Gulfstream Sets All-Time Handle Record On Pegasus World Cup Saturday

by | 01.28.2017 | 7:58pm
By winning the Pegasus World Cup, Arrogate topped $11 million in earnings

Gulfstream Park set an all-time handle record of $40.217 million Saturday on its 12-race program highlighted by the inaugural running of the $12 million Pegasus World Cup Invitational (G1), won by Breeders' Cup Classic (G1) winner Arrogate.

The record topped the previous mark in Gulfstream's state-of-the-art facility of $32.082 million set last year on the 14-race Florida Derby (G1) Day.

Saturday was  highlighted by Arrogate's 4 3/4-length victory over Shaman Ghost. The afternoon included six others stakes races and entertainment by Thomas Rhett and Trombone Shorty. Other celebrities included Vanessa Hudgens, Usher, Maria Menounos, Mike Ditka and Gene Simmons.

“We are extremely pleased with the inaugural running of the Pegasus World Cup,” said P.J. Campo, Vice President of Racing for The Stronach Group and General Manager of Gulfstream Park. “From early morning until late afternoon, Gulfstream was electric. From the amenities to our guests to the blue carpet to the incredible performance by Arrogate, the inaugural running of the Pegasus World Cup Invitational was incredible. We feel we introduced a number of new fans to the sport of Thoroughbred racing and the great entertainment and amenities at Gulfstream Park on Pegasus World Cup Day.

“We want to thank the fans who came out, the horsemen who support our program, and the incredible performances by our human and equine athletes.”

  • theosmachine

    Great day of racing! Competitive and a very fair racetrack.

  • Ida Lee

    Except for the worry about Chrome, the Pegasus was a great success. The whole day of racing was fun what with Enola and Curlin’s Approval doing great and Imperative….really good day. And look at Arrogate…spectacular photo of the gorgeous Beast. Great performance Pretty Boy …. I pity the fools who challenge you in the future….

  • J. Nasium

    The “big” race was a big bore and is it true general admission was $100? How many new fans did that attract? Celebrities? How much did that bunch add to the handle… 50 bucks? C’mon Paulick get it right.

    • There is a button on your remote that has a + and a – labeled channel if you push either of these you can watch something else

      • J. Nasium

        You wouldn’t know a top class horserace if it bit you on your rump.

        • You cannot do better than that? I realise 10 is a hard age but you need to grow up

          • J. Nasium

            When you realize in your 10 year old brain how to spell realize you’ll realize that the race was a clunker.

          • Come on.. You can do better than that

          • J. Nasium

            Why waste Gr 1 material on a bottom claimer.

          • I so like fishing for trolls

            Your right I should not wast my time, plonk back under bridge you go…

          • J. Nasium

            Please learn correct English you’re obviously not too bright to begin with. Keep watching replays of that lousy race.

  • Virginia Lawler

    Photo of Arrogate and Mike Smith above is just great. The prettiest I’ve happened to see of the horse and a fine glimpse of Smith–still moved at age 52 even after a k-zillion wins. The photo finish pix for the Poseidan, showing Imperative by REALLY j-u-s-t a nose, was something, too.

  • ishy111

    So…did the people who bought the slots and finished out of the money make money or not? Perhaps the Paulick report can do a story on that. We know they got $250,000 back and were going to get a share of the handle and the ad revenues in addition to their winnings. I realize we may never know the details of the private deals that were made but that is not what I am asking. Would love to know the answer to this. Hey Ray – please do a follow up and let us know.

    • Steve Yoshimura

      500k was an early estimate based on 30m in handle so let’s say maybe 550 to 575k to 4th thru 12th.

  • Chris Potash

    Gulfstream gouged the typical fan – it was like Fort Knox trying to get in – starting with the lines to pay $20 to park. $100 to just walk in – those who opted not to pay could hang out in the shopping area where they had tellers set up. There were plenty of empty seats in the paddock ($130) and the simulcast room ($150). Gulfstream management was in a bit of a panic early on when the parking lots were empty. Think I’ll just stay at home next year and watch on TV.

    • Chris Potash

      Forgot to add that I had to be search by wand first and then go through a metal detector. Guards were going through women’s purses like they were trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  • Bryan Langlois

    I was there and one of the suckers (I guess) who bought the paddock/walking ring seats for 130 bucks. While I do agree that the prices were a little insane, especially for general admission, I do have to give props to those people who were working the seating area around the walking ring. They really did make sure only ticketed people were there and were very good at keeping people from standing at the rail and taking pictures, which gave us a better view when the horses paraded in the paddock. The crowds were not as big as I might have expected them to be, but I was able to move around a lot more through the different areas than I thought I would be based on how the tickets were described. Lines were not bad where I was and aside from trying to get back to my seat in the walking ring for the big race, things were quite enjoyable and fun for me as a life long fan who is used to the intricacies of being at the track.
    That being said, I still think they missed an opportunity to really bolster the excitement and build up on track with the fans. They could have very easily been a feature done on each horse in the race between each of the 12 races. There could have been some sort of live twitter or facebook poll that would be shown on the screens allowing people to cast their votes for who they wanted to win. They could have been out in the crowd asking the fans who they liked and why. They could have had buttons people could get that showed if they were a Chromie or routing for Arrogate. There could have been a lot more than just a blue carpet picture area. I fail to understand why no track seems to really want to engage the fan between the races and make it a truly fun experience for a lot of them. That would make them really want to come back. I will say the music in between some of the races was nice, but again I always fear that when they blast music like that with the horses around, someone is eventually going to get hurt. Save the concerts for after the races, or move it to an area not directly in front of the grandstand. I am not sure if I would go back again next year with those prices, but I might.

  • tony a

    Didn’t see anything said on how lucky they got, poured the next day, races washed off the turf, would’ve been a disaster.

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