Cuomo Raises the Stakes on Racinos … Again

by | 06.16.2013 | 10:38am

In another development in the New York casino saga, Gov. Andrew Cuomo sent a message to racinos on Saturday: If they don't get on board with his plan to allow new casinos on non-Indian land, they may face competition from a VLT-only casino in New York City.

The message came in the form of amendments circulated to legislative negotiators after the New York Gaming Association expressed dismay at the legislation, stating that they would be unable to compete with the proposed casinos.

“There are multiple drafts of legislation floating around, all of which are outdated,” Richard Azzopardi, spokesman for Gov. Cuomo, told the Blood-Horse. “That said, final legislation will anticipate what actions the state may take both if the referendum passes and if it doesn't. If the casino referendum fails, we will propose offering more high-end VLTs to combat the loss of revenue to neighboring states and secure new funding for our schools.”

It remains unclear how long lawmakers have to pass the language connected with the proposal, which is part of a state constitutional amendment, in order for it to appear before voters in November.

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  • First Watcher

    What else were we to expect from a liberal Democrat with a costly agenda to fund?

    • First Watcher Watcher

      wahhhhh, the bad liberals want to take away the corporate welfare we want to prop up an industry that can’t stand on its own 4 hooves.

      • Andy

        yeah, some horrible agenda.Providing money to badly underfunded schools. I’m thinking some kids in a Harlem school would love to get some computers or new textbooks. Lets see, the same people who refuse to help these impoverished schools will be screaming 10 years from now that we need more money to lock up the kids who attended these schools but couldn’t get a decent education. But, no, lets prop up a dying industry instead.

        • we’re watching

          You’re nuts. where does all the money for education go now. Schools, to teachers who can’t teach. And principals who do nothing to improve their own schools. Don’t blame racing for a bottomless pit school system.

  • Nancy


  • Big Red

    mmm, let me see here… “secure new funding for our schools” vs. keeping a dead and un-popular industry (yes, racing) on life support.
    Let’s see, who’s side do you think the public will back?????
    The message was loud and clear to the racing industry before, slot money was only meant to help racing get back on it’s feet and never intended as a permanent source of income. We have had years to do something and choose to let the ripe fruit rotten and die.
    FOR SALE: nice bunch of NY bred yearlings – cheap.

  • ron

    The racinos really haven’t helped the bettors much, it’s been a boon to the horseman, but i look at philly and deleware with slots / table games and their fields are still unbettable for the most part with ridiculously high takeout.

    • Jack

      Well said, Ron….hasn’t returned even a dime to the bettors.

  • Richard C

    The racing industry chased a yellow-brick road….and in many cases, it turned out to be fool’s gold.

  • Kris

    New York racing – like every racetrack receiving slots subsidies – is now completely dependent upon those subsidies and the goodwill of their elected leaders for their very survival. Those involved in New York racing had better hope that the next governor is more sympathetic to horse racing or horse racing in NY will be screwed. Wasn’t it just a few years ago that NYRA threatened to shut down racing if the state didn’t kick in with millions of subsidies; this even before the slots era? How about all those meets where NYRA over-paid their purses accounts and expected the state to pick up the tab? New York racing is a castle ‘built upon pillars of sand.’

  • stixnstones42

    News bulletin! All casino gambling remains criminally illegal and unconstitutional in New York State. The only reason the operations at Aqueduct and Yonkers are open is that the NY
    Court of Appeals ruled that they DO NOT offer casino games but only lottery dispensing machines (VLTs). Nevertheless, these outfits prominently advertise not only that they are
    “casinos” but that they offer casino games such as craps, baccarat etc. This is clearly false advertising and I don’t understand why the lawyers for the actual casinos in Atlantic City don’t waltz into court and obtain an injunction prohibiting same. There is no charge for this legal advice.

  • Don Reed

    See page two of today’s NY Post (Fred Dicker’s column, 06/17/13) for further details.

  • Don Reed

    NY Casinos should get an award, or something, from the Santa Anita bunch, who now have a Breeders’ Cup monopoly partly because with the casino money, NYRA now doesn’t have the slightest motivation to put in a bid for the fall event.

    Who needs the aggravation, when you’re getting paid anyway?

    (Disclosure: I don’t care if the BC exists, much less where it’s held. When the BC was expanded to two days, it was destroyed.)

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