Curiosity Killed the Horse: Horse Meat Demand Rises After Scandal

by | 06.01.2013 | 9:14am
Findus lasagna was among the mislabeled products found to contain horse meat in the European scandal earlier this year

In the wake of a major food crisis in the United Kingdom and Europe, suppliers say the demand for horse meat has risen sharply. The scandal involved products labeled as beef which actually contained horse, and it seems consumers are curious to try correctly-labeled horse meat, according to a report by The Horse.

In France, where consuming the meat is not considered taboo, butchers say they saw a spike in interest as the scandal broke but business has leveled off, likely indicating that adventurous diners have returned to their old habits.

In the United Kingdom however, people have been requesting horse meat at their butcher and in their restaurants.

Paul Webb, spokesperson for said that the website is operating at a 100 percent increase in demand compared to before the scandal. Pubs and restaurants, including many outside London, are selling out each time horse meat is offered on their menus.

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  • ajb

    Hope all these curious sorts all come down with cancer and then meet a pack of cannibals.

    • joyce

      well said if these idiots could see the conditions at some of these killerbuyers places&the filthy,cruel,mexican slaughterhouses they would really enjoy their dinner heres wishing them ptomaine poisoning and a salad of oleander leaves to go with it

      • TruckDriver

        Our slaughterhouses are just as bad. The whole factory farm system is pretty sick. I wish I was rich enough to buy direct from local family farms!

  • blackcatlover


  • mh

    A chinese company just bought Smithfield, so enjoy your pork.

    • betterthannothing

      I read some time ago that Smithfield was in the horse meat business in Europe, slaughtering in Poland, if i recall correctly. That info needs to be verified.

      Less barbaric treatment of sows held immobile in gestating crates and piglets will never happen now that Chinese own Smithfield. Vile business.

      • Roisin

        Vile business, absolutely ! We really need the Chinese buying into our meat producing industry they have such an excellent track record re food safety and the humane treatment of animals, etc. !! When basic humane treatment of the voiceless is subjugated to the almighty profit motive we are in real trouble… it is like a cancer on humanity.
        It would not surprise me if Smithfield was/is in the horse meat business in Europe. And I would not be surprised if the Chinese backed a horse meat industry in this country before too long.

  • ziggypop

    I don’t believe it. Several horse meat plants have closed in Europe since the debacle.

    • nu-fan

      “Paul Webb, spokesperson for said that the website is operating at a 100 percent increase in demand compared to before the scandal” Gee, should we consider him an unbiased source? I’m a little skeptical of this report and wonder if those who stand to profit from horse-slaughter are manipulating news to make it appear that the general population is eager to eat horse meat. I don’t remember which late night show I was watching this past week or two, but when the host mentioned horse meat for consumption, the audience groaned. I will take that small bit of information as being more credible than a spokesperson for ExoticMeats.

  • 4Bellwether666

    I’m with Ziggypop on this one…Somebody is blowing smoke where the sun don’t shine…

  • old horse lover

    Pro slaughter trying to convince us that killing our horses is a good thing to make money and satisfy Big Ag on their agenda to keep horses under livestock rules so that the door to what they are doing with Industrial farming is not looked at by consumers and the public.They are being allowed to pass legislation that bans investigation of these practices and takes away States right s to make laws banning slaughter and cruelty in their states.

  • Fred

    no worse than tranquilized moose meat …..

    • Roisin

      I’ll pass. All this first class protein is not healthy, hard on many vital organs. However, the meat industry would not want that fact to have much publicity !!!

  • Bman

    Like George Clooney said about another incident in France 25 years ago, “So what are we going to do about this.” I always come back to the ridiculous plan by NTRA years ago in which they tried to charge 1% at horse sales to promote themselves and wonder how is that not in place today for horse rescue programs? Granted that there are many owners who do the right thing and amazing work by rescue programs, more could, should be done today, in this country; show France and the rest of Europe they can’t continue doing what they do.

    Never forget Ferdinand and always remember the words of Ron McAnally, “They give everything they have for our pleasure.” Do more!

  • A. Taylor

    Generally speaking, we are Nazi’s to animals.

  • giftoffaith

    I agree with old horse lover. It is just pro horse slaughter propaganda. As the article says the requests have leveled off which tells me there wasn’t really such a demand or it was fabricated. I can’t believe that all of a sudden people change their views and want to try horse meat. It certainly did not tempt me. If anything it made me more steadfast in trying to find a way to stop this, at least by speaking up and helping promote second careers after retirement for thoroughbreds and second homes for all horses.

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