Indiana Racing Commission Considers Banning Albuterol For Quarter Horses

by | 02.16.2019 | 3:00pm

The following statement was released by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission:

The Indiana Horse Racing Commission will consider adopting rules which add Albuterol to the list of prohibited substances for American Quarter Horses racing in Indiana. The IHRC will consider the following rule changes at its spring meeting (date to be determined), and is requesting input from horsemen. All input should be submitted in writing by March 1, 2019.

You can email your input to [email protected], or you can send via U.S. mail to the office at the following address:

Noah Jackson
c/o Indiana Horse Racing Commission
1302 N. Meridian, Suite 175
Indianapolis, IN 46202

The following rule changes are being considered:

71 IAC 8.5-1-2.2 Albuterol prohibited in quarter horses

Authority: IC 4-31-3-9

Affected: IC 4-31-12

Sec. 2.2. (a) No quarter horse participating in a race shall carry in its body albuterol in excess of the threshold provided in section 4.2(2) of this rule. A finding by the chemist or commission designee that albuterol in excess of the threshold is present in the test sample shall be prima facie evidence that albuterol was administered and carried in the body of the horse while participating in a race. Such a finding shall also be taken as prima facie evidence that the trainer and his or her agents responsible for the care or custody of the horse have been negligent in the handling or care of the horse.

(b) Upon a finding of a violation of this section, whether by pre-race testing or post-race testing, the owners or lessees of the horse from which the specimen was obtained shall forfeit any purse money and any trophy or award. If the purse money, trophy, or award is associated with a qualifying race, a positive test for albuterol shall render the horse ineligible for any subsequent related race.

(c) In the event a sample from a quarter horse results in albuterol in excess of the threshold, the quarter horse shall be placed on the veterinarian's list as provided in 71 IAC 8.5-8-1.5.

71 IAC 8.5-1-4.2 Threshold levels

Authority: IC 4-31-3-9

Affected: IC 4-31-12

Sec. 4.2. The official blood (serum or plasma), hair, and urine samples may contain only the following therapeutic medications, their metabolites or analogues, and shall not exceed the threshold concentrations specified in this rule:

(2) The use of albuterol in thoroughbreds shall be permitted under the following conditions: Not to exceed one (1) nanogram per milliliter of total albuterol (albuterol plus conjugates) in urine. The use of albuterol in quarter horses is not permitted. The presence of albuterol shall not exceed the limit of detection (LOD) in blood (serum or plasma), urine, or hair.

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