Independent Research Study Finds Mustang Round-Ups Ineffective

by | 06.05.2013 | 6:31pm

The National Science Academy's National Research Council released a report on Wednesday detailing its findings on the Bureau of Land Management's population control measures for wild horses. The 14-member panel concluded that the government would do better to invest in widespread fertility control of mustangs and let nature take its course, rather than continue the costly and controversial cycle of round-ups.

In fact, the committee said, the BLM's decision to step in prematurely while food and water supplies are adequate and natural predators gone will effectively perpetuate population growth in the mustang herds, rather than stop it. Further complicating the issue is a lack of scientific basis for the BLM's estimates on the number of wild horses alive today, or the Bureau's caps on population; in fact, the report said, the current population estimate is anywhere from 10 to 50 percent short of reality.

“Addressing the problem immediately with a long-term view is probably a more affordable option than continuing to remove horses to long-term holding facilities,” the report read, according to the Associated Press.

Wild horse advocates were pleased with the report's discouragements toward round-ups, but say they are resistant to population controls that will allow humans to decide which horses surive and breed.

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  • nu-fan

    What do those wild horse advocates suggest other than letting nature take its course? I didn’t see anything in the article that showed that they had anything concrete to suggest that might help these horses. Rounding them up hasn’t worked so what else? Don’t like the idea of preventing an overpopulation by using fertility controls? So, what else do these advocates suggest?

  • giftoffaith

    I have always hated this idea of rounding up our wild horses and “holding” them somewhere. They are a natural resource of our country. We as humans are just too arrogant for our own good. I like the idea of fertility control. The horses can remain wild and free and not constantly reproduce. I’m sure there is a way to implement this, it should be looked into. Maybe we as humans should slow down our population growth some too, we keep taking more and more open land. soon there will be no room for any wild animals, there will be no room for, campers, hikers, fishing, etc. At least look into some alternatives to these round ups

  • Lory Phillips

    pandering to the welfare ranchers ah you must be vegan ! the use of BLM land for grazing has allowed ranchers to feed generations of Americans, you discount that ranchers are as a whole good land managers. gift do you have any idea of the logistics of birth control. maybe capture and geld the stallions and foals might work but first one that dies or is injured and watch the firestorm.

  • In Tears

    Alright, we know the BLM is wrong, we also know they cater to the cattleman. And we already know about the abuse, pain and suffering these horses go through while being rundown and herded in to pens. The cattleman in a documentary I watched recently want all the horses slaughtered. A chopped ran horses through a barb wire fence a horse trying to jump the fence tore his back leg off. (really) Another, a young horse being chased by a chopped actually ran his hoves off. A vet did put this horse down. So what does the BLM do now? Continue sending the mustangs to slaughter? These BLM people watched the vidoes of the horses being rundown and offered lame excuses for what they do. A person that worked for the BLM, is now taking up defense for the horses. He feels there are more humane ways to handle the horses. I caught this documentary on late night programing on cable tv verizon. Of course this type of information is never aired when the majority watch tv.
    These horses are a national treasure and should be treated as such. Catching and castrating colts using money paid to the BLM by cattle ranchers could be used for the progam. Instead of lining packets. The abuse these horses indure must stop. What I watched was just terrible

  • old horse lover

    Oh let’s just kill off all the horses.Make them extinct like we have so many other species of land, air, and sea animals.Then when nothing else is left to kill we can work a little harder at making humans extinct.By the way we are on a fast tract on the human extinction now.

  • lory Phillips

    before the start of WW2 my Grand father was asked to supply more beef to the war effort adding cattle to his small herd the grazing permit in the Rio Grand forest was expanded so that he had the resources necessary to do so ! He told them upfront that this was a major undertaking and he needed assurances that if he went to this significant investment that he would have that level as long as he owned the ranch. This permit allowed him to grow out enough cattle to help the war effort and the allotment was capable of sustaining the increase in good years and yes in bad years. then after the war some years later rather than let competent forest service biologists manage the forest we had the Enviros come in step in a cow pie and start trying to run the cattle off . They were ashamed that thru their clumsiness they stepped in a cowpie so they came up with over grazing and then they went after the timber industry about seeing logging road and clear cuts so they shut them out. bottom line the forests are sick due to the enviros and the competent managers have to walk lightly around folks that know little but think they know all.

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