Gill Withdraws Suit Against Penn National Jockeys Due to Cost

by | 03.13.2013 | 5:51pm
Michael Gill

U.S. Middle District Senior Judge Sylvia Rambo granted owner Michael Gill permission to withdraw from a lawsuit against 31 Penn National Race Course jockeys on Wednesday. Gill said he couldn't find affordable representation after falling out with former lawyer Alan Pincus late last year.

The Penn National jockeys refused to ride Gill's horses following a crash at the track that involved a Gill horse and several other riders. Jockeys accused the owner of using performance-enhancing substances that endangered riders and their mounts. Gill and trainer Anthony Adamo were ejected from the track by officials.

Gill said that the riders' claims were unfounded, and also brought a suit (which was later dismissed) against the racing commission over his ejection. Adamo is still pursuing the lawsuit against the jockeys.

“I brought this case to clear my name and reputation and to expose the truth, and it was not to bankrupt or financially ruin any of the jockeys,” Gill told Penn Live.

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  • Anderson5999

    Gill had a “falling out” with lawyer Alan Pincus? I think that’s laughable, since Pincus is the perfect lawyer for him. Pincus is the go-to lawyer for all of the sport’s bad boys, and gotten many of them reinstated after serious infractions, all from the comfort of his Las Vegas office.

  • harry doodle

    he sould of ask magie moss

  • harry doodle

    he sould get maggie moss

  • harry doodle

    the only thing gill did wroung was win to much he put alot of money in the game and ray paulick helped put him out of the game cause of the elk creek whistile blower jane cibelli is still running scooter and wild billy ray davis are still running

  • Richard C

    This guy is like a bad rash that keeps popping up.

  • citation1947

    Gill owning horses in this game is about the worse thing that could happen to any thoroughbred. Gill and the garbage trainers that he hired had zero compassion for them. Milking them and then later gutting them is all that mattered.

  • Mike GIll

    What if I told you that I have a letter from the jockeys saying they know the injuries to my horses were not my fault? What if I told you that they offered me money? What if I also told you that the president of the jockey guild told me Laughing Moon stepped in a hole that the jockeys all knew about and they were told that if you tell Gill about it you will never race again? Why doesn’t the Federal Authority talk to the president and ask her? I believe she will tell the truth, straight up.

    Penn Live has has quoted my letter to Judge Rambo, I have not spoken with them directly. They are selective in their quotes from my letter. What they forgot is the line that states that I said it was the Federal Authority’s responsibility to get justice, not mine. Who owns Penn Live??? What more proof do you want than me dropping the lawsuit without accepting money or the letter?

    When [edited] hits the fan I would like you to go back to the Press Release that I issued May 2012, then I want you to remember “that your Daddy told you so”. I do not think it will be too much longer before you all find out what is really going on, if there is any justice left, but I cannot tell you for sure that there is.

    Mike Gill

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