Davidowitz: California takeout increase clearly a ‘major mistake’

by | 02.08.2012 | 4:19pm

At the Horseplayers Association of North America website, Steve Davidowitz sounds off on the fallout from California's takeout increase.  Davidowitz writes:

“CHRB Board Members who stand idly by while nothing is done deserve to be challenged by horseplayers, responsible media, California track owners and government officials. The TOC is only part of the problem. They have gained what their agenda said they wanted to gain. But their experiment with higher takeouts has failed.”

“From this vantage point, strictly as a horseplayer whose handle was about 50 percent directed to So Cal racing and now is restricted to a much smaller percentage of play and in fact mostly towards Pick Sixes with $250,000+ carryovers, this much seems true: California Racing is acting like it has six shooters pointed down at its feet. Give it enough time and all of its toes will be gone. Time is not your ally in this.”

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