Hayward: Anti-Doping Agency Would Be ‘Single Most Important Development’ In Racing In Over A Decade

by | 08.21.2015 | 8:33am
Charles Hayward

In a recent column for the Thoroughbred Racing Commentary, former New York Racing Association president Charles Hayward voices his support for U.S. racing to have an independent agency in charge of handling medication policies and enforcement.

Hayward urges the passage of the Thoroughbred Horseracing Integrity Act, legislation introduced by Rep. Andy Barr and Rep. Paul Tonko, Jones, which will establish national rules and penalties for medication/drug abuse in racing and have the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency oversee all medication policies.

In his article, Hayward writes that having an independent agency oversee drug policy and reform, “would be a major step forward in American racing, because state regulation of medication testing and penalties has consistently failed the industry at every turn, and these failures threaten the very existence of the industry.”

“I strongly believe it would be the single most important development in American racing in over a decade, and it deserves your support.”

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  • Sal Carcia

    The horsepeople have all the reasons why drugs are necessary. And they are probably correct in their assessment. Also, personally, I wouldn’t prefer the government or any independent body to decide this important issue on the behalf of the game. It would be better if the decision was made from within.

    But, the horsepeople have to understand that the perception of integrity of the game is in poor shape in betting and greater public. Something must be done to change this. Horsepeople are absolute realists about the use of drugs, but are truly clueless about the game’s market perception. Doing nothing is really not an option.

    • Naprovnik Naprovnik

      Please face the facts that are evident enough to force this discussion in the first place: drug abuse is rampant in racing. You could throw billions of marketing dollars at trying to shine up the poop pile, and it won’t make it ANY less stinky. The ONLY redress that will work is to get rid of the abusive use of drugs. Certain ( not all! ) horsemen are too scared to train without their DVM handy with his cornucopia of “remedies” because they have never done without. Here’s some news: the Rest Of The World makes their horsemen do without drugs and their business is flourishing.

      • salthebarber

        Both the NFL and MLB have been dressing it up for years. In the end, no matter what is done, if it is not explained to the public, it won’t exist in the public’s minds.

        I do think the USADA solution is fine. I just rather see it come from within the game rather than an outside entity.

  • 4Bellwether666

    Decade???…How about the last Hundred Years???…Glad to see Charles back this proposal…

    • Greg J.

      I was going to write exactly the same thing!

  • Karl Bittner

    Glad to see someone who knows weigh in on the correct side of the issue. We are going to go down the hole fighting and doing nothing. Like they say “after all is said and done there is more said than done”.

  • Sal Carcia

    I don’t agree that putting the USADA in place is the single most important challenge horseracing faces today. It does lay a foundation for it to grow though.

  • taking advice from Charlie haywire on horse racing is paramount to taking advice

  • from the duggar family on parenting…. enough said….

    • Neal Baker

      Who’s going to opine next, Steve Crist ?

  • jorge

    NYRA firing Hayward must has been the best thing for New York racing in the past decade. !!! Please go away

  • Surprised post wasn’t deleted …. Charlie
    Haywire is another clueless figure head collecting a check till he was exposed. Problem was he was much more effective then the toys r us clown. Chris” r us ” Kay has zero clue about horse racing ….. It is amazing to listen to him speak about racing its history etc. sounds a bit like Hilary taking about ethics and accountability.

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