Ehalt: Obsession with Pick Six no way to attract new fans

by | 08.17.2011 | 7:11am

At his NTRA blog, Bob Ehalt follows up on the McKinsey and Company report on the state of the industry with his take on promoting the Pick Six and other difficult-to-hit wagers.  He says the industry places way too much emphasis on such wagers as a way to attract new fans:

“Really, folks. How many fingers do you need to count the people you know who became passionate racing fans through pouring hundreds upon hundreds of dollars into a bet where their batting average makes Adam Dunn look like Ty Cobb? Personally, most of the handicappers and fans I know started their love affair with racing through cashing a $2 win ticket.”

“There's a belief that people will gravitate to racing because a Pick 6 could be a life-changing score like Powerball or some other gargantuan payoff from the state lottery. But that makes no sense…”

“… In essence, a Pick 6 is a sucker bet and why in the world would “suckers” make a good fan base? At some point, people are going to realize what's going on and turn their back on the sport once and for all.”

Your thoughts?

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