It’s Official: Horse Slaughter Will Resume in New Mexico

by | 06.28.2013 | 4:04pm
Horse Slaughter Auction

Federal officials have granted a permit brought by Valley Meat Company of Roswell, New Mexico to resume horse slaughter, marking the first time the practice has been permitted in seven years.

Further, officials plan to grant similar permits in Iowa and Missouri, according to a report by the Associated Press.

It remains unclear when the plant will restart operations, since USDA inspectors must visit the slaughterhouse first, but the announcement removes the last legal hurdle Valley Meat faced after months of fighting for a permit.

The USDA is currently fighting for an outright ban on horse slaughter; previously, legislators had removed funding for federal inspections of horse slaughterhouses, which had effectively halted the practice until the legislation expired. The Obama administration's budget proposal for the coming fiscal year also eliminates funding for inspection.

““The Administration has requested Congress to reinstate the ban on horse slaughter. Until Congress acts, the Department must continue to comply with current law,” said USDA spokeswoman Courtney Rowe.

Read more at the Springfield News-Leader

  • thevoiceoftruth69

    The larger question here is, why would any idiot want to eat an American horse. Stupidity on so many levels.

    • notyourdaughter

      They aren’t going to be eaten here (at least not yet). It’s all sent abroad.

      • circusticket

        They shouldn’t be eaten ANYWHERE. Bute is not supposed to be used on animals intended for human consumption. It’s a carcinogen. What a joke! When these horses were injected with bute, they weren’t intended for human consumption.

        • betterthannothing

          I agree, American horses should not be eaten anywhere by humans or animals.

          Loopholes can be used to sell inferior and toxic products and deceive consumers. Commerce is about money, not human welfare. Pharmaceuticals still manufacture and sell drugs to poor, corrupt countries that have serious side-effects and have been banned by the FDA.

          Should toxic American horse meat become a problem in certain countries, international meat brokers could still sell it there by using a loophole like the one which launder inferior Chinese truffles as French black truffles just for being canned in France (a 60 Minutes story). Brokers could pack and label American horse meat in Italy, for example and call it Italian horse-meat. Or just sell it to poor, corrupt countries.

    • ziggypop

      No they just want to sell the toxic meat to those off shore. Aren’t they ethical?

      • Roisin

        Trouble is there is money at all levels leading to as well as in horse slaughter. The proponents of slaughter see money to be lost in the horse industry at most levels without readily available slaughter. Of course slaughter has always been available in Canada and Mexico but as Rick De La Santos, one of the owners of the Roswell slaughter house, said he wanted to tap into some of that market. Why should Mexico be getting all the business ! As for ethics versus money, I think we all know the winner in such a case.

        As for those who really believe it is kinder and more humane to slaughter in NM or elsewhere in the US than in Canada or Mexico, I say, slaughter is neither kind nor humane no matter where it occurs.

  • Richard C

    Anything can happen when career politicians receive “handshakes” from lobbyists….as seen in New Mexico, Iowa and Missouri.

    • ziggypop

      Yep, a lot of ALEC politicking and Farm Bureau and cattleman’s, pork, and poultry lobbies.

  • notyourdaughter

    Agreed. What the hell is taking so long?

    • circusticket

      Congress will probably fund the FDA to do horse slaughter inspections just because Obama has not funded it.

  • azeri1

    Just two weeks ago this didn’t seem remotely possible…it wasn’t for the right reasons but it seemed that food safety would prevail against this inhumane and dastardly practice…sequestration be damned…everyone please start writing to your senators immediately (again!)…Somehow we need to get an immediate injunction against Valley Meat asap. Any lawyers on the blog licensed to practice in NM or does anyone know anyone who can help?

  • Yo soy fiesta

    Just saw a viewer poll on KOAT news, 78% of New Mexicans believe USDA made a mistake in granting permits, with 22% in favor. Governor Martinez also on the news, and is against slaughtering horses as well. So please none of the “you guys are a bunch of barbarians down there” comments that seem to pop up whenever this topic is discussed.

    • dcurtis

      You can get a poll to say anything, instead of being on here whining about it, go adopt a horse, or go to your local sale and outbid a KB, and save it from the long horrible trips across our borders that you Anti slaughter people seem to want to condemn them to. You want to stop slaughter give a horse a home.

      • giftoffaith

        That is a great point. However not everyone can actually adopt a horse, but maybe, everyone can give a little to the rescues or help come up with some alternative solutions. As I have said before, I have 4 retirees and another who will retire with us. And as long as I can care for them, I will. I owe it to them to keep them safe. I understand that some people have too many to keep, but they should not have more than they can care for until suitable homes can be found. I think a lot of larger operations see these horses as jut a tool, and cast them off without a second thought. Please consider donating to rescues if you can not adopt and let’s find a good solution. These great athletes do not deserve this end

        • ziggypop

          Please support the rescues.

      • Roisin

        Stop beating that drum ! Many people give “unwanted “, neglected and “starving” horses homes ! I’m responsible for eight horses that will be put down if anything happens to me. They will not face the fate of a horrendous truck trip to wait in line to be brutally slaughtered.

        This issue needs to be addressed in terms of the , evidently , huge numbers of “unwanted” horses and where they are coming from. After all, the breeding of horses is controlled ( I use the word controlled with much misgiving) by humans lots of whom want slaughter, why ??? And these same people are lobbying for slaughter using money made in the horse industry, how ironic !

        And all this nonsense of having to open slaughter houses to “help” the unfortunate ” starving horses” is a line being fed ad nauseam to those gullible enough to fall for it. There is a lot more to this issue and it is not about solving the current numbers of neglected and “starving” horses !

        • ziggypop

          The “unwanted” horses are coming from the very industry that is killing horses. They are rejected at auction, and the borders as not “consumable” because they are too thin, too old or too sick. Pfizer is responsible via their Premarin mare abuse. Kill the babies and then after making those mares stand for years, they ship the mares off to their bloody deaths as a thanks. How unGodly that Pfizer dared to host an “Unwanted Horse” teleconference to talk about a group of horses OF they THEMSELVES populate.

          Why all the silence from the puppy mills er big farms breeding all these horses?

          • old horse lover

            Never will these money grubbers take responsiblity for anything.Get on the phones and emails to the President of this Country and to every Congressman you can find a phone number for,hard to email them if you are not in their state or district.But you can leave a polite message.
            Drive them crazy with calls and emails until the Government listens to the citizens of this country and bans horse slaughter and shipment to slaughter forever.They have the power to stop it today if they have the guts to do it.

      • ziggypop

        There will be the same old long horrible trips to slaughter houses here as well. Look at a map.

      • old horse lover

        Stop Slaugher!Stop breeding everthing that has a uterus ever year and shipping semen for more breedings and transferring eggs.For ever horse that is slaughtered at least four are being born to take their place.Slaughter is not the answer to the problem.Reduce the number being born first.

      • Yo soy fiesta

        Koat news has no reason to “make a poll” say anything. I agree and have done as much as I can to help rescues and plan on doing more. Not everyone can adopt a horse, and speaking out against horse slaughter is not “whining”.

    • harry

      Governor Martinez is against it!!!! Yea right then how come it passed the New Mexico legislature when there was so much opposition to this barbaric practice. Just like politicians they say whatever to stay in power. What a joke!!!!

  • giftoffaith

    I can not believe this has been aloud to happen. This is an outrage! If most of the people in the US do not want or believe in horse slaughter, how can it happen? Where is our voice?

    • circusticket

      Because the FDA has to follow the law. Congress needs to change the law.

      This is just like same sex marriage. The majority of Americans are in favor of same sex marriage (to allow it, not for themselves necessarily) but DOMA was was still the law until last week.

  • Roisin

    Thank you for the link.

  • ernie

    Can’t the barbaric horse slaughter industry do anything to improve their process. Put down horses if need be, where the horses are. Then send them in refrigerated trucks to be reprocessed. Any improvement would be a good first step by this pre-historic industry. What are they doing to improve their process? Nothing.

  • ernie

    Totally agree. This whole process of loading them in a truck for slaughter anywhere is inhumane. The meat industry does nothing to improve the process of obtaining live stock. They should be pressured to move forward. They can do much better and so can horse racing.

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