‘Fighting Over Minutia’: Monmouth Again Institutes Shipping Ban To Suffolk Downs

by | 06.17.2017 | 4:30pm
Suffolk Downs

Throwing back to their decision last August, Monmouth Park officials have again banned horses which ship out to race at Suffolk Downs from returning to the Monmouth stable area. According to bloodhorse.com, about 65 horses were shipped from Monmouth to Suffolk during the four race days in August 2016, and horsemen were charged a fine of $1000 for each horse run at Suffolk and returned to Monmouth. In the end, an anonymous donor paid the fines (stipulating that the money be spent on aftercare).

This year, the problem continues to be a lack of horses to fill all the races in the area. Approximately 1000 horses are stabled on Monmouth's 1600-capacity backside, and it already struggles to fill three cards a week. When Suffolk runs a day with nearly double the purse money Monmouth is able to offer, horsemen are inclined to take advantage of that money rather than run at their “home” track.

“There are just not enough horses. There is a lack of inventory everywhere. We're fighting over minutia when the issue is the big picture in the industry,” said Monmouth president Bob Kulina.

Read more at bloodhorse.com.

  • Neal Baker

    Kulina said it all with his quote that this fight is over minutia. What he failed to add is that the big picture for Monmouth is the fact they can’t compete because of purse size. He needs to take his beef to Gov. Christie and the NJ legislature. Suffolk is being wounded by not-so-friendly fire.

    • Bryan Langlois

      Oh I’m sure he has. The most hated governor in America though (according to some recent polling) could care less about racing in NJ.

  • john

    Nonsense, let them ship….its Jersey mafia style strong arming..

  • Raycing W

    This is a good move by Monmouth. Suffolk is already dead, why in their death throes should they cannibalize the horse population of a track that is still trying to survive. I would not feel this way if Suffolk was still trying to survive, but they aren’t. If racing people (owners, trainers, and gamblers) really cared about the longevity of their sport, they would boycott Suffolk and only race at tracks that are continuing to support them and will be there in the future (I forgive any Mass. breeds that race at Suffolk…that is understandable).

    • Farmer

      Who else fines trainers for shipping g to Suffolk? Would they let Ramon run there?

  • CK

    That’s true racetrack management style…don’t get creative, just whine about the low horse population and cry when horsemen leave for a day a two when bigger purses are offered elsewhere. I understand that horsemen should support their “home” track where their horses are stabled, but it’s Monmouth’s job to make their product more attractive. Banning horses from shipping will do nothing to boost your paltry horse population. It will just drive more people away.

  • Smitty

    Last year last Navarro was fined for going to Suffolk and was fined he refused to pay fine and would have left with his 58 horses and monmouth would have been in a huge bind.Someone paid his fine for him ,I wonder who.Just follow the money.

  • Longshot

    I thought they tore Suffolk down?

  • kuzdal

    Suffolk needs to demonstrate the regions’ love of thoroughbred horse racing.

    The way they play, it’s “Nobody Wins”.

  • Gls

    How about some innovation. Why doesn’t Monmouth offer to pay for out of state shipping in. Up to let’s say $500, if I’m getting on a van for Parx or Delaware then maybe I’ll lean towards Monmouth instead. Of course you would have to monitor this for the idiots that would ship a horse for the money! Oh wait, how about giving back the NJ bred incentive to run in open races.!!! We have a governor???

    • Smitty

      I think during the winter Laurel was offering free transportation for horses from a different track in the northeast ,I’m pretty sure it was Laurel.

  • Smitty

    So if Pletcher or Chad Brown ship one of there horses stabled at Monmouth your gonna bar them.Really good business sense ,that’s why your in the situation your in bad business choices.

  • RR

    Finer Lakes gets a lot of criticism for a whole number of things but credit them for trying to help out the displaced Mass horsemen, they not only allow them to ship down there without penalty but they also host races for Mass breds which help get them ready for the short meets at Suffolk. I could see Monmouth being miffed at people shipping out if it was an extended meet but how much are they really losing when you are talking about six dates, it is kind of petty.

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