CHRB meeting: Changes made to claiming rule, Category B medication violation policy

by | 04.26.2012 | 4:21pm

On April 26, the California Horse Racing Board met at Betfair Hollywood Park and discussed the 25-day requirement for claimers as well as the clenbuterol ban for Quarter Horses and changes to the medication policy, reports the Blood-Horse.

Under the previous claiming rule in California, if a horse was claimed out of a race, trainers were required to wait 25 days before starting the horse at or below the level at which it was claimed. To start the horse before the 25 days had passed the horse had to start for a claiming price that was 25 percent higher. Under the new rule, only a horse that wins the race and is claimed must adhere to the 25 percent increase. All other horses that are claimed may start at the same level before 25 days have passed.

The board also approved an extension of a ban of Clenbuterol in Quarter Horse racing. Discussion of the banning of Clenbuterol in Thoroughbred racing is expected to come at May's CHRB meeting.  Other medication discussion included the adoption of a policy change that doubles the penalty for “Category B” second offenses from one year to two years. The penalty for three “Category B” offenses was also extended from one year to five years.

  • Tannerracestable

    I’ve never figured out how these claiming restraints haven’t been taken to court. When you buy the horse(claim) it is then your property. When you buy a vehicle nobody can keep you from selling it for whatever you want, when you want, or drive it across the state line. The same with most any other purchase you make. You buy it and you do what you want with it. I know all the reasons for these rules, I was in the business all my life, just wonder why somebody with some bucks hasn’t challenged it in court.

  • Elktonstable

    The purpose for restrictions is to prevent abuse by having horses change hands through claiming too frequently. The trend to ease these restrictions is not good in my opinion as it favors big claiming outfits that prey on smaller outfits. When you enter a horse you are agreeing to the conditions and rules setforth. You could take it to court I assume, but you better have a fabulous lawyer that loves his job, a lot of money and a legally logical/feasible argument. 

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