Hastings successfully draws younger crowd to the track

by | 08.30.2011 | 7:34am
Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada's Globe and Mail has a feature on the historic Vancouver-area track Hastings Race Course.  While the track has struggled with the usual issues of fewer horses, fewer racing dates and a drop in handle, Hastings has seen a dramatic turnaround in recent months:

“An aggressive campaign by track owner Great Canadian Gaming Corporation to attract a younger demographic – with bands, celebrities, Facebook and, of all shuddering things, Weiner Dog Races – seems to be paying off.  Attendance, and more importantly, betting figures are up dramatically. Suddenly, it's becoming cool to go to the track.”

“There's no better way to spend an afternoon,” says 30-year old David Kip Pringle, who has brought his girlfriend to Hastings for the first time. “Great place. Great view. And the betting's fun, too. The crowds are definitely getting better.”

“(Horse owner) Glen Todd says no track in North America has been as successful at enticing young people as Hastings.”

“I honestly feel we've tripled the live crowd in one year, and lowered our age demographic from 60 to between 35 and 40. I run a lot of horses, and I've been paying attention to these young people. They are the key to the future.”

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