California Dreamin’: Future of Hollywood Park Discussed at Recent CTT Meeting

by | 03.22.2013 | 12:11pm

Officials with the California Thoroughbred Trainers met with several of their members March 21 to give an update on the latest developments regarding the future of Betfair Hollywood Park.

According to a report in the Blood-Horse, in addition to either expanding Los Alamitos or Fairplex Park should Betfair Hollywood close, the San Luis Rey Downs training center may also now be part of the mix as a replacement facility.

There has been strong support for expanding Fairplex Park, since it is relatively close to Santa Anita and the current oval could be expanded to one mile.

The San Luis Rey facility, like Santa Anita, is owned by the Stronach Group. Alan Balch, executive director of the California Thoroughbred Trainers said in the meeting that “It's clear that the Stronach Group has gotten a lot more interested within the last 10 days as to what role San Luis Rey Downs would play.”

Read more at the Blood-Horse


    The only way we could get a good deal is if Stronach and Pegram go heads up against one another. Let them spend a ton of money trying to up each other.Too bad Holly Park couldn’t get sold to a real horse person and continue to operate.Who the hell is going to shop in Inglewood?

    • swiss305

      Indeed. Who is going to shop or buy a high-end home in a non-gated community in Inglewood? Somebody hasn’t thought this through. If you go to the developer’s website, they even deny that the property is in the flight path to LAX! Handled properly, with cooperation from the city of Inglewood, Hollywood Park could be much more valuable as it is. It would take much more creative marketing to be sure. If there is anyone out there promoting that vision, they are being ignored or silenced.

  • Jpmanirishman


  • Kris

    I think the proximity of Fairplex to Santa Anita should be considered a drawback, not a positive; both tracks essentially share the same market. Why not simply extend the meet at Santa Anita, which will always out-handle Fairplex. If the CHRB had any cojones, they would give Stronach the extra days he wants with the stipulation that he allows Oaktree to return to The Great Race Place.

  • jttf

    let the horses breath clean air. keep them out of the smog.

  • Kirk S.

    Looks like Dr. Allred has taken Los Alamitos out of the picture. He plans on selling a huge chunk of land for a 300-bay truck depot. The plan is currently on the City of Cypress agenda for public comment and review. With all the bits and pieces he’s sold off over the years, there is no way the facility can be enlarged to accommodate a larger track and enough barn stalls for both quarter horses and thoroughbreds.

  • swiss305

    What happened to the idea of Santa Anita and Del Mar taking on additional racing days? Are the trainers mainly concerned with space to house and train their horses, assuming almost as many races are available? Just a thought: Santa Anita came close to giving up most of its huge parking lot for a shopping center a few years ago. What if they increased their stabling capacity and got brand new, safer barns in the bargain on just a part of that parking lot acreage? They never fill it with cars lately. It also might be wise to take a month or so off twice a year and fill the rest with Santa Anita and Del Mar dates.

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