • David Juffet

    Is this some kind of joke? Tell me this isn’t true.

    • Farmer

      Did his horses suddenly start winning when he started smoking pot? Is that why he got suspended?

  • ridingtowin

    So some of these trainers are only receiving 30 or 60 days for doping their horses and this guy gets a whole year for smoking some weed?

  • Charles Smith

    If they started testing ALL the NYRA and Finger Lakes trainers and jockeys for weed, half the jockeys room would be gone and a lot of trainers as well. I never smoked a left handed cigarette in my life, but I think it’s insane to drop a 1 year suspension on J. Engelhart or any one else for that matter, just for a single mary jane test. In California, the same offense would result in a modest fine, short suspension and referral to the Winners Foundation for counseling.

  • Tim Shugrue


  • billy

    I find it interesting that new york state was one of the first states to decriminalize marijuana and they have also recently introduced 2 bills to allow marijuana to be recreational also ACTUAL ATHLETES subjected to usada testing are suspended 3 to 6 months at most. The nfl the most recognized sport in our country Check out their policy on marijuana use the team you play for doesn’t even have knowledge of your bad test until you fail multiple times for marijuana you guys in the NYRA should get your damn prioritys straight

  • Watcher

    Tell us again exactly what drugs are in every horse’s system when they
    are racing, and please feel free to tell us if horses are running hot and cold on any drugs. What’s that, you can’t?

  • Michael Castellano

    People can go to a doctor and get a morphine based pain killer, but get suspended for smoking a joint? He must have screwed somebody’s spouse or did something personal to piss them off which they can’t punish him for. This is clearly disproportionate punishment and abuse of power.

  • Doctor Ichabod

    Purple haze racing stables. . . . no doubt they have been cheechin and chongin. Its all good in my hood but in the racing jurisdiction o so sorry

    • SPA

      Perhaps you should research Purple Haze stables and Wanda Polessini before you make a foolish comment like this. There is a reason she calls it purple haze and it’s for her late daughter. I met Mrs. Polessini at Batavia a few years back and she sat and talked to my then 13 year old daughter for 20 minutes about her experience at the Harness Horse Youth Camp. Take a look at the work she does with retired racehorses before you make a foolish, high school comment like this.

      • PP

        I think it was meant to be a joke. Plus, as far as I know, Jeff doesn’t train for Wanda, his father does.

        • SPA

          What difference does it make who trains for her? The woman named the stable after her daughter who died tragically and she’s done a great deal for retired racehorses. It’s an idiotic comment.

  • Doctor Ichabod

    Just a thought…. Joint pain in horses eased by space cakes… Should be tested by science

  • Bryan Langlois

    I wonder….are trainers allowed the right to a split sample test like the horses….oh wait….that is right….for some reason NY thinks split samples are not necessary…

  • Carla Parrillo

    After reading this reports and replies. For the sake of the racing industry whether it be Horses or dogs, and let’s add rodeo circuits and Bull riders etc.
    This is when one phrase comes in very strong: Now think about this. For the sake of so many involved. ALL OWNERS AND TOP OFFICIALS NEED TO ENFORCE
    ZERO. 0000 TOLERANCE TO SUBSTANCE USE!!!!!!!! Let’s Get Tuff!

  • Figless

    Only way I would understand this if he was lighting up in the paddock. Trainers are regularly saddling while impaired at most racetracks, yet he gets high once and gets suspended? There might be more to the story, but assuming not, this is absurd. Of course he will just move his horses to one of his relatives so will have no effect, but still….

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