Hysterical over takeout

by | 12.25.2010 | 2:33pm

Alan Mann writes that Bill Finley — who in a recent ESPN.com column was bemoaning the increased takeout on exotic bets that goes into effect in California Jay 1 — seemed “a bit hysterical” in his analysis. “He makes it sound like people are herded into the track and forced to bet,” wrote Mann. Finley, who said he supports a much-talked-about Santa Anita boycott by what he referred to as “downtrodden horseplayers,” called the takeout increase “criminal.”

“Whoa, Bill Finley,” Mann wrote in his Left At the Gate Blog. “I don't really buy the concept of the 'downtrodden horseplayer.' I certainly don't put myself in that category, do you? Quite the opposite; as I count my blessings during this joyous time of year, top amongst them is the fact that I'm lucky enough to have enough disposable income to participate in my favorite game, and the temperament to do so as a pastime rather than out of compulsion.”

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