Federal Judge Rules AQHA Must Allow Cloned Horses in Registry

by | 08.13.2013 | 8:07am

A federal judge in Texas ruled Monday that the American Quarter Horse Association must allow cloned horses and their offspring into the breed registry.

Reuters reports that U.S. District Judge Mary Lou Robinson will soon sign an order stating that cloned horses must be permitted to be in the AQHA's breed registry. Two Texas breeders, Jason Abraham and Gregg Veneklasen sued the AQHA, asserting that the registry was “operating a monopoly by excluding clones.”

A jury ruled in July that the AQHA did violate anti-monopoly laws by banning cloned animals. The judge did not rule on the plantiffs' request to be awarded some $900,000 in attorney fees.

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  • snazzygirl

    What will the Jockey Club do when someone clones Storm Cat? Talk about a breed registry having a monopoly over a lucrative racing industry! Those guys in Texas are aiming at the wrong organization if they want to make lots of money.
    If the Jockey Club was savvy, they would march over to AQHA and ask how they can help reverse the judge’s decision.

  • cal gal

    aqha is appealing this also

  • 4Bellwether666

    $900,000 in lawyer fees is criminal…One human (judge) will not have the final say in this matter…Book That…

    • Mike H

      If you and your two partners made $150 an hour and devoted an entire year to a job (2000 hours x 3), would you feel entitled to the $900k? Heck, in the legal field, $150 an hour is cheap.

      • 4Bellwether666

        Still absurd…even in todays dollars…2000 hrs.???…

  • Beach

    Makes one wonder which is more dumb, the law or the people who would clone in the first place.

  • Garrett Redmond

    According to the US 6th District Court of Appeal, private clubs are allowed to have monopolies.
    That is the situation even when the monopolistic power is used to control public affairs beyond the mere control of what horses are eligible for entry in the Stud Book.
    Of course that was a ridiculous ruling, but until someone takes it to the Supreme Court that is the law of the land. So, AQHA can readily win an appeal. It takes lots of money – they have it.

  • 14151617

    That is exactly what we need.Another way for them to produce more horses.
    According to some folks we are over populated by horses, so many they seem to be running amuck all over the west.Lets make even more and increase the number of unwanted ones they talk about .It has got to be one way or the other.Decrease the number born each year or help make more to add to the numbers that are being spewed all over the media now.

  • Quilla


    ‘Nuf said.

    • Beach

      I live in TX and I think it’s ridiculous.

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