Horseplayers Corner: Should Bettors Protest With Their Dollars?

by | 09.24.2013 | 12:07pm

Owner-trainer Reid Nagle, who built a successful financial information business before turning to Thoroughbred racing a few years ago, stirred the hornet's nest last week with an open letter to Stella Thayer and Peter Berube, the respective owner and general manager of Tampa Bay Downs. Nagle said he moved his racing stable to Gulfstream Park because he feels Tampa Bay Downs management failed to act accordingly against trainer Jane Cibelli, when her veterinarian was caught giving a horse in her barn an illegal injection hours before it was to race.

“I encourage others – bettors, trainers and owners – to make the switch as well,” Nagle wrote. “There should be no room in this sport for cheating, and especially for cheaters who are caught and given a free get-out-of-jail card. Without effective regulation and oversight, the only way to get this message across is for bettors and horsemen who want an honest sport to vote with their feet, hooves and dollars.”

Nagle's letter to Thayer and Berube comes on the heels of a survey of horseplayers presented at this year's Jockey Club Round Table, listing drugs and integrity as the two most important issues horse racing faces.

Should horseplayers move their wagering dollars somewhere else if they feel as though not enough is being done at a specific track or racing circuit to stop cheating and protect the game's integrity? Visit the Paulick Report's Horseplayers Corner and let us know what you think on this subject.

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