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Prominent horse breeder Ernie Paragallo was found guilty this morning of 33 or 34 misdemeanor counts of neglecting his 177 horses at Center Brook Farm in Climax, NY.

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  • I guess blaming it all on the farm manager that Ernie shipped back to Guatemala wasn’t the brightest legal move after all.

  • Bob C.

    They should cuff him to the fence , with starving horses around him , let him starve. Give me one minute with him!

  • Noelle

    To “malign” is “to utter injudiciously misleading or false reports about”

    Paragallo wasn’t “much-maligned” as today’s much-deserved conviction proves.

  • South of the Border

    If you really cared about the welfare of thoroughreds, boycott Unbridled Song and any other stallions Paragallo owns. Otherwise, you are just putting money back into his pocket.

  • MintHill

    The sentence will prove how serious the Judge has taken this.
    Hopefully he will spend many nights in the slammer.

  • William Webb

    One can but hope that the sentence will equal the crime.

  • Erin Thompson

    How is Paragallo maligned? Unless you’re for him, that makes no sense.

  • brad

    UPDATE: Many of our readers have correctly pointed out the incorrect usage of the word maligned and the appropriate changes have been made.

  • Greg J.

    Bravo to Judge George G. Pulver Jr., I just hope that on May 18th this guy gets the book thrown at him and gets the full 66 years behind bars! Who is looking “ugly” now Mr. Paragallo?

  • Saratoga Race Fan

    When the prosecution called notorious kill buyer Don Nickerson of Bainbridge NY to testify against his client, Paragallo’s defense attorney had to see this verdict coming. NY taxpayers will pay court costs for an appeal, and for what?

    Half the $100K stallion fee for Unbridled’s Song – the share Paragallo pocketed – would have bought a lot of feed for his puppy mill style dungeon in NY State.

    With the conviction, will we finally hear an announcement from the Jockey Club, they won’t register the offspring of Paragallo’s breed stock?

  • Paula

    Under the current animal welfare laws in NY, I realize this was the best the system can assign…misdemeanors; however, unlike stupid or poor people, Paragallo lived in a rather wealthy fog. He’s been around this long enough to know better than to have not provided appropriate vet care & nutrition. It seems rather obvious that he chose to cut corners intentionally, even fabricating a load of hooey about following some breeder’s guide to underfeed his horses.

    Sadly, money is still pouring into his pockets, thanks too Unbridled’s Song. I wish the judge could seize Paragallo’s share of the stallion fees collected from Unbridled’s Song & assign the proceeds to the various equine welfare & rescue orgs who helped care for all of the equine victims of Paragallo’s neglect.

  • Noelle

    According to Michael Vick, dog fighting was part of the “culture” he grew up in. Vick deserved what he got, but it could be honestly argued he didn’t know any better.

    Paragallo, who’s been made rich and successful by horses, who’s acted the “big man” in the horseracing world, who continues to live off Unbridled’s Song, has no excuse at all. He deserves the maximum sentence on all counts.

  • Greg J.

    Does anyone know if the jail time that will be handed out on May 18th is concurrent or consecutively? Thanks in advance…

  • Erin Thompson

    “With the conviction, will we finally hear an announcement from the Jockey Club, they won’t register the offspring of Paragallo’s breed stock?”

    That would likely be a death sentence to those horses. Quality, sound, bluebloods end up on the truck – how many unregistrable, track-trained if at all, TBs would find homes? Without a lot of money, effort, and national attention, very few.

  • Pisces

    I fully expect the Jockey Club to act rather quickly in this case. They just struck off a small-timer in Florida who was convicted on animal neglect charges. Ernie’s never been part of the racing establishment — “the old boys’ network” — and has no protectors or defenders, so I expect him to be treated similarly.

    FWIW, I’ve heard from several people that Ernie’s sold off quite a few of his shares in UBS over the years.

  • Bob C.

    He is low life piece of sh-t !

  • Bob C.

    As in Gladiator in the Lions Den . Thumbs DOWN you all ! I’ll be glad to open the cage!

  • JMack

    He will get off light.He’s got money.The courts work for people with money.If he gets any time,it will be at some rich boy vacation resort,not the slammer that you or I would go to.

  • Don

    I hope this judge gives this low-life and excuse for a human being, two years for every count in addition to the fines. But reading the article it appears like the maximum sentence he could receive is two years for all the neglect and abuse he subjected his horses to. I wish we citizens who love horses and support Thoroughbred racing could have a say in the length of his sentence! As for me, I would give him the 2 years for and on each count! That’s what this guy deserves!

  • Virginia

    These horses have suffered for at least three years before someone finally did something. Ernie says he did not know about it. BULL—- Know one will ever know the real numbers of horse deaths.

  • Tapit

    The PR Strikes again!!!!


    he may get a year or so with 5 years probation……

  • Greg J.

    The article is wrong, He faces 2 years in Jail for EACH count, Which, While highly unlikely, Amounts to a maximum of 66 years…

  • South of the Border

    I wonder who is breeding to UBS? Who has contacts at Taylor Made?

  • Pisces

    Re: #24 — Greg J: they don’t do consecutive sentences on misdemeanors; it’s concurrent. Hence the maximum he could serve — and it’s highly unlikely he will — is 2 years.

  • Anne

    What about people who had horses there and took them away after seeing what was going on. Did they blow the whistle or just take their horses out? Some owner of mares had to have visit at least once, you would think, I had heard mares were also boarded there for a time.
    I think with everyone watching this case and if the judge does receive letters or petitions, maybe he would consider a stiff sentence. I wonder what can be done to make sure this piece of trash gets what he deserves. Unfortunately pulling toenails, cutting off parts and tar and feathering are not accepted in today’s society. It was nice he could actually run out of the court room. The horses he was starving could not muster up enough energy to even try to escape that death trap.

  • js

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting an announcement from the Jockey Club regarding Paragallo’s “right’ to breed Tbrds.

    And please..don’t think for a second any breeder isn’t going to send a mare to US because of this scandal. They don’t care. I’m sure if there is any drop in mares for US it will be due to his obvious lack of soundness and the market correction. Morality plays a very small part in any commercial breeding decision.

  • jr

    Start a letter writing campaign.

  • js

    One question that I have never seen asked is


  • Bookie Buster

    That scum is beyond guilty as we all know from the start however he isn’t the only one to blame here by any stretch of the imagination that farm didnt operate in a bubble 24/7…

  • Pisces


    Testimony at the trial indicated vets were called in only on an emergency basis — at least in the last year or so. I’m not so sure breeding was actually done there, at least in recent times.

  • Mac

    Paragallo’s conviction is important not just for the animals, but for every member of society. There is overwhelming evidence from law enforcement and the psychiatric community that people who neglect and abuse animals are at risk to commit crimes against humans. In fact, every know serial killer started out abusing and killing animals.

    Is Ernie Pagallo the next Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacey? Probably not, but the fact that he has no empathy toward other living things makes him a threat to all of us. Throw his butt in jail, evaluate his potential for harming humans, prohibit him from owning any animal for the rest of his life, and watch him closely.

    Hopefully his conviction will stand up to the appeal!

  • D. Masters

    A well-groomed, well-dressed socio-path with a checking account.

    Honorable judge, you want to really make a statement….make him pay for EVERYTHING (before he declares bankruptcy)!

    Secondly, every racing jurisdiction, auction, etc should effectively ban this troll FOREVER! And that goes for any covert reps he has and a mandatory sale of his shares in any horse registered with the JC (and that means US too).

    Oh and probation for at least 5 years.

  • I wouldn’t say I completely agree regarding certain issues, but you sure got an interesting way of writing thigs. Anyway, I appreciate the quality you bring to the blogosphere and that this isn’t just another abandoned, made-for-adsense site! Take care…

  • Oh! This is perfect! Thanks for dispelling a few
    misunderstandings I had heard about this as of late.

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