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By Ray Paulick

It was no dream team that Michael Gill assembled to run his racing operation in Pennsylvania over the past year, at both his farm in Oxford, Pa., and at Penn National race course near the state capital of Harrisburg. In fact, the cast of felons and rule breakers working for Gill has proven to be a regulatory nightmare for the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission charged with policing the sport in the Keystone State.

In the wake of the highly publicized decision Jan. 23 by Penn National jockeys to boycott races with Gill-owned runners, track management has asked the moribund racing commission to investigate allegations by the jockeys that horses prepared by Gill's two principal trainers present a safety risk and have suffered a high number of catastrophic racing injuries. But, by law, there's only so much the racing commission can do, even if the commissioners and top executives took their jobs seriously.

The commission can conduct post-mortem examinations on the horses that died while racing at Penn National. It can search the barn and interview employees at the track where Gill's horses were, until the Jan. 23 incident, trained by Darrel Delahoussaye. But it cannot conduct any kind of investigation at Gill's Elk Creek Ranch, where as many as 140 racehorses have been stabled and trained since Gill, a New Hampshire-based mortgage executive, reemerged as a racehorse owner in the second half of 2008 after a two-year hiatus. The commission, a division of the state's Department of Agriculture, has no jurisdiction over “private property.”

Elk Creek Ranch is centrally located in Chester County's horse country in southeast Pennsylvania, roughly 90 minutes from Philadelphia Park, Penn National, Laurel and Charles Town racetracks. It was purchased by Gill out of necessity earlier this decade when an increasing number of tracks opted not to give stalls to Gill or his trainers because of his aggressive claiming tactics. Gill unsuccessfully tried selling the property when he got out of racing in 2006, the year he received an Eclipse Award as the outstanding North American owner. The award recognized the 2005 racing year, the third consecutive year Gill led all North American owners by races and money won. He added a fourth title in 2009, when his stable piled up $6,670,490 in earnings after his horses won 370 of 2,247 starts.

But the 54-year-old Gill has done more than accumulate wins and money from horse racing purses. To go along with his own checkered past in the sport, Gill has assembled a team of trainers, veterinarians and affiliated bloodstock agents that have shown an almost habitual disregard for the rules of racing.

Here are some examples, based on law enforcement records and rulings from the Association of Racing Commissioners International:

-Gill, in the 1980s, was suspended or ineligible for licensing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire on different occasions for financial obligations. He decided to train his own horses in 1995 and was nailed for having injectable drugs, syringes and needles during a barn raid at Rockingham Park. The New Hampshire Racing Commission suspended Gill for three years. When he returned, he left the training to others. Gill's RCI rulings.

-Anthony (Tony) Adamo, Gill's 38-year-old racing manager and one of his trainers, compiled 11 separate violations in 2009, with fines of $3,300—mostly for entering ineligible horses in various races. Adamo, however, has no suspensions or major medication violations on his record during or prior to his association with Gill. Adamo's RCI rulings.

-Trainer Darrel Delahoussaye, a 47-year-old trainer fired by Gill after Laughing Moon's breakdown on Jan. 23 became the catalyst for the jockeys' revolt at Penn National, paid at least $1,500 in fines following eight separate rulings in 2009 against him by the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission.

Delahoussaye had his license revoked by the Louisiana Racing Commission in 1984 following a felony conviction and did not become eligible for reinstatement until 1993. Since then, he has been suspended twice for possession of needles, syringes and injectable drugs—once in Ohio in 1998 and once in Michigan in 2000.

The Ohio Racing Commission also suspended Delahoussaye for one year in 1998 after he was ruled to have “mistreated, abused or engaged in an act of cruelty to a horse; used appliance other than whip for the purpose of stimulating speed.” The appliance was described in court documents as a “wooden stick with stripped electrical cords stuck to it.” A veterinarian and two assistants testified seeing a horse at Beulah Park “jump two or three feet in the air” and then witnessed Delahoussaye unplugging an electrical cord from the wall. Delahoussaye appealed the case but ultimately lost. Delahoussaye's RCI rulings.

-Cole Norman, 41, hired by Gill to train horses stabled at Elk Creek Ranch last summer, served nine months in jail for negligent homicide, a felony, and was released in January 2009. On Feb. 5, 2007, near Hot Springs, Ark., Norman drove head-on into a car driven by 86-year-old Virginia Heath,killing the woman who was a cousin of former President Bill Clinton. Norman, six-time leading trainer at Oaklawn Park, was found to be under the influence of prescription drugs, to which his attorney said he was battling addiction. Prosecutors said seven different drugs were found in Norman's system at the time of the crash. Later that year while out on bail, Norman was again arrested for DUI and drug possession after reportedly sideswiping a row of mailboxes in Louisiana.

But Norman has also compiled a prodigious number of medication violations as a horse trainer. Since 1996, the son of the late trainer Gene Norman, has been assessed fines or suspensions in at least 30 cases involving medication violations in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. In a rare foray to California in 2005, Cole was accused of milkshaking the horse Top Commander in the Grade 1 Bing Crosby Handicap at Del Mar. According to the California Horse Racing Board's equine medical director, Dr. Rick Arthur, the total carbon dioxide level (39 millimoles per liter) found in Top Commander was the highest recorded of any horse in the 10 months milkshake testing had been conducted. “At 37, there can be some question (of how the TCO2 reached that level),” said Arthur, “but at 39 no one will argue with you that the horse was milkshaked.” Norman also had two TCO2/milkshake violations in Louisiana in 2006. Other rulings on his RCI rapsheet include possession of unlabeled medication in his tackroom and providing Oaklawn Park's official clocker with incorrect names of horses working out. Norman's RCI rulings.

-Veterinarian Kevin L. Brophy, 55, bases his practice at Penn National, but according to Tony Adamo is also Elk Creek Ranch's principal vet. Brophy has 13 rulings in the RCI database, most recently a $500 fine from the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission for submitting “an inaccurate vet treatment report” for a Gill horse named Monsoor on Oct. 23, the night the son of Mt. Livermore won a $4,000 claiming race at Penn National. After his next race, a Nov. 11 victory carrying a $5,000 tag, Monsoor pulled up lame and has since been sold by Gill to trainer/bloodstock agent Mark Wedig for $1.

Brophy has been fined a number of times during his career for failure to file complete or accurate veterinarian treatment sheets, and on one occasion in 2004 for “submitting a fraudulent treatment slip.” Brophy's RCI rulings.

-Veterinarian Louis A. Grasso, who recently started working on horses from Elk Creek Ranch, was the central figure in two criminal cases involving banned medication and has had to surrender his racing license or had it denied in New York and New Jersey. In 1991, the 53-year-old Grasso, primarily a Standardbred practitioner, was convicted of the federal crime of selling anabolic steroids to an undercover agent. Nine years later, on April 11, 2000, the New York-based Grasso was under surveillance in Delaware while visiting a private racing stable and agents with the office of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs attempted to stop him. A high-speed chase ensued on Delaware's Highway 13, with Newcastle County police eventually pulling him over. According to a source, a “treasure trove” of prohibited drugs, including blood-doping agents, was found. Grasso pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest and put on probation with the threat that any violations may result in charges involving confiscated drugs.

On the matter of Grasso's license being reinstated by the New York State Racing and Wagering Board in 2005, a hearing officer ruled against him, saying “undisputed evidence in the case discloses that Dr. Louis A. Grasso has been convicted of serious felony grade crimes and that he has violated the conditions upon which his license was based.” The refusal was based on Grasso's “experience, character and general fitness” being “inconsistent with the public interest.” Grasso's RCI rulings.

-Finally, Mark Wedig, a trainer from West Des Moines, Iowa, is listed on bills of sale as the purchaser of a number of Gill horses in December and January—at a cost of $1 each–that were described to the Paulick Report by a one-time Elk Creek Ranch employee as too lame or too slow to compete. Wedig, 54, had his license suspended for five years by the Iowa Racing Commission, from 2002-07, for “conduct detrimental to racing” for forging signatures on claiming slips and lying to stewards investigating the case. The commission said Wedig acted in a “premeditated, corrupt, deceitful and fraudulent” manner that reflected “negatively on the integrity or best interests” of racing. Wedig's RCI rulings.

According to an individual at one time employed at Elk Creek Ranch who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Gill's horses have been “drilled into the ground” since the arrival of Cole Norman as the farm's trainer last summer. “Cole is set in his ways,” this person said. “He trains the crap out of them. They breeze every seven days (track condition permitting). They tap the joints of the horses, sometimes right after a race, and they tap ‘em every week, again and again and again if they don't get sound. They are going to the well too many times. You are not supposed to tap a lame horse.”

The Paulick Report checked the references of this Elk Creek Ranch whistleblower, confirming as many of the details provided as possible. We feel confident the information provided is accurate.

Adamo, this individual said, is often the one who does the injections of hyaluronic acid and/or cortisone—a contention Adamo disputes. “Tony only does the upper and lower knee joints and the ankle,” the whistleblower said. “He doesn't do anything behind. He probably would if he had more experience.”

“That's why we have vets there,” Adamo said in response to questions about whether he injects horses on the farm. “We've given pre-race shots, or if a horse is sick we've given Banamine, but that's as far as I'm going to go.

“I'm at Penn National one day at Philly Park one day,” he continued. “Between me and Cole we'll go over the horses and give a list to the doc. Hopefully he does everything on that list. But it's tough to get him there ( to Oxford) every day.”

Adamo defended his record as a trainer as it relates to breakdowns. “I had five breakdowns on all my starts there,” Adamo said of Penn National. “I run just as many horses at Philly Park and had one there. I'm not blaming the racetrack, and I'm not justifying it. One is too many.”

According to the Practice Act of Pennsylvania governing veterinary medicine, animal owners or their employees are exempted from the rules requiring that only licensed veterinarians treat an animal, at least on private property. However, racing regulations strictly prohibit a trainer from injecting a horse or to simply be in possession of needles and syringes on racetrack property.

Norman isn't currently licensed as a trainer because of his felony conviction and it isn't clear when he can be reinstated. For the time being, while he is on parole, he is able to train on the farm and send the horses to the track, where they race under Tony Adamo's name as the trainer listed in the program. The racing commission, because it does not have jurisdiction over the farm, isn't able to determine whether or not Norman is the one actually training the horses.

The veterinary supplies are said to have been purchased through Kevin Brophy, who declined to comment to the Paulick Report on any aspect of his relationship to Gill's operation. “I'm not discussing anything,” Brophy said.

Grasso, reached in New York, said he only recently started working on Gill's horses, adding that it doesn't bother him that he can't take his veterinary practice to the racetrack. “I don't even go for it (his license),” Grasso said. “I've got my farm, got a clinic (in Orange County, New York). That's all I need.”

The horses at Gill's farm are well-cared for, the Paulick Report informant said. “If you walk in the barns, you wouldn't say the horses are underfed or neglected. It's more the medical treatments, the tapping or the training of sore horses. It's a shame, because it's a really good group of grooms that take care of the horses.”

That observation was backed up by Gail Emerson, a humane police officer sent in by the Large Animal Protection Society Jan. 29 for a surprise inspection of the Elk Creek Ranch horses after the organization received an anonymous complaint last week. “Everything was perfect,” she told the Paulick Report. “The horses were well fed, with plenty of water. Every horse I went by came to the front of the stall with their ears pricked.”

Yet there have been dozens of horses vanned off the farm to parts unknown in recent months, some of them described by the Elk Creek Ranch whistleblower as “three-legged lame” or with terrible skin or joint infections. “They joke about how these horses are going to the Girl Scouts in Nebraska or to the zoo,” the individual said, the latter a possible reference to the nearby Bravo Packing company in Carney's Point, N.J., a company that makes food for zoo animals out of horse meat. When another employee complained about the jokes, the employee was told, “At least we're not selling them at the (killer) sales; they're going right to the factory.” The Paulick Report has not been presented with any evidence that a large number of Gill's horses have ended up at a Canadian slaughterhouse or at Bravo Packing.

Mark Wedig, the Iowa trainer who described himself as a “small fry,” was listed as the buyer of a number of horses Gill sold for $1 each in December and January, including Monsoor, Shes a Cure, Cotton King, Sir Ray, Devil's Squeeze, My Dance Partner, Phantom Regiment, Taxability, Hector the Connector and Rushing Stag.

Wedig told the Paulick Report he sold Cotton King, said to have a badly infected leg, along with “two mares” to a breeder he knew only as “Charles,” a man Wedig said plans to send the horses to Belize in Central America. Someone whose name he couldn't remember said he wanted to breed Sir Ray to some mares in Iowa. A barrel racer in southwest Iowa got two of the Gill horses from Wedig, who said he didn't have a name or phone number for her. Wedig said he plans to rehab the rest at the In Front training center near Mountaineer Park in West Virginia, then bring them back to the races.

When asked if he ever drove horses to slaughter plants in Canada, Wedig said: “Never.”

In an interview with the Paulick Report last week, Gill said “all of the horses go to retirement programs” when their racing careers end, though he didn't specify which programs or where they are located.

“I don't know if he is naïve, just doesn't care, or thinks the horses are going to retirement and turns a blind eye,” the Elk Creek Ranch whistleblower said of Gill. “He may be a good businessman with mortgages, but he's not with horses.”


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  • Easy Goer

    WOW!!!!!!! Great Job Ray!!

  • Paula Weglarz

    Enlightening. I am going to give a “break” to the 5 and 10 year old violations, but when a trainer has 8 violations in one calendar year, why is that person still holding a license from any racing authority? I don’t care why or how minimal….this shows a blatant disregard or extreme sloppiness on the part of the said trainer.

    And trust me, I could extend this disgust with some trainers not employed by in Gill’s operation.

    I have heard the same recounting about the zoo, so I feel safe in assuming that this rumour has some legs and can stand up. I don’t understand why??? They get so little money for it, so it just seems cheap to avoid humane euthanasia and downright cruel not to attempt to send to a rescue or another organization who wants to rehab horses. Of course, we’re oversaturated in horses that need to be rehomed.

    Sigh..Gill & his cronies are just one operation who seem to flaunt their disregard for the rules & regulations, but how many others aren’t even on the radar??

  • Miyectomy


    I’ll bet reading this story with your morning cereal just made your day.

    After reading delahoussaye’s rap sheep, someone has to ask the officials at penn how or why Mr. Delahoussaye is still on that backside. The jockeys should boycott him.

  • Miyectomy

    And to this point in time Gill is still not deemed an “undesirable” at Penn. Can a journalist please ask McErlean why?

  • whew. Sickening. North American Thoroughbred racing is going to have to bump up the standards to where any horse in formal conditioning for public racing must be legally accessed at any time no matter where stabled, private farm or training facility or no.

    The loopholes made salient in this report are big enough to drive an elephant through.

    –Mark Wedig doesn’t have written invoices in his records??

  • john z

    I hope the public will care about the atrocities at Penn National and stop spending their money there. that is all Penn National understands, money. With out the average guy betting and gambling there is no Penn National. The $ 1.00 give away is the biggest farce there is. A man like Gill who premates so much cruelty on horses like he does and the cruel trainers he uses , who abuse horses does not send all his horse to retirement homes. The only retirement they get is death. Let hope this debacle opens the flood gates to the goings on at Penn National racetrack backside. For a track that says they have a no slaughter policy , the killer buyers are sitll in business with owners and trainers who get the horses to them in secrecy.

  • Miyectomy

    That sound you just heard was Cole Norman throwing his empty fifth of whiskey through his computer screen

  • joes

    Where are all those Gill defenders now? How come none of this was talked about in the radio interview?

  • Richard Coreno

    Criminals attract criminals and conduct business with other criminals…but why is it I keep thinking that Mikey Gill’s favorite song is “Framed” by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

  • ktq

    Ray, you get my Eclipse Award any day! Thanks for pushing the envelop and keeping the public informed.

  • Bank Check

    Pennsylvania let Burton K. Sipp back in so no one should be surprised. And you could probably say the same thing about most of the outfits at Penn. It’s the end of the line for most owners, trainers, and horses. In fact, if the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania weren’t heavily subsidizing the purses at Penn Gill wouldn’t be willing to operate there. This is the price the animals pay for greedy Legislature’s insatiable appetites for revenues.

  • 2009, when his stable piled up $6,670,490 in earnings after his horses won 370 of 2,247 starts.


    A percentage man indeed; an aggressive claimer. Given that Gill has a limited number of stalls and stable hands at Penn and Elk Creek, where on earth are all of these claimers situated?

    By the very nature of his business MO, he can’t be worried about properly laying off an unsound horse. Either the horse is producing cash or he’s out and a new gentle creature is grabbed to fill the stall and the vicious cycle continues.

    he is an aggressive claimer.

  • don

    great job ray , its about time we get some factual information on these bandits.

  • Cleverer

    Great job Ray, you should be commended! Lets hope Gill does the right thing and gets the horses placed appropriately.

    Mr. Gill, you are a vile human being to make millions off of the backs of these animals while destroying their bodies and delivering a cruel death. I hope you rot.

  • In Europe, one can be “warned off” (banned from even setting foot on a racecourse or training gallop) for “not being a fit and proper person.” Seems like Gill and his band fell into that category long ago. Why, why, why can’t America get their rules together and kick the scum out? It boggles the mind.

  • Bob

    Unbelievable. Great job getting all of this information out.

  • Thanks for having the conviction to get the facts out, while various other sources are backpeddling to protect their backsides.

  • Pisces

    Re: #6, “Mark Wedig doesn’t have written invoices in his records??”

    Bad memories, an inability to maintain business records, or to keep track of paperwork and contact info seem to be common traits among many of these so-called horse brokers. Perhaps it’s genetic.

  • Mitch C

    There is more to come folks. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are people who work for Penn and the Commission who will have real serious explaining to do. Mr. Gill is not the only one who will be called to the carpet and I’m sure Ray already has some other things cooking.

    Who is Burton Sipp and where is he running?

  • don

    bk sipp is the gill of the 70`s-80`s ,do a google search on him, barred in numerous jurisdictions. he was the king of insurance fraud , if you thought gill was as bad as it gets believe it or not i think this guy was worse. he claims he is now reformed

  • don

    sipp had a major presence in RI back in the 70`s and I know people that had dealt with him back then, the stories are too numerous but this guy back then would have thrown his mother too the wolves if it meant making a buck

  • Mitch C

    Someone said he is running in PA? As much as I think the Commission is asleep at the wheel at times, I can’t believe they would license this guy if he’s as bad as you say he is.

  • don

    i thought he was at mountaineer right now, he was at suffolk a few years ago stabled diagonally across from me

  • Greg J.

    Mr. Paulick,

    Bravo! I applaud you for sticking to your convictions and writing this piece, Great Job!

  • John S.

    Ray, I used to drive a cab in NY. When a driver completed a complex or difficult run, dispatcher Danny always came on the radio and said, “Nice piece of work.” I pass that highest of compliments on to you.

  • Mitch C

    One has to ask the question. If racing is ever going to clean up its image, shouldn’t it start with the commission at various states who grant a license to people like Darrel Delahoussaye ? His record is not for slap on the wrist type things, he’s obviously proven to be a cancer in several jurisdictions !!!! WAKE UP PA RACING COMMISSION !!!!! It’s time for residents of PA to start writing to their legislators to make heads roll in that office. They are just as negligent in all of this as Michael Gill, if not more. Who licensed Delahoussaye? Who gave him stalls ? Who failed to do background checks for criminal history? Who is overseeing the Commission and all of this garbage? Let the Commission hide behind their excuses “we can’t go to Elk Creek…” Cry me a river Commisison. It’s time that YOU and NOT Mr. Gill become the topic of conversation on here !!! This sport is ruined because of Racing Commissions like PENNSYLVANIA which is the abortion of all racing commssions.

  • Picksburg Phil

    Since every owner and trainer has had breakdowns and injuries, how many mulligans does one get before they go from “respected”, to having Paulick foment a jihad against them? How many snapped and dangling legs are you allowed? Does it depend on the number of trophies on your mantle? Exactly what is the criteria between a good breakdown and a bad one?

  • Mitch C

    I think the PA Racing Commission should make the license application for Darrel Delahoussaye public. I find it hard to believe that he disclosed all those rulings especially since there’s only room for about 2-3 rulings in the space provided on the application. What did they do get him a 2nd sheet of paper to write out all the rulings he’s had against him? If he failed to disclose his complete history, that is grounds for immediate license revocation in any jurisdiction including PA. So, if he didn’t disclose it, he’s off the grounds. If he did disclose it then the stewards who granted his license needs to be call it a day and resign.

  • Lynn Dordahl

    What amazes me is how little the fines are. $3,300 in fines? $500? What a joke- Why would they care? No wonder they keep coming back. They only get a slap on the wrist. I used to be a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley. When you got fined by the SEC is was in the MILLIONS! That usually (not all, unfortunately) made people sit up and take notice. I saw 4 people in my short career in that field walked out of the office. Currently I work as a real estate appraiser and I can tell you that many of the mortgage shops like the one that Gill has are populated with folks that are crooked as sticks.

    Until the industry has a national data base and uniform licensing this will continue. Horse racing was killed in the first half of the 20th century because of illegal activity and history is repeating itself.

  • Twoponies

    Joes, you asked “how come none of this was talked about in the radio interview?”

    Why not listen to Roger Stein’s “take” on the aftercare of racehorses, racehorse retirement efforts, owner responsibility, and his own drugging of harness horses without getting caught, recorded on June 13 2009? It’s an illuminating hour long show that took place one week after two of Mr. Stein’s own broken down racehorses – four year olds Ginobili and Lulu’s Nick – were found, and rescued, at a low end horse auction for $150 and $225 respectively. Well worth a listen to understand why Mr. Stein might have some sympathy with Mr. Gill’s current situation. Mr. Stein evidently felt truly victimized when his horses were rescued, and the information made public in an effort to fundraise support for them by the non-profits now caring for his horses.

    Here are a couple of links (in case the first no longer works, you can listen at the second link):

  • Pisces

    I have no personal knowledge about the Sipps or even know much about their reputation. However, according to the list of Former Gill Horses Traced over at TBC, Burton and Bridgett have 4 horses (at least) that ran for Gill at some point in 2009 and did not go to the Sipps through the claiming box:

    Clever Forest Cat
    Lucy de Bill

    They don’t seem to be performing very well for the Sipps either.

  • Very very thorough Ray…thank you so much. I know here in Arkansas Cole can not get his license until he is off of parole. Not any great surprise that Cole Norman and Michael Gill walk hand in hand……I truly believe that what goes around comes around…it just can’t happen quick enough in my mind. I would like to get a hold of that electrical stick I bet I could find a GREAT use for it namely Michael, Cole, Tony,Darrel, and the list goes on and on…….WOW how can one not see that these horses will do what you ask as long as you ask correctly and if it is truly in their hearts to run…one must remember that not all Thoroughbreds want to run………

    For us who do everything we can possible to make the life of these runners happy this truly makes me sick!!!

  • Tiff

    Dear, Tony, Sheryl, Cole, Jesse, Jimmy and all the rest who have came and went working at Elk Creek Ranch. I have worked there for over a year and galloped over 100 winners, I have helped with the feeding, hematology health and organized papers for the races., always doing a good job. I got on a rediculus number of horses per day, with no extra money no stakes , nothing. I broke 3 ribs and only took 2 days off. I had a miscariage and took 3 days off ( 2 of which were in the hospital). I was a good employee. So please dont bother me with all your woes. You people made all the money not us little people, grooms hotwalkers, exercise riders. Everyone of you stuck your hand in the pot, either from payroll, hay, feed, sold horses or from the employees. So you want to hear me talk lets go. I am six months pregnant do you really think I want to aggrevate myself with all your problems. I care about my family first, my home, my friends, the horses and very last my job. I stayed because I thought I was helping the horses, keeping an eye on their bloods, electrolyte levels and vitamins. Not for you people. So please find someone else to point your finger at. I didnt give any of you people your records you did that all on your own. Life is too short to be aggravated or caught up in other peoples problems. I have enough to worry about with this baby growing in my stomach, so thanks again for scaring me away from my job that was earning money for my baby to come. Not everyone in the world has bad motives, some people are honest you should learn the difference. And in conclusion Mr Gill thank you for the learning experience.

  • Mitch C


    Why don’t you call the Racing Commission and ask them how many total suspensions they handed down in 2009 for ANY TRAINER, not just the Gill people. There’s no such thing as a suspension at Penn unless you are essentially caught shooting up Heroine in the racing office (sarcasm). Penn doesn’t believe in suspending trainers who cheat, even multiple times. Maybe someone should ask them why that is the case? Cheat with drugs? You get $500 and loss of purse….big deal.

  • Wizard82

    Michael gill entered horses and has one in for Friday. In addition to being a cold hearted person with no regard for equine and human life, he is now proven a liar. A liar and arrogant enough to break the story to the media and go on the record. You poor pathetic excuse for a man

  • Lori

    Mitch…post 28, I guarentee the racing secretary is sweating all this . He needs to be the next one on the street .$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is how he got into Penn Casino and all his stalls.

  • Lynda Pellitteri

    Bravo Ray! What a great job of reporting! This is really awsome. I can’t believe all the felons he had working for him. That is totally amazing. I feel sorry for the grooms and hotwalkers and exercise riders who got caught in this mess.
    Tiff please don’t get too upset you didn’t do anything wrong. You worked your butt off for this guy for not much money at all and it sounds like you never got paid extra for anything. Mr Gill made plenty of money to pay his people what they deserved and it sounds like he never did. Instead he used that money to pay for medicines to “fix” his horses.

  • Noelle

    Regrettably, US racing doesn’t have a management structure capable of “warning off” Gill, his gang, and others of his ilk. Instead, US racing has its state-by-state alphabet soup of “stakeholder” groups, most of which have some sort of “we care about the safety and welfare of horses” message posted prominently on their websites.

    Time for those groups to stand up. The NTRA, in particular, given its highly touted Safety and Integrity Alliance should be commenting publicly and loudly on the situation at Penn National. The PA HBPA is an NTRA member.

  • Mr.Gill seems to have taken his racing operation operandi from AL DAVIS! Give me your tired, broken, & nefarious characters, & I’ll build an empire from them!
    Burton Sipp seems to be Wintering @ Beulah Park.
    Wonder if he’s still selling Giraffes in his spare time?

  • Thank you Ray. Please keep the pressure on Gill…and Penn National and anyone else who is turning a blind eye to what is happening here. Something needs to be done before we lose another horse or a human to his greed, ambivalence and gross negligence.

  • johnny mack

    Not to defend Gill,but,what rules has he broken here?
    Why pick on Cole Norman?Wouldn’t any of you want a second chance in life?We all make mistakes.
    I’m sure all of you have plenty of dirt in your past too.
    If you are going to hold Adamo and Delahoussaye to these standards,are you also going to hold Dutrow,Pletcher,Asmussen to these same witch hunts?They all have med violations,probably just as many,shouldn’t their licenses be revoked too,as you all want everyone elses taken away.
    And how much can you believe from a “whistleblower”?Most are just disgruntled employee’s with revenge on their minds.The inspector even said all the horses at Elk Creek looked wonderful.
    I think if it were up to all the people on this board,thoroughbred racing would cease to exist.Who would be left standing after all the witch hunts are over?

  • Mitch C


    That is a sad story. You should be commended for speaking the truth.

  • Mitch C

    Peter Carlino is at the top of PNGI
    Christopher McErlean is at the top of Racing at PNGI
    Rob Marella is at the top of Racing at HCPN
    Paul Jenkins is the Racing Secrtary

    Who is to blame the most for all of this mess? Gill’s history is long. Which of the above deserves to take the blame for Penn’s mess now being published in the New York times?

  • the punisher

    hey tiff…how about vitele, catalano, taglinetta, hooper and his side kick davey boy boyer…were they any more compasionate and ethical with the horses than those guys currently in place? Don’t fear speaking out because you have a lot of people on your side including other former gill employees(some who have already been telling it)…and more is coming!

  • Mitch C

    Maybe if Penn National wasn’t too busy doling out thousands in campaign contributions they would have been able to put that money to better use monitoring the situation at Penn !!!

    217 Contribution Details 217
    Contributor Date Amount
    WYOMISSING, PA 19610 11/4/2002 $2,000.00
    Occupation: –
    Employer: –
    Description: Monetary Contribution-

    Here’s a real class act…

    227 Contribution Details 227
    Contributor Date Amount
    WYOMISSING, PA 19610 5/13/2002 $1,250.00
    Occupation: –
    Employer: –
    Description: Monetary Contribution-

    228 Contribution Details 228
    Contributor Date Amount
    WYOMISSING, PA 19610 4/20/2000 $1,000.00
    Occupation: –
    Employer: –
    Description: Monetary Contribution-

    259 Contribution Details 259
    Contributor Date Amount
    WYOMISSING, PA 19610 5/30/2001 $1,800.00
    Occupation: –
    Employer: –
    Description: Monetary Contribution-


    Ed, thanks for that measley $50million price tag for the slots license when Illinois was getting 10x that !

    254 Contribution Details 254
    Contributor Date Amount
    WYOMISSING, PA 19610 3/29/2002 $10,000.00
    Occupation: –
    Employer: –
    Description: Monetary Contribution-


    358 Contribution Details 358
    Contributor Date Amount
    WYOMISSING, PA 19610 12/28/2001 $10,000.00
    Occupation: –
    Employer: –
    Description: Monetary Contribution-

  • Mitch C

    Johnny Mack,

    Second chances are fine and Norman deserves a 2nd chance at life. That doesn’t mean he deserves a 2nd chance with racing.

  • Joe

    Abuse of horses and jockeys isn’t limited to Penn tracks, to PA, it is tolerated to fill too many races with too many broken down horses on drugs at all tracks across all 38 juridictions.

    As long as horse racing is all about money made with the merciless exploitation of horses, as long as some are too big to fail, racing deserves what it is getting.

    Water seeks it own level in particular between owners, trainers and vets, and with track owners and racing commissions. Owners are most at fault.

    Only a central authority, not polluted by current “leadership”, to eliminate the scum and abusers, which operates under the law and with a direct line to the FBI can save horse racing.

    What is best for horses is best for racing. Racing fails to realize this simple fact. It continues to operate in the dark ages, digging its own grave, one licensed scumbag and one dead horse at a time.

  • Brenda M

    Bryan, I was aware of that. Did you know about the two mares she gave away that belonged to another owner. Heather told the owner the mares were barren and to give them away. Turns out they were in foal to doneraile court and heather used the mares to satisfy a judgement that was against her. The guy that took the mares is Chris Hansen from Pink Star stables

  • Exceptional work Ray. Keep it up. Turn up the heat.

  • Did anyone read the report?!

    The horses at the farm looked well and happy.

    The regime of injecting joints is the All American way – and if a $5,000 horse can run for $20,000 purse he’s not going to get a mild blister and 3 months off at the stage when that would resolve things.

    Entering horses in the wrong race isn’t a hanging offence here yet – thank goodness!

    If all the people with dependencies were weeded out of this sport, and its media, there wouldn’t be many left.

    Working once a week most people here would not think a severe regime.

    There didn’t seem to be much mention of stimulants, and not much evidence for it in the numbers – at any rate a 1 win in 6.5 run strike rate is probably not much more than random results as there probably aren’t much more than seven runners per race.

    Sending horses to a local factory may not be to everyone’s taste but is probably the least worst option in most cases from the horses’ point of view.

    If the undoubted problems which racing everywhere faces are to be sorted out there needs to be less hysteria and more objective review. Without the slots to attract Gill this whole sorry saga would never have come to light.

    Is the list against slots?, winter racing?, low grade racing? . Everything comes at a price.

  • Stellaspeed

    PENN Trainers will be holding a support rally for the jocks at the paddocks after the 2cd race Wednesday !

  • Cyndee

    This was a truly disturbing and sickening portrait of an inhumane operation. Words can’t describe the disgust I felt while reading it. Bravo to you, Ray, for digging deep into this human pile of manure.

  • Bill, you hit the nail on the head: It’s the All-American way. There are other ways, much more humane to the horse, but no, everyone wants to continue the All-American way. At least in a decade or so, when U.S. racing is no more, racing fans will be able to travel elsewhere to enjoy the sport the way it’s supposed to be.

  • memchuck

    Paulick I have to disagree with you here. You are riding the wave but your day will come as well. We are talking about racing and what happens on a racetrack, not the Vatican. Trainers and Owners with needles and injectibles. Yeah so what. There is not ONE trainer or owner out there that has been in the game for any period of time that does not have needles or injectibles in his refrig at home or on his farm. Oh my a race tracker with an arrest record. Holly cow what is the world coming to. If you rule off every licensee that has an arrest record we would have no one on the backside. But then again the same could be said about our Congress and Political Leaders. Buying a farm that is centrally located between NJ, PA, Del, Md, and WV tracks when you have a very large stable of horse. Oh my we should hang him for wanting to stay home more with his wife and kids. I suspect it had nothing to do with getting stalls. If you ask a little deeper instead of the b.s. you so called investigated you would find getting 50 to 100 stalls a track these days for $ 5 K runners is next to impossible with all the slots money being offered in purses. Come on people if you are going to say great job to Paulick you are part of the problem of “some journalist” doing a “surface investigation” instead of truly finding out the real facts.

    What is worse is I took time from my day to write on his blog! I hope Gil takes legal action against all these people that are bad mouthing him and convicting him before the proof is in – real proof not anonymous tips and surface b.s.!

  • LCM

    I don’t think the label “misfits” even comes close…these people are truly Scum of the Earth!!!

    This detailed account of the sociopaths that make up the GIll team is beyond sickening. I almost couldn’t read the whole thing. The problem is these criminals will just pack up their carnival tent and move on to the next two bit racetrack that needs to fill races. I’m sure some other racing officials will be more than happy to take their money.

    How many other “Gills” are out there? I’ve been told by a very reliable source at Penn, that Gill is by no means the only one that operates this way…he just did it on a larger scale. I hope the others that follow Mr. Gill’s principles have second thoughts. But I fear they are just glad the spotlight is focusing away from them.

    As for the humane society labelling the animals in perfect condition..The HSUS cannot do a thing if the horses have food, water and shelter. They have to actually see the abuse or visual evidence. Sad but true.

    So what is going to come from all of this? One man being run out of racing or a systemic change? I hope it’s the latter, but I’ve yet to see any response from the socalled LEADERS in this industry. I guess it’s just a little too sordid for them to deal with.

    So much for INTEGRITY OR TASKFORCES! It’s also fascinating to see this story make it to the NY Times, but no mention on the Blood Horse website…I mean really think about that. Their silence is deafening.

  • memchuck

    That is Great. Freedom of speech and all that! You preach it but you don’t walk the walk. I post a view not in agreement with your s and you pull the post.

    You the man – ha

  • memchuck

    ok…never mind I see you put it back up…

  • LCM


    While I don’t agree with everything in your post, I do agree with idea that injecting horses isn’t commonplace…Now that is hypocrisy.. It’s much easier and cheaper than taking out a chip or giving a horse time off. Heaven forbid!!! Everything about this business is based on MONEY…do what’s cheapest and quickest. Didn’t the detailed vet records of I WANT REVENGE highlight the abusive veterinary practices that are used on the VAST MAJORITY of horses? Everyone wants a quick “fix”. Unfortunately with horses, those fixes are very temporary…but maybe long enough to “get one more start”…then what?

    Gill needs to go,…but so do many others.

  • Mitch C

    Is anyone from the Racing Commission going to comment on why there were fradulent coggins associated with certain horses at Penn and the penalty…nothing.

    Also, why did Penn allow a rider to ride at almost 130 lbs and when the found out they did nothing about it?

    Someone should drive to Peter Carlino’s mansion in Wyomissing or wherever he lives like Uncle Eddie did to Frank Shirley form Chrismas Vacation and bring him to the backside at Penn while wearing his bath robe. Maybe then he would wake up and fix the problem.

  • Webster

    Maybe if Penn adds a few more slots it will fix all their problems.

  • takethat

    “do what’s cheapest and quickest. Didn’t the detailed vet records of I WANT REVENGE highlight the abusive veterinary practices that are used on the VAST MAJORITY of horses? Everyone wants a quick “fix”. Unfortunately with horses, those fixes are very temporary…but maybe long enough to “get one more start”…then what?”

    And IWR was a potential stallion money maker not a claimer.

    Why would anyone in their right mind claim a horse – especially at a track like Penn Nat. They need their head examined. You might as well buy a lottery ticket. This business is finished unless we under go a massive and very painful clean up. I doubt the powers that be have the will to do this.

    And I don’t think lottery money will continue to be poured into a sport that has such a filthy underbelly. Wait until PETA starts to campaign on the cortisone issue and you will see the pressure the politicians will come under – especially in PA.

  • Garrett Redmond

    While I agree criminal elements in any field should be driven out, I also believe in an accused’s right to a fair trial. Ray, in this instance you have stirred-up a Lynchmob. That is not commendable. It does more harm than any good that may come of it.

    Gill has played the “Claiming game” for all it is worth. Everybody else in that end of the business is doing much the same thing. As they are on a smaller scale, they don’t attract the spotlight. Every horse in a claiming race has a “FOR SALE” tag on it. If the trainers who cry about Gill’s aggressive purchasing do not wish to sell their horses, they have a simple remedy: Don’t put them up for sale.

    Slot machines have created new incentives for the Claiming game. Big purses for throwaway horses. Is it fair to say we may expect much the same situation if slots are introduced into Kentucky?

  • LCM


    Lynchmob? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean he’s not worthy of a lynching does it? Maybe people in this industry have to resort to such methods because NOTHING ELSE is being done! What do you suggest?

    You say “no good will come of it”? No doubt about it…Gill is a scapegoat, but I’ll be happy to see his downfall even if it isnt “pretty” or seemingly “fair”…

    You are right about the claiming “game”. It needs to be reformed. Owners shouldn’t be forced to lose their horses if they don’t want to. Why can’t it always be “optional”? Why is that luxury only available to higher end horses? Why can’t an owner have the right to protect a $5,000 claiming level horse as well as a $50,000 level horse. The lack of that option forces many to put their horses at risk.

  • rockrest

    Garret and Others,
    Please stop with the EVERYBODY is doing it comments. I am an owner who has horses with a reputable trainer at Penn. I am not afraid to claim – just have to be careful. I get my vet bill every month and the horses are not being tapped and blocked. When they need it – they go to the farm. They usually last and run well for quite a few years. Check the records of the reputable trainers at Penn(ex.-Todd Beattie, Salvagio etc.) Their horses are always given time when they need it. There are a lot of good people in the game. Nobody is jealous of Gill. He lost money year after year by making bad claims and running the horses into the ground. He finally made money this year(09) by claiming a lot of horses for $20-30,000 at Pha at the end of 08 and running them at Penn in 09 for less.

  • Zoltar

    If we are going to tie Gill and his cronies to crosses and crucify them on the road to Penn National, how about making drug violations of any kind have a bite and sting that actually results in behavior being changed by the training and ownership communities. Be it cobra venom inadvertently packed with in a vet’s lunch bucket by the” little woman at home” or a notable trainer sitting six months for a drug violation and then going on to earn three consecutive horse of the year titles with nary a worry, renders current drug violation punishment toothless and laughable.

    So we destroy people we don’t like. The knives were sharpened quickly for Paragallo and drawn with lightening speed for Gill. Look how fast everyone rushed to make sure they got their shots into the sinking ship. However, repeat offenders, and known cheats that we like, get off scott free or with a little slap on the wrist and a wink, wink. Ruled off the grounds? Silly boys, just don’t forget your cellphones!

    Ok, that’s the new standard, be likable. Smile a lot, have telegenic children. I’m not defending Gill, but there is a detestable lack of consistency with our “policies” at work here.

    So, by all means let us get our stones together and prepare to cast the first one. Those of us without sin may fire first.

  • Wizard82

    I still believe that there is a small chance that the pa state racing commission will do the right thing regarding the gill situation. The key word being small. However the focus needs to also be kept on the licensing procedures. It seems as there is either no screening process or the process is waived for individuals who are associated with certain affluent participants
    Just to give all of you the right idea of what kind of person Darrel delahoussaye is. A friend of mine who is very respected at the track and who has little bias or reason to despise gill was standing with Darrel one day at the track. He asked Darrel about the health status of a rider who was involved in a spill with one of his horses. He said that Darrel replied coldly, that is his ******ing job. There are more jocks out there to replace him.
    Congratulations racing commission. You have done an exceptional job in screening your applicants. Keep up the good work

  • Patty in Dallas

    Gill’s operations are just SICK. I am so glad that he is leaving racing. Thank you, Ray for not backing away from this story. We need more reporters like you who will not be intimidated and who has the betterement of the racing industry always in the foreront.

  • investigative reporting!!

    When Burton Sipp showed up out in Az. at Turf Paradise a couple of years ago, they couldn’t wait to accomodate him. I thought to myself, he won’t be there long because the Az. Racing Dept. won’t issue him a license. WRONG!! They couldn’t wait to accomodate him also. When it was pointed out to the state Racing Dept. what his past was, their reply was, “OH! If we had known that, we would have never licensed him!! But it’s too late now!!” Ever heard of the word revocation? Also, Az. administrative code says ALL licenses are probational for I think it was 60 or 90 days. They were notified of Mr. Sipp’s past way before that deadline. He didn’t make it very long in Az. anyway. Mr. Paulick, that was some super investigative reporting.

  • Michelle


    GREAT reporting. Makes me physically ill to know that these horses’ lives are so unimportant to Gill that he allows them to be handled by such creeps. Poor things.

  • Easy Goer

    I don’t know why I’m responding to this but I feel compelled to give some facts about this “situation”. The reason for not giving my name is because I am involved with Penn National and do not wished to be fingered out. Even though I feel I’m educated I will spell things wrong in this blog and will improperly use grammar, so I appologize. I will first start out by saying that I back the riders at Penn 100%. I said to myself 3 months ago “why do these riders continue to ride for Mr. Gill”? I’m now asking myself “why would I want to ride in a race with one of his horses”? (I’m not a jockey at Penn). While I’ve never been a fan of Mr. Gill, I’m not certain if he should have the crosshairs directly pointing at him! That being said, I still think that he is an “undesireable”.

    When Maggie Moss wrote that letter to the paulick report, I thought she went out on a very thin limb. A limb that I don’t think she should be on alone. I know Penn should accept some of this responsibility of the problems we are having. I’ve been to at least 5 or 6 tracks to watch training in the morning and oversee everyday life of the backside. The everyday activities of the horsemen, veterinarians (both state appointed and private), and officials are unnacceptable.

    Lets start with horsemen. I’ve seen more sore horses train at Penn, than any other track that I’ve ever been to. Whether it’s jogging, galloping, or breezing you may see a dozen horses a morning that you would think should not be training on that particular day. I do understand that this has been a staple at Penn for a longtime, and MANY trainers are very cappable of training a “special need” horse. The money that is given away there should overtime help this. Why? because horsemen there can now make this their living, they can buy/claim better horses. I’ve seen it at other tracks, and it will happen at Penn. Like in any business “the strong survive”. If you want something bad enough you will work hard for it.

    Now onto the private practice vets at Penn. “SHAME ON YOU”!!!!! Everyone at Penn knows that there is not a vet on the ground until 9:30am. Training in the summer starts at 5:30am, and is presently starting at 7:30am. There has been several occasions where a horse has broken down, and I’ve seen trainers, riders and/or other trainers standing with their horse/s waiting for a vet to come to the track. I’m not talking minutes, I’m talking hours!!!! Everyone knows this is true. I’ve seen a trainer breeze a horse and after the breeze the horse broke down and an hour later a vet arrived. All tracks I’ve ever been to, there has always been a practice that was there when training opened. It gets better, there is not one vet one the grounds after the first race. Why is this you ask?? Because there is no more lasix to give!! I’m not saying that I’ve never seen a vet scope a horse after the races, because I saw it for the first time this week. However, this was a new vet that came back to do it for a friend. I personally had a horse get hurt in a race (7th Race). I called my vet and he told me to pop it some bute and I’ll be there first thing in the morning. The horse could not get comfortable all night. I watched my vet drive in around 9:45am, and after three calls, and two hours later he came to treat my horse that slab fractured it’s knee. Once again, I believe that this can change, and most certain needs to change!!!!

    Officials, I’m not familiar with this department at all so my comments are just observations. Like any track accept for NYRA I feel that they are being a little stingy in the pockets when it comes to having enough, and sufficient help. Although they have tried to help with the surface, they are not trying to help the surface. Last year there was a survey taken that management handed out asking what we thought about the racetrack. For about three months the track seemed pretty good, but without proper maintance it slipped away and until this winter it was a poor surface. It is once again a pretty decent surface. Management however needs to meet with a regular group of trainers and riders maybe bi-weekly to ask questions, and try to stay on top of this SAFETY issue. It is done at least three other tracks I’ve been to, and all three tracks maintain a good racing surface. Last for management, state vets, at least three or four. Two to check morning horses, and another two for the night races. You could even check them all right before the races. Actually look at them when they gallop out in a race, and come back. You could find at least one a race that don’t come back good.

    I know I’m going on and on but I see alot wrong, and I so desperately want to see this sport strive!!!! I was born into it, I love it, I’ll never want to do anything else with my life. Let’s stop the bashing, and lets start fixing!!

    I’ve had a bad test before, it was for a tranquilizer (that is legal to have in the barn) but illegal to run on. Was I guilty? Yes, did I do it intentionally? No, it was on the bit of a 2yo that went out to the track, and right after a filly that was in a day later had the same bit in her mouth. It caused her to get a positive test. I said this because “Jamie Ness, Steve Asmussen, Stephanie Beattie, Chris Richard”……I’m forgetting some, are all good people, and do things “right”. They might have gotten bad tests, but the majority of tests came back positive of something that is legal to have in a stable!!! There was a mistake made and it was dealt with. Move on, get back to business. We as a hole are mainly made up of uneducated people (barring owners, commisions, and vets), but we all have some level of common sense, lets use it!!!!

  • Paula

    To the person who wrote:
    “And how much can you believe from a “whistleblower”?Most are just disgruntled employee’s with revenge on their minds.The inspector even said all the horses at Elk Creek looked wonderful.
    I think if it were up to all the people on this board,thoroughbred racing would cease to exist.Who would be left standing after all the witch hunts are over?”

    Disgruntled employees??? Witch hunt?? Please…spare me. The only person tempting fate was and still is Michael Gill & his nefarious band of trainers and perhaps vets, too.

    What do people gain by shutting themselves out of a job? What did a whole group of jockeys gain by refusing to ride in races where Gill’s horses are entered? Lost income and mount fees is what they lost. These are millionaire horse people who put their necks out to report and stand up against these offenses by Gill’s team. It took a lot of courage to do this, and if anything, we should be worried about their welfare, not Gill’s welfare. He has enough money socked away to do what he wants & move on.

  • wizard82

    Pa state racing commission officially ejects Michael Gill!!!!! Thanks for all the hard work Ray. Adamo and Delahoussaye to come next. We will take this sport back one step at a time

  • Mitch C

    Well, the Commission ejected Gill. I don’t know why Penn didn’t do this a couple of months ago, well I know but I’m not saying it here. Now the Commission can continue their investigation into other problems with racing. I’m sure by tomorrow morning, it will be the same old thing, pick up a coffee coolata on the way to work and try to figure out how to make the day’s time go by. If the Commission’s probe stops with Mr. Gill they should all be forced to resign. Ask more questions, Commission. Ask Penn how Delahoussaye got a license. Ask Penn how or why they gave him stalls. Ask Penn why their tracks (including charles town) don’t believe in pre-race exams. Ask John Krulock about the Gill allegations !!!!

  • Mitch C

    If Adamo was doing his own joint tapping then he should be an UNDESIRABLE and his entries for other owners not accepted at Penn. It’s time for Penn to stop putting their tail between their legs and start stepping up the plate and kicking these guys out. Same with Darrel Delahoussaye. Let’s clean up this sport people !!!!

  • Al

    How about the PA Racing Commission standing up for the best interest of the sport, the bettor and fan and the other participants. Good for them!! Ladies and gentlemen of the Commission and staff, keep the momentum going. Plenty more to do.

  • LJ Broussard

    Myectomy said, “That sound you just heard was Cole Norman throwing his empty fifth of whiskey through his computer screen.”

    Well, now it’s on the TVG that Penn has ejected Gill, that sound you JUST heard was Cole Norman throwing his empty fifth of whisky thru his TV screen.

    Gonna get a little philosophical here, but what’s gonna happen to Mike Gill after he dies? No way the Devil gonna let Mike Gill into Hell. Even the Devil don’t want such trash on his premises. Maybe Devil can conversate with Buddha, and they can have Michael Gill reincarnated over and over and over again as horses for a series of other bottom feeder trainers? Maybe Gill could come back 9YO G with 87 starts behind it, running $1K CLM at Los Al… every time the deceased but reincarnated Gill suffers disarticulation and gets euthanized, he comes back once again as an aged gelding running for a scumswallowing weasel owner/trainer such as the the late, hateful Mike Gill…

    I wish my old uncle who loved hosses so much and never did anything his whole life but work the backside, the one watched Casual Conflict go down in a world of hurt… I wish my old uncle were alive to see Mike Gill go down too.

  • My Heart 10

    Tiff, In response to #36 I too ran his shed row in 2000 I too sent him a letter quiting!!! Told him to take his job and you know what and told him his emipire would fall apart one day. I hope this is the day because Of all the horses he claimed from my boss and that are now dead leaves a burning feeling in my Heart. You losing your baby and that selfish ignorant piece of work couldn’t give you the time of day that is his personality. How his wife stands him I don’t know I think it is a double life. Concentrate on your baby and be happy don’t fret over this man I have done so for 10 years now.

  • My Heart 10

    #78 I too watched Casual Conflict go down I was standing beside his trainer Mark Shuman at the time and I said I can’t believe you did this to him and I have never spoken to Him again. We have Crossed Paths never said hi again. I watched that horse jog everyday he was sore sore sore!!!!!!!

  • D. Masters

    Mr. O’Gorman said: “…..Sending horses to a local factory may not be to everyone’s taste but is probably the least worst option in most cases from the horses’ point of view. …”

    Interesting comment. Let’s see Mr/Ms Racehorse, would your rather die snapping leg(s) on the track or butchered alive????

    I’m sorry Sir, but what kind of logic is that? Slaughter is a necessary evil? Last I heard the good Lord said no level of evil was acceptable. I won’t even go into the FDA regs regarding banned substances in meat animals for humans (which are neither currently tested for or enforced).

    Changing topic, Mr. Paulick’s work as posted above is certainly not something anyone would be seeing anytime soon in the the TBTimes, B-H or Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred. Excellent work.

    Too bad the industry that allows this situation in the first place is also the overseer…they will do little to nothing. But keep trying to expose situations like this because according to people posting here, Gill has lots of like minded folks to keep him company under the shedrow.

  • spex4me

    You know I am so sick of bad test this bad test that……blah blah blah. You know there would be no bad test if we weren’t allowed to pump this or that into these horses. One drug is legal another is not….. how about screw the drugs and do things with horsemanship and not a vet, or a needle? But alas that’s a pipe dream in the business of the quick buck turn around. I can only hope that this brings a spotlight on the seedy business that is taking place on backsides all over this country. If you think Penn is any worse than a number of other tracks then you my friend are a fool.

  • canuck

    When Adamo trained at Fort Erie it was rumored that he did his own joint tapping and injection. I don’t know for sure but with these new revelations maybe there was validity to the statements.

  • Joe

    ” they can have Michael Gill reincarnated over and over and over again as horses for a series of other bottom feeder trainers?”

    LJ: impossible. If the industry continues to be mostly about the terminal exploitation of $10K and under claiming horses on uppers and painkillers, electric shocks and other forms of battery and torture, racing will be only a troubling relic before Gills’ first reincarnation roundtrip.

  • wizard82

    Two words sum up what should be Penn Nationals follow up to this historic ousting. TRAINER RESPONSIBILITY. Gill gave the blueprint but adamo and delahoussaye carried out the dirty work. To maintain any bit of credibility after being bailed out by the racing commission, Penn National must immediately revoke the licenses of Anthony Adamo and Darrel Delahoussaye. There is no other way but to force accountability and set the tone for future discipline. Any other reaction will be unnacceptable to the jockeys and horsemen and will set a tone of weakness by management for future efforts in maintaining a clean racing environment.
    Anyway, that being said, Pizza and fried chicken for everyone in the racing office!!!!!!!!!

  • John Merriweather

    I commend Ray Paulick for his fine reporting on this story. And just remember, many, many horses suffered at the hands of Michael Gill and his Henchmen from Hell. That is the bottom line – the animals suffered just so Gill could make another dollar, win another race. It really makes me sick!

  • Nika

    Gill out of PENN. !!!! maybe Philly next? Please explain why Adamo is allowed to race at PHA. still? and how does he manage to get Elliott and Karmouche on his horses? something just don’t seem right.

  • Kate Harper

    Mr. O’Gorman writes in post #53, “Sending horses to a local factory may not be to everyone’s taste but is probably the least worst option in most cases from the horses’ point of view.”
    Are you truly serious? What local factory are you referring to? Horses are shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered, in the latter country they are knifed to death. That is the least worst option in your mind? No where in your defense of Gill or his merry band of horse abusers do you even address the use of an electric prod on a horse. That’s A-ok too?
    I applaud Ray Paulick for his expose on the continuing decline of this once great sport because of the fact there are too many Michael Gills who allow horse abusers to run their stables and farms. I also commend the jockeys at Penn National who refused to ride in any race in which a Gill horse would be running. I simply hope his horses have a chance of landing in a decent stable or retirement home rather than face having their throats slit in Mexico.

  • J in NJ

    Can somebody explain? This is getting hard to keep up with.
    The BH article says that he has been ejected, then goes on to say that he still remains licensed and can continue to race there.
    So, how exactly has he been ejected? What has changed?

  • toteboardannie

    What about the state vets that allowed these horses to run that were breaking down? Why were they not doing their jobs?

  • lamboguy

    here are the equibase comments for the horses that did not finish or were distanced in races for Gill since July 1. if you look at the charts almost all of these horses went off at less than 6-1.

    14-Jul-09 6 Whisper a Tune C06 SUF pace, stopped beaten 42 len.

    22-Jul-09 7 Rathmore C40 MTH eased, walked off

    05-Aug-09 5 Springs Terrace C05 SUF pace, stopped beaten 45 len.

    15-Aug-09 4 Discombobulated C04 SUF chased, retreated, eased across wire

    28-Aug-09 1 Induetty C05 PEN pulled up

    29-Aug-09 1 Igor C05 PEN set pace, pulled up

    02-Sep-09 7 Sarzana C04 PEN pulled up early

    08-Sep-09 5 Thundering Mariah C05 DEL led, stopped beaten 42 len.

    09-Sep-09 5 Taitt Hill NW1 PEN stopped badly beaten 47 len.

    12-Sep-09 4 Lakeside Run M12 PHA trailed, distanced beaten 55 len.

    13-Sep-09 2 Hooray Riverside C05 MNR stopped on far turn, eased

    03-Oct-09 1 Hooray Riverside C05 PHA gave way readily, beaten 51 len.

    08-Oct-09 1 Sage’s Dream C04 PEN lead, stopped beaten 44 len.

    14-Oct-09 2 Catch Me C05 PEN broke down

    14-Oct-09 7 B L’s Lucky Appeal C04 PEN pulled up turn

    15-Oct-09 6 Invisible Fire C05 PEN no speed, pulled up

    18-Oct-09 3 Allmans STR PHA stopped abruptly beaten 47 len.

    18-Oct-09 8 Girls Do Rule NW1 PHA stopped abruptly beaten 41 len.

    20-Oct-09 6 Mateland Close C05 PEN eased

    20-Oct-09 9 Hooray Riverside C04 PEN inside, stopped beaten 44 len.

    21-Oct-09 8 Igor C04 PEN stopped eased

    24-Oct-09 2 Dippi Trippi C05 PEN eased

    24-Oct-09 2 Smashing Glass C05 PEN pulled up lame

    24-Oct-09 3 Fancy Free Kelli C05 PEN stopped, beaten 43 len.

    05-Nov-09 9 Lakeside Run M05 PEN stopped, beaten 45 len.

    06-Nov-09 4 Skiptomloumydarlin C04 PEN broke down

    07-Nov-09 2 Otis of Atlantis C04 PEN early speed, eased

    10-Nov-09 8 Academia C05 PEN tired badly beaten 45 len.

    27-Nov-09 10 Unknown Foaldier C08 PHA vied for command, stopped
    beaten 40 len.

    18-Dec-09 5 Lion’s Pride NW1 PEN dueled, pulled up lame, lost jockey

    21-Jan-10 2 Melodeeman C04 PEN close up, broke down

    21-Jan-10 8 Going Gray C05 PEN tired distanced

  • bookie

    I cant say i am surprised cause you have to try real hard to get banned in Louisiana for anything ! After all we have P Val, that is when he shows up ;)

    Great job reporting here Ray it is about time people read some “facts” vs the hyperbole that tends to fester in racing circles.

    Oh wait i hear a cliche coming “birds of a feather flock together” Do they not?

  • toteboardannie

    Although, Michael Gill and his trainers, vets, etc are to blame for the operation they are running. There are other trainers at Penn National that run horses into the ground and send them to slaughter underground but are just not on the radar screen like Gill is. There are many people to blame here but most importantly it has to start with the Pennsylvania Racing Commission for allowing owner, trainers and vets with multiple infractions to continue to be licensed , the State Vets that were allowing these horses to run, PN management from the top on down to the Racing Office because they turned a blind eye to what was going on and then when it blew wide open they passed the buck to the PA Racing Commission to fix it so they could save face with the public or so they thought. PN management could care less about the welfare of horses and the group that represents the horsemen are not any better. They are all a bunch of hypocrites that deserve everything they get. Countless horses from Penn National have died via the slaughter route and continue to die that way and the track does nothing about it so there are many things wrong at Penn National that need to be investigated along with the Gill fiasco.

  • hatter

    How about horses that are aloud to start without gate cards then the jockey getting hurt in the gate and a bogus card being made up the next day. This is just an example of how the racing office is run at Penn National.

  • Wizard82

    I have already discussed what needs to be done regarding the liscense status of Adamo and delahoussaye. Adamo will surely meet his fate soon for the activity described at the farm by he and Cole Norman. Delahoussaye is a total different animal in itself. Aside from his perspective that jockey injury is no big deal, he runs an operation that is unlike Adamo, downright dirty in the open
    I have spoken to employees in surrounding barns from delahossaye. One such person told me that these poor crippled horses are forced to go to the racetrack, limping and nodding the entire way in plain sight. The source told me that it is so bad at times that they have nearly come to tears. That is one of his kinder endeavors

    In addition to being the captain of the gill breakdown show he has a documented
    history of animal cruelty. The barbaric electrical torture device is all that we need to know about his charachter and feelings for horses. One can only hope that the unnamed penn official who pleaded with gill to get rid of him will step up to finish the job
    Last but not least in my gut check, look in the mirror soap box speech, are the present owner clients of delahoussaye. How could anyone allow an individual with such a long history of mistreating horses, allow him to take care of their outfit of horses. Owners like Henry Witt, who retain the services of outstanding horsemen like John Connor, should be ashamed, to place horses in such an environment of neglect. Owners like Henry Witt should strongly reconsider the delahoussaye option or they should do some soul searching and get out of the business just like Michael gill

  • Tara

    seeing this article and reading about what has happened to his horses really makes me worry about the fate of a horse i’m trying to locate named Master Of Disaster…i know he was claimed by Gill in April, pulled up in his last race in December and hasn’t been seen since…I only hope he can be found,rescued and retired to a loving home

  • GregJ.

    Said Gill: “I don’t know what’s going to happen Wednesday night. All I know is I’m running, even if I have to ride the horses.”—–Really? Like to see that, You pompous jackass, Good Riddance…

    To all the defenders of Gill, How is that working out for you?

  • QuickQuestion

    Hey Ray,

    Can you please publish the rap sheets on Steve Assmussen and Todd Pletcher?

    What would have been a really fun excercise is to publish all the rap sheets with no name and have your readers have to guess which belongs to which. People would have been very surprised.

    $100 fines here and there are nothing. You enter a horse, you decide to scratch, you pay the blood money to the commission for not running your horse. Get real people.

  • QuickQuestion

    Also, Maggi Moss’s open letter is a joke. Perhaps she should align herself with trainers in PA that don’t have nefarious reputations either. Perhaps you should publish the rap sheets on all of her trainers so we can see if the pot is calling the kettle black or not.

  • joes

    GREAT JOB!!!
    Gill says he made money this year. He probably wanted to show a profit to get the IRS off his back. This is what he had to do at the end of 2008. From November 22, 2008 thru December 31 2008, in 24 racing days at PHA Gill claimed:

    $20,-25000 – 16
    15-16,000- 9
    10,- 12,500 – 10
    under 10, – 12

    Total 47 claims – @ $725,000.

  • Equine Avenger

    It’s sad to think about all the trainers and their assistants that were there last year and cut out before the crap hit the fan that are getting off without a mention. Does anyone have a list of 08/09 Elk Creek trainers?

  • GregJ.

    Equine Avenger,

    Not 100 percent sure on this, But, I believe these were Gill’s Trainers in 2008/2009…
    Tim Hooper, Mike Catalano, Murray Rojas, Chris Grove, Hector Garcia. I think Hooper had the bulk of Gill’s horses at Elk Creek…

  • Myectomy

    Thoroughbred racing will be dead in 10 years if the horseman don’t start making changes now. The HBPA’s in every state need to work with the various commissions for stricter rules on drugs and harsher penalties when rules are violated instead of seeking the path of least resistance. It’s complete STUPID that a horse can eat a Hershey Kiss and test positive for caffeine, but if you load a horse up with cobra venom, no problem. Racing’s rules are quite stupid if you think about it.

    “Quick Question”, if you visited this site more than once a year, you would know that Ray has published their records in the past. Asmussen is a #%&# and everyone knows it. Pletcher is smarmy. What’s your point? I don’t think cajun Steve is tapping knees and ankles and Pletcher would never hurt a cuticle tapping an ankle.

  • CTRacingFan

    Marcus Vitali trained Gill’s horses at Suffolk last year.

    Oh, and Catalano is the husband of Abby Fuller (Mom’s Command) and comes across as a good guy in TD Thornton’s book about Suffolk “Not By a Long Shot,” so be careful about tarring everyone with the same broad brush.

  • Lying heart

    “My Heart 10 Says: ” you are full of it.

  • Joe

    Racing can either:

    1) create a central authority to disinfect and rule with an iron fist,


    2) continue to protect scum and tolerate cruelty and fatalities as being part of “the game” while everyone is still busy debating dirt vs. plastic instead of what (drugs) and who are killing (on and off track) the most horses and why. If industry insiders still fail to take responsibility then change drastically, racing will hang itself.

  • Joe

    The HBPA is part of the problem not the solution. It is pro drugs, pro mass racing and loves its luxurious junkets and lavish perks. The HBPA should be about equine protection, quality and ethical racing, transparency and accountability. It is not. Several HBPA chapters were/are corrupted.

  • Freespirit

    Wow, Ray, you put a lot of work into investigating this. Thanks!

  • Kate Harper,
    The operative word being LOCAL factory as opposed to shipping to Canada or Mexico. Put them down in the yard is obviously preferable – personally I’d rather do that than submit a broken down horse to the tender mercies of the public. I can’t answer for how the plants work, but I do think that working with the overall racing authority and someone like Dr. Temple Grandin [Google her] to provide facilities locally for destruction with minimum fuss would be a better idea than pretending [they do it here too] that all horses can be successfully rehomed.

    Gill may well be a dreadful person – I’m just trying to make the point that the system is wrong too, and that lots of other people are contributing to it.

    How do you feel about SA going back to dirt – throwing the baby out with the bathwater because they got the installationwrong [twice] and bettors want early speed.

  • the punisher

    My heart 10- nothing has changed at the Shuman barn. The cutting of throats, the tapping, the post-lasix milkshaking,etc. It all continues…

  • D. Masters

    Mr. O’Gorman:

    Please stop calling it a factory or processing plant….maybe packing plant is acceptable, but let’s call a spade a spade. It’s a slaughterhouse. And even Dr. Grandin concedes that equines require a head restraint, which involves slowing down the line and competent kill line employees. But that still doesn’t exclude the use of banned prophylaxis administered to TBs during time off or on the track,

    The best local destruction is and always has been the owner, trainer or track vet euth via chem and call the renderer because ALL racers can’t be rehomed. Until there is a system like the EU equine passport system, no US based equine should go to HCHS. But I digress and you are correct about the system being the problem. Unfortunately I don’t see any relief in sight anytime soon; maybe the industry does need to die to affect change.

    Excellent observations about SA.

  • race

    Ray–Great Reporting–and I’m blown away with all the responses that say the same thing over and over, that we need a CENTRAL GOVERNING BOARD!!—And the above writers have many, many, connecctions to good people that believe the same–So I ask, what is the answer?–Is the NTRA just a front, or can they start doing something?–r

  • D. Masters

    Since the industry (with the exception of a few jurisdictions…but even that is not tough enough) will not make the necessary and obvious changes, the federal government (and I hate to say that) will have to legislate a central authority (details TBD) because it effects interstate commerce and communications and revenues. God, will that be a mess or what?!?! But the bottom line is because of the current structure and multi-jurisdiction aspect, the Feds are the only ones. I don’t believe they care either.

    This sport is doomed.

  • Joe

    I believe that the local factory is Bravo Packing. Inc in Carney’s Point, NJ, a highly controversial slaughterhouse which butchers cows and other animals including horses. The operation is/was starving horses allegedly to produce lean meat for big cats which is totally lunatic since big cats need to eat fat. I think that by starving horses the scumbags thought the meat of race horses might be less toxic. Allegedly, the sadistic recently dead co-owner (or son of owner) needed to be thoroughly drunk before killing and butchering horses. Worth googling Bravo Packing, Inc. Mr. O’Gorman.

  • Madix3

    Just posted this on COTH forum….after a breif look at what’s going on here, looks like yuo’re already heading the same direction…..

    I can’t help but think an opportunity may be missed in this Gill debacle, now that the issue of ‘Gill and his misftits’ is seemingly nearing a conclusion.

    As an observer of the COTH’s, and Paulick Report’s threads on this issue, there are some obvious conclusions;
    1) Many are sick of seeing racing sullied by ‘Gill-like’ tactics and techniques, on and off the track.
    2) Many care deeply about racing and horses and jockeys and want to prevent this type of cruelty and abuse from occurring.

    However, we need to keep in mind that Gill’s departure, will not fix these insidious problems that afflict racing. No, unfortunately there will be someone with similarly low morals and values to take his place, just as there are still many out there operating their racing business in the same manner already. Clearly, hall of fame and eclipse award winning trainers and owners will resort to this style of practice just as much as those running at the bottom of the claiming ranks.

    For those who either have no higher principles or decide they are comfortable down-grading their values, it often comes down to a ‘business decision’. They cheat and abuse horses as they are unable to be successful otherwise.

    Currently the industry tolerates this behavior.

    Racing in this regard seems an awful like baseball. I wonder what would have happened in baseball if the cheaters knew that to return a positive drug test would cause a life-time ban from any involvement in the game, massive fines, and prison time?

    But perhaps racing is in a worse predicament? At least the ball players knew what they were doing to themselves.

    The hard fact remains today that the same heinous activities will continue, until the racing industry institutes changes, such that abuse and drugging of horses (on and off racecourse grounds) is no longer tolerated, and also gives itself some real recourse in prosecuting offenders.

    To reiterate with more strength, the industry needs to get drugs and other abusive techniques out of the sport, and grow a spine and some teeth so that it is no longer a pathetic and gutless pansy in regard to these issues. It makes me sick to my stomach that some ‘famous top trainer’ gets his rich owner’s attorney to humiliate the racing industry’s sorry legal performance. Then that pharmacist (I can’t call them trainers), is back doing the same abusive things with barely a slap on the wrist.

    But, as in any democracy, change will come from the bottom.

    Those at the top, in positions of power, and that could bring about these changes in racing, are not going to act until their position is threatened en-mass from below. The system as it is now is working for them – they’re already there at the top of the food chain.

    What we need to do is take this issue, not just of Gill, but also of Assmussen and others, and stir it into maelstrom, until the mainstream media reports on the real story, until it becomes such an aggravating issue to those in power within the industry that they are compelled to finally make some changes.

    I don’t care if the ‘industry power players’ say it was their idea (that’s how it usually works anyway), and I don’t care if the cheaters get upset, because they know they will be toppled from their artificially enhanced perch, and I don’t care if some of the socio-pathic types remain in the business – so long as they don’t treat horses the way they have in the past.

    What we all want is a true sport (free of cheating and drugs) that restores the completely deserved respect for the key player – the horse.

    It may well mean there are some losses;
    a) some horses can’t run as they’re too sore or lame – should they be running anyway?
    b) some tracks close as their aren’t enough bottom enders to fill their races – should those be running anyway?
    c) the industry contracts a little – but wouldn’t this be an argument of quality vs quantity?
    d) there are less horses for the kill-pens.

    So, my question to fellow COTH and PR folks – What Now? There is obviously considerable passion surrounding this issue, and it won’t go away with Gill’s ‘promised’ departure. It would be a shame to waste all this angst on the outing of just one player, as the sickness still resides within racing.


  • rockrest

    Disbeliever from Canada

    Have you got it wrong – you must not be that familiar with Gill. Just wait and see what comes out – grand jury invetigations etc..

  • Kate Harper

    Mr. O’Gorman,
    Unfortunately we’ve already gone down the road of a “local factory” with the horrors at Cavel demonstrated repeatedly before it was shut down. On more than one occasion a foal was born on the killing floor, there are numerous videos of horses not killed with the stun gun and subsequently hoisted by the leg, thrashing around until their throats were slit. Yes, D. Masters is correct that there should be a head restraint used and competent individuals used to properly kill the animal to reduce suffering and inhumane treatment in their final seconds of life. Obviously, the best solution is euthanasia by the owner but that isn’t always feasible but what’s happening now with thousands of our horses being shipped across our borders to a hideous death is outrageous.
    On your question about SA going back to dirt, I think their issues on draining the track is because of the wrong base. Synthetics are used across the world without the same drainage issues as those experienced at Santa Anita. I would hate to see a return to the days of stressing speed over stamina which was brought about largely by the quarter horse trainers who entered the industry in the late ’70’s and ’80’s. I think Lukas’s initial success helped change the breeding industry to place an emphasis on speed rather than durability and is one factor of the large amount of breakdowns his and other horses have suffered over the last 20+ years. There is more to catastrophic breakdowns than the track surface. Rampant misuse of medications is a giant problem as is the Michael Gill’s within the industry who exemplify the churn and burn mentality.

  • Mitch C

    Disbeliver from Canada,

    9/11 never happened…it was all BUSH !!!! Let’s go have lunch.

  • JCBloodstock

    The NTRA has always been a front.A group of self pat on the back syndrome people that say hey,look at me—I’m a board member of the NTRA.Come on sheep,help to support us and we will promote the rich in this business and could really care less about the ones that try to survive at the lower end of this business.

    And now Ray has got most everybody thinking here that anybody that works with or claims lower end horses are cruel and inhumane and the scum of the earth.Let’s put the little ones out of the business that have a hard enogh time just trying to survive.Let’s go after the one’s that many will take care of their horses better than they will take care of themselves.Ya’ Ray I’ve seen the posts—-from the ones that know nothing about racing.One question was,who started claiming races???why would anyone run a horse for $10,000 or less???And guess what Ray,not one of the so-called thoroughbred industry posters here has answered either question.

    The reason you have claiming races is because not all horses can compete against each other at the same level of competition.Most $3500 claim horses can not compete against $10,000 claimers.Most $10,000 claimers can not compete against $25,000 claimers.Very few $25,000 claimers can run in non-condition allowance races and very few allowance horses can run in Graded Stakes Races.What does all this provide???It provides a livelihood and a way of participation to people from all walks of life.It’s not just for the rich,the kings and the queens,the celebrities.It provides something for the little people to get their foot in the door,some of these little people go on to become legends in the industry.It’s a chance for them,it’s a hope for them.Destroy the little people and you will destroy the industry.I am not defending Michael Gill and his cohorts but a trend I’ve seen developing here is let’s condemn em’ all.Maggie has received a lot of grief but one thing I can say for Maggie is she has taken many horses in claiming races and moved them up with the finest example being Peace Rules who it seems like she claimed for $35,000;Kentucky Derby winner Charismatic was also a former claiming horse.

    If anybody in this business has a true love for the horses they work with on a day to day basis,7 days a week,365 days a year it is the one’s operating at the lower end of the industry.But now Ray has provided a platform for all the Animal Rights Fanatics and PETA Terrorists and from the posts here there are many of them posting.

    The point I’m trying to make is not everyone working at the lower end of this industry are cruel,inhumane scumbags.Many of them live in rooms on the backside that are not big enough to turn around in.They share the bathrooms and showers.They are there not for monetary game but for a love of the horses.They care more about them than a lot of the posters here.The sad thing about the internet is it becomes quickly accused,judged,guilty and condemned.There are more Mr. Gill’s out there but there are many that are not.

    Did Michael Gill need to leave this game,most definitely yes.

    Do trainers like Mr. Gill’s need to be gone,most definitely yes.

    But the way you do this is not by attacking the people but by attacking the racing commissions in every state to come up with mandatory rules nationwide.Another thing that you can do Ray,is approach the Jockey Club—bring unity to this industry.The racing commissions set the rules of racing,we need mandatory rules nationwide,everybody plays the same game,the same rules,weather you have a $3500 claimer or a Breeder’s Cup Winner.Another thing that needs to be mandatory is punishments,you change the game by proper and just fines.But it has to be mandatory state to state and each violation enforceable in every state and abided by.

  • D. Masters

    Technically, there are still “local” horse butchers. I understand that the “main” guy in NJ died, but his son is still carrying on the equine tradition. Fine. Although I heard the equines and other animals were in bad shape during some investigations….but they (the SH) are alive and well as I type. It’s a custom SH and subject to different inspection depending on where the meat goes. And let’s not forget, there are some rendering plants that will take live horses for “processing”…but you have TO PAY, not get paid to do that.

    Disbeliever from Canada: After reading your post, I think you are from a very far away planet outside our planet…wait…maybe that is Canada! Just kidding because their scrutinization of equine med/history records is on the verge of being super. Now, how will it be enforced?.

  • Shoshin

    Thank you, Mr. Paulick for conducting this investigation & writing & publishing this damning report.

    Gill’s & his trainers’ lack of regard for the lives & well-being of horses is thrown into broad relief–& is repugnant.

    Gill & company reveal themselves for the savages that they are.

  • Mitch C

    I’m wondering if Maggi Moss will defend Ray when Gill files his lawsuit.

  • Kate Harper

    I hope so. Kudos to Ray Paulick for standing up to the weasel who threatened him with a libel suit.

  • FOBotics101

    Welcome to all the members of PETA who have hijacked this site.

  • FOBotics101

    Ray Paulick for standing up to the weasel?

    Standing up? Paulick is sitting at a PC in a locked office.

    He’d never stand up to Gill, face-to-face.

  • Shoshin

    FOBotics101 + Gill & His Thugs =

    A perfect marriage (of imbecility & callous disregard for the well being of horses).

  • FOBotics101

    How ironic is this?

    “Savvy businesses recognize value. Advertise in the Paulick Report.


  • Al

    So a new chatter says Gill’s a “tough guy,” really, is he? What’s he like to fistfight in public or something? Thugs do embrace this persona.

    I see all Gill horses are scratched tonight, and jockeys are named on all “no rider” entries. Michael Gill is running, not walking, from this situation, so my guess is the goods are out there or he would have stayed to fight another day. It’s what he does.

    Let’s hope for better racing and participants in the future at Penn National.

  • FOBotics101

    PETA + unemployed = 99% Paulick readers

  • Shoshin

    Derivative little pip, aren’t you, FOBotics101?!

    You sound like a Gill employee.

  • Al

    Hey #132, nah, I have multiple jobs and I don’t know anyone from PETA. As the kids might say “Paulick rocks!”

  • FOBotics101

    multiple jobs = temp worker.

  • Al

    FOBotics are you Gill? Similar apptitude.

  • FOBotics101

    Gill = savvy businessman.

    Just like the ones Paulick wants advertised at his site.

  • Mac

    Ray, I can see you are trying to draw attention to an important issue, but is it possible that the stroke you use is way too broad? You talk about Gill’s “gang of misfits,” and initially focus on two of his trainers (Adamo and Delahoussaye). In your own introductions, you make clear that Adamo has had no convictions, no suspensions, no major fines but instead a small grouping of $300 fines (on average) for questionable violations. The others you reference are felons, addicts, and known violators of drug infractions with histories of multiple suspensions. Why, Mr. Paulick, is Anthony Adamo even included in this article? A Gill trainer, yes. A Gill “misfit,” you’ve yet to convince me.

    Good investigative reporting, be it blogged or journal published, is an essential component of both democracy and capitalism. We need that kind of journalism. Still, reporting that carelessly slanders serves no valuable purpose at all, but can do irreparable damage to persons, families and industries. It is not too late for you to take some corrective action here. I sincerely hope you do.

  • Myectomy


    If I were a betting man, I would bet a large sum of money that Ray knows more than he put in print and feels just fine calling Adamo a misfit. Just a guess….

  • snow goose

    I would guess that, if myectomy used his real name, people in here could come up with something better than misfit. don’t forget about glass houses! Really when you read the top it sounds so exciting an exotic, then you read the violations and realize that they might be average at best for a racetrack backside. Anyone in the game knows that the violations published really wasn’t all that much. As for the Cole Norman thing, WTF does that have to do with racing? Here is a guy that did his time and is trying to be a productive part of society. He doesn’t deserve a second chance from any of you, BECAUSE he doesn’t owe any of you a freaking thing. What he did was “outside the gates” and had nothing to do with racing or the integrity of racing. Get over it and get out of your glass houses. What should he be doing? Sitting in an little office writing a blog all day? Maybe making up stories and insinuating a false truth? Oh I’m sorry, Ray already has that job. What a productive part of society that is, organizing the mob of do gooders! (or so they think they are)

  • Myectomy

    Snow Goose, please enlighten us to one falsehood that has been penned by Ray Paulick regarding Gill. I’ll go to bed and give you all night to try and find one. Goodnight.

  • joes

    I agree with you. Wait until it all comes out – grand jury etc. Then maybe people will believe. As they say – You ain’t seen nothin yet!

  • Truth Be Told

    I have been following this story about Gill and his gang. Being I’m from the same state of the two of the MISFITS and don’t know them personnally I have been enolved in racing for almost as long as both of them! Yes that would be COLE NORMAN and … DARRELL DELAHOUSSAYE. I was wondering where Cole was being that he can’t get a license here in Louisiana. I remember when he got a bad test for Milkshaking on a horse called GO POPPA FOOZE for country singer Toby Keith aka Dream Walkin Farms. It was I think th eJean Lafitte a prep for the Delta Jackpot. Word down here was everyone knew not to claim a horse from Cole. You never knew what you got!! They never seemed to run anymore after leaving his barn!! That was the story from every trainer that ever took a horse off of Cole.

  • snow goose

    grand jury, when for the antitrust lawsuit? to prove collusion? good, because if all you law students out there had a brain, maybe you could use them. How about you all take a step back off of your soap boxes and get away from your personal agendas and really think, you might not like gill but did he actually break a law? If so what law? or are you just not happy with his business practices, (doesn’t mean that he broke the law)……. ok now look at how the jockeys and Penn National handled the situation………….can you look up antitrust ? Now who is the “grand jury” and not Paulicks Lynch Mob going to say actually broke the law??? think long and don’t answer too fast.

  • joes

    Snow goose
    You people who know nothing about the situation sure have a lot to say. Just wait and see what comes out. Do you think Gill would have quit so quickly if he wasn’t in big trouble. What personal agenda? All he does is make bad claims and ruin horses. He says people are jealous because he’s making money. I don’t think so. He says he finally made money in 09. He had to spend over 1.1 million dollars claiming horses at Pha in Nov. & Dec. 08 to show a profit in 09. Look it up! Several of the horses he claimed for $25,000 were not worth $4,000 when he got done with them.

  • snow goose


    Where in your right field explanation was a law broke?? And What law was it?? Hurting some feelings is not illegal. that is my point.

  • joes

    he uses these trainers to do his dirty work. Reputable trainers will not train for him. When it comes down, they will be talking. .

  • Mary Johnson

    Ban ALL of these low lifes from racing FOREVER. It really is that simple. For once, do what is right for the horse instead of what is right for the wallet. Do you think these idiots will change? No way! I sincerely hope that when Gill and his accomplices leave this earth that the horses will decide his fate. It won’t be a pretty picture!

  • snow goose


    maybe you couldn’t understand. Please answer the question. What law was broken? or just zip it.

  • Nika

    Somebody please tell me what law Gill has broken? of all his actions what by law is actually illegal?

  • Miyectomy


    Research the “fit for sale” law in pennsylvania and then get back to us.

  • Nika,

    You are right, Gill is a perfect person, Has done no wrong, He is an ideal citizen and everyone is wrong that says anything negative about him, His only concern is for the welfare of his horses. There you go, Satisfied? Now back to reality, This guy cares NOTHING about his horses or the people he hires, He is a hermit that is responsible for …. horses that have died due to him owning them. If you don’t believe that, Fine, That is your right, But, I will take the word of people that I know and have seen his handywork first hand, So go ahead and respond and say, “I don’t see any actual laws being broken”, He hasn’t been caught at it YET, So, Keep sticking up for this horse killer, If you can live with that, You have every right…

  • Wizard82

    Approximately 12 riders have gone down on, or have had horses fallen over gill horses in the last year. If you ask me, the only lawsuit that should be considered is one by the jockeys at penn national. I draw similarities in gills lawsuit threats to a drunk driver bringing suit against the family of one of his victims. Misguided, and bold to attack the REAL victims of this story
    And to answer all of the jealousy questions regarding gills purse earnings and the jockeys just trying to remove him because he doesn’t use them, I will pose this scenario. If over one third of a jockey colony was injured by incidents involving one mans horses—— do you think that these jockey would still be ambitious to do business with this person in any way? Get real people, no hidden agendas here just genuine fear for their lives

  • kelly

    I wrote a note on here yeasterday, I quess Mr. Paulick you filter and put on what you want. Mr Adamo and his wife, gave us 5 horses that were very well cared for. we intend to breed them. they rehabed a mare that was injured for months to get her in shape to give awat to breed. If they didnt care they would have offed her right away. The staff at the ranch were very proffesional and carind of the horses. You guyr are blowing up a situation with out knowing all the facts and data. Low level claimers have problems, you just notice Mr Gills because he is running 200 of them, not 5 .

  • Does any one know if there is a web site where the average person can get all the rulings on a trainer like the ones that were listed in the Paulick report. I went to the web site he used but the average person can’t get access. Thank you.

  • Madix3

    While I guess it might be a valid question as to ‘what law Gill has broken’ – I don’t think that this dialogue is read or written by many lawyers.
    I can only guess why Gill operated the way he did. He might be a psychopath that gets a twisted thrill from the abuse of horses, or maybe he just has no empathy for the animals and thinks of them like many people think of cattle on feedlots – just a tool to be used for personal gain.
    However I won’t be suprised if he is using the racing game for tax purposes – many many people have avoided taxes and even become very rich by using the tax laws pertaining to racing.
    But, all that aside, what people are passionate about is that fact that there at least appears to be abuse of horses, and that in turn leads to unnecessary risks on the track.
    I hope that Gill gets what he deserves – whatever that may be, and I hope that keeps him out of racing for good.
    BUT, until racing cleans itself up it will just happen again and again, and we’ll all be getting upset about some other person and how they operate.
    The single biggest thing racing could do, that would have immediate and long lasting benefits for both racing and horses would be to get rid of all the drugs.
    And yes, I’ve heard all the complaints that some would go out of business – but really if you can’t succeed without doping your horse to keep it sound or to drugging it to cheat, you shouldn’t be in business anyway. Why should horses/jockeys/et al suffer because you are incompetent? Either get better at your horsemanship, or get out.

  • joes

    Well said!

  • TheRealTruth

    Let me first start of by saying that i am not sticking up for Gill in any way shape or form but lets face it people this whole entire situation will have ramifications in the industry. I have enjoyed the Paulick Report for sometime ,but this article makes the National Enquirer look tame. There are too many sketchy details and I do believe in due process and the majority of the people you are slamming are not as demonic as you are making them out to be. Of the people you trashed I can only speak of one person that I have crossed paths with and that is Anthony Adamo. Do I like Anthony Adamo? Not particularly, thought he was a bit obnoxious and a loud mouth. That does not make him a horse killer. The horses I watched under his care were well put out and looked sound and ran very well in the races he put them in. He was employed by Gill of which I would gather over 75% of the trainer population would have jumped at the chance to work for an owner that is shooting for leading owner in NA.. How reliable is this whistleblower? Is it some dude who got fired for doing a horrible job or getting stiffed for a few bucks and decides he is going to get his 15 minutes of fame when all this comes to light?Another hypocrite is Maggi Moss. How can she of all people emplore a person to get out of the business for unsavory racing practices? She employs trainer’s Steve Assmusen as well as Thomas Amoss another guy that gets ucanny results off of hay and oats?Not to mention the other trainers she has all the while claiming horses off the same peeps that Gill did and many others from other tracks.Did the Paulick Report as Ms. Moss how many horses joints of her’s have been tapped? If your going to throw dirt and come up with half truths and speculation ,you sir are not doing any favours to the racing industry.

  • DaKid

    everyone talks about adamos horses. everyone needs to realize that these horses only ran in adamos name he wasnt the real trainer. cole norman was the trainer of the horses that ran under adamos name. adamo was the farm manager and did the entries and the messenger work. . but hes still at fault for the stuff that was going down. i think that gill him and delahousye should all be banned from racing or atleast from penn national forever there is no long enough suspension for what they have done at penn national all the horses they ran into the ground all the jockeys they ran into the ground. i have no compasion for those people and hopefully they get hit hard with this investigation. and what to what madix3 was saying about the drugs in the game not everyone would go broke or out of business only the chemical trianers would go out of business and they are the ones who should go out of business unfortunatly they are the ones that are winning a majority of the races now a days but if they could stop all the drugs the real old school trainers would be able to shine and win races again but until that happens its going to continue to be chemical warfare!

  • GregJ.

    Laughing Moon:

    He was slowing down as each raced progressed prior to Gill claiming him…

    I will say, Come to your own conclusions on Gill and his ways, This is typical of the performance of the horses he claims, They ALWAYS seem to get incredibly better soon after he gets them, Here is the example of Laughing Moon:

    Laughing Moon had not won a race in his previous 9 starts, Here are his results of his four races BEFORE Gill claimed him:

    10/29—-finished 8/12 in a $8K claiming race….

    11/11—-finished 5/11 in a $8K claiming race…

    11/26—-finished 5/14 in a $7.5K claiming race…

    12/09—-finished 5/7 in a $6.25 claiming race…



    01/14—–FINISHED 1/9!!!!!!! WINS $13,800 IN EARNINGS, MIRACLE?, YOU TELL ME…




  • Sandra Warren

    One the contrary, I think Ray was a stickler for attribution, and what he had or had not verified: “The Paulick Report has not been presented with any evidence that a large number of Gill’s horses have ended up at a Canadian slaughterhouse or at Bravo Packing.”  That is exactly correct.  He was unable to obtain evidence because those packing guys know better than to keep any records.  Good on you, Ray!  You deserve a Pulitzer or at least an Eclipse.  Shine some sun on those bastards and drive them out.

    • Sandra Warren

      Sorry, I meant this as a reply to TheRealTruth.

  • Sandra Warren

    One the contrary, I think Ray was a stickler for attribution, and what he had or had not verified: “The Paulick Report has not been presented with any evidence that a large number of Gill’s horses have ended up at a Canadian slaughterhouse or at Bravo Packing.”  That is exactly correct.  He was unable to obtain evidence because those packing guys know better than to keep any records.  Good on you, Ray!  You deserve a Pulitzer or at least an Eclipse.  Shine some sun on those bastards and drive them out.

  • Sandra Warren

    Sorry, I meant this as a reply to TheRealTruth.

  • Sandra Warren

    Of course there are not any laws broken because 1) the poor beasts have hardly any legal protection and 2) it is regulations that are being constantly broken rather than laws.  Remember the amputation, removal, and disappearance of the leg from a horse that broke down?  Can ANYONE tell me of when that had EVER happened ANYWHERE else, that a private veterinarian whacked off a piece of evidence and removed it from the grounds so that state veterinarians could not examine it?  That kind of behavior is prima facia evidence that we do NOT want this crowd around.  Mr. Gill has petulantly complained that he will pick up his marbles and leave the game several times.  If only.

  • Sandra Warren

    Of course there are not any laws broken because 1) the poor beasts have hardly any legal protection and 2) it is regulations that are being constantly broken rather than laws.  Remember the amputation, removal, and disappearance of the leg from a horse that broke down?  Can ANYONE tell me of when that had EVER happened ANYWHERE else, that a private veterinarian whacked off a piece of evidence and removed it from the grounds so that state veterinarians could not examine it?  That kind of behavior is prima facia evidence that we do NOT want this crowd around.  Mr. Gill has petulantly complained that he will pick up his marbles and leave the game several times.  If only.

  • Lea

    Agreed with you TheRealTruth

  • clorinda grogan

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