British Trainers Ordered To Halt Use of Regumate After Tests Reveal Trace Amounts Of Anabolic Steroid Trendione

by | 09.21.2018 | 5:05pm

The British Horseracing Authority has ordered trainers there to stop using altrenogest (commonly known by its brand name of Regumate) and remove it from their yards after testing uncovered trace amounts of an anabolic steroid.

According to Racing Post, British authorities became concerned about reports out of Australia suggesting some altrenogest products there could be tainted with trendione and ordered independent tests of “several different batches of Regumate.” Those tests on European-sourced Regumate also found trendione.

Regumate is an oral medication used to control hormonal cycles in fillies and mares, particularly for those exhibiting dangerous or difficult behavior during certain parts of their cycle.

British authorities say they have found no evidence of anabolic steroid overages due Regumate in the 9,000 post-race and out-of-competition samples they take from horses annually.

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