Iowa Company Scraps Plans for Horse Slaughterhouse

by | 08.14.2013 | 8:42am
Horse Slaughter Auction

As a result of a federal judge's ruling that put a temporary ban on horse slaughter, an Iowa company is dropping its plans to proceed with slaughtering horses at its facility.

According to a report in Tulsa World, Keaton Walker, president of Responsible Transportation – one of two companies that had secured federal permits for horse slaughter – said that his company couldn't afford to wait on further court proceedings. The company will instead focus on cattle processing.

“We just can't sit with our heads down,” Walker said. “We have to get back to work. Our main focus now is going to be beef.”

Officials with Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, N.M., which is the other company with a federal permit, indicated that they would “stay the course”, and continue to convert its processing plant into one that could slaughter horses.

Read more at Tulsa World

  • 14151617

    One down.

  • giftoffaith

    Yea! Chalk one up for our voiceless equines. Thank you to all who are speaking for them.

  • Richard C

    Will there be another…”fire” sale?!?

  • Roisin

    A small step forward in the battle, thanks to the HSUS and all who gave some voice to the voiceless.

  • Mr. Moo

    well valley meat… it goes like this
    you may or may not have substantual investors, these investors will want retun on there money. you probably have some large loans these loans could be “called” or sold off. roughly 70% of the us population is anti equid slater. so having said that i’m betting at least 40 percent would be willing to put up a buck or two to stop this effort
    do the math …. you WILL lose .. resistence is futile…you will be eatten alive

    • rancher

      So they will just keep killing them in Mexico.

  • Swiss305

    Thanks be to God. The fight goes on.

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