Handle, Purses Decline at Churchill September Meet

by | 09.30.2014 | 8:34am

Statistics released Monday by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission showed a 16.15 percent decline in wagering for the recently concluded September race meet at Churchill Downs as compared to 2013.

According to a report in the Louisville Courier-Journal, wagering for the 12-day meet totaled $38.81 million, down from $46.29 million last year. Average field size was 7.7 horses, compared with 8.07 in 2013.

Churchill officials cited “difficulty in attracting fields because of regional competition” as part of the reason for the decline. Kentucky Downs in Franklin, Ky., ran several days in September also.

“The starters per race was down this year, which is a result of the declining foal crops and increased competition for available horses from other tracks in our region and beyond,” track President Kevin Flanery said in a statement.

“The positive news is that the Louisville market is becoming more aware of our September Meet and the possibilities it holds for Kentucky horsemen during a beautiful time of year. We look forward to working with the racing commission and the horsemen to address the issue of field sizes so that we can continue to provide this promising product.”

Read more in the Louisville Courier-Journal

  • Teresa Bossow

    The reason for declining revenues is the horse betters are backing off CD. The high takeout and poor customer relations caused the decline. They can blame it on Kentucky downs but I think not


    For the Life of me, I just can;t find a tiny tiny bit of concern of Churchill complaining about being down a few % points from 2013. What do the expect. They closed down live racing and simulcast at the Florida Track Calder Race Course, which by way was reported as a name change earlier today to Gulfstream Park West. They are getting what they really want. This is just a show. They did it at Calder as discreetly as they could. But if you watched what was going on you could have read the writing on the wall as I did. I had Owners, Trainers, Workers,coming to me to find out any information if they missed a meeting or there was changes flowing in the wind.They shot them-self in the foot every time they turned around. The Public was asking when they were going to wake up and stop making so many mistakes. Well as seen by the results they had a game plan and although it took awhile to get it done. They did get her done. And now the Stonick Group and Gulfstream Park have a track and complete facility with training tracks and stalls and for a song and a dance. Hollywood Park was first to close, Calder is second with a couple of Churchill Downs Holdings in great dis-repair and failing, and now Suffolk Downs another Famed Track are all Victim or soon to be of the axe falling. We need to have more people and investors like Frank Stronick and Group who show an never ending relationship with the Sport of Kings, and are putting their money where it need s to go to save our sport. So Churchill Downs can afford to show Millions in Losses, just to get to where they want to be. Out of Racing for the Large Part and more into the Casino Business. With no feelings about the dedicated Employees over the Years and the fact if it were not for the Horses in most cases they would have never been allowed to build Casino

  • Tjs

    Couldn’t happen to a bunch of nicer guys……..short the stock That will wake em up

  • Politics101

    Bad people. Bad product.

    Boycott CDI, which includes TwinSpires and Brisnet.

    Greed should NOT be rewarded.

  • davidinD

    One year ago I wagered significantly at the September CD meet; this year not a penny. Going forward I intend to not wager at CDI related tracks except for the occasional big race (can’t help myself on those). If someone from CDI is reading this, I am telling you explicitly that I refuse to support your tracks until I am convinced that you all care about horse racing. At this point, my observations have been that you all think of yourself as a gaming company that needed horse racing to gain the political footholds necessary to move into new markets. Change that perception and I’ll change my betting choices — otherwise turn the racing and facilities over to entities that care about racing, horses, and the connections. More Keeneland, less CDI!

  • CD Fan

    Full disclosure: I love Churchill Downs. However, I stopped going a few years back for various reasons. The main reason is not tangible, but it just seems like CD cares about the customer. Maybe I went to the track too much. They had a Twin Spires Club that was ok, they took that away. It seems like when they did something good for the customer, they would raise the price and take it away. For the Derby they had the Infield Club. For $175 you could go to the Infield, have a nice betting and bar area. That’s gone, todays price $700 for the seats in the first turn. The fields are small and after going, was tired of $3.80, $2.80, $2.20 payoffs. The evening racing was electric. I didn’t go this year, but noticed on TV, the parking lot looked thin. BTW, night racing in the summer, not many races under the lights so that didn’t make sense, and in November you’re gambling with cold weather. So that’s my take. It looks like CDI will be trying to sell the Fairgrounds, and Arlington. We’ll see what the future holds, but I hope Churchill figures out what a great place it could be, and the endless possibilities to attract customers.

  • CD Fan

    What I meant on the CD Fan post was Churchill doesn’t care about the average fan.

    • Bellwether

      NS…They started thinking like Wall Street in that “GREED IS GOOD” and they haven’t looked back…Believe me when I say Robert Evans had a ton to do with it all…

  • Tulsa Terry

    Horseplayers boycott CDI

  • Bellwether

    GOOD!!!…If they really had their way they could care less if the average Joe Blow (& his chump change) didn’t ever show up…Didn’t bet the derby this year and won’t bet it next year…Until they change their tune I’ll never bet another dime @ CD…To many other tracks I can throw my money away @ and I will…

  • Steve

    The Kentucky horsemen also approved the takeout increase at Churchill.

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