British Tracks Want A Drone Ban, Say They Give Bettors Unfair Edge

by | 01.17.2019 | 2:13pm

British racecourses are pushing for authorities to keep drones out of the sky during races because the tracks say the drones' video feeds give bettors an unfair advantage, reports the Daily Mail.

Video can be transmitted from drones seconds faster than a traditional TV broadcast, and racing officials say bettors are buying those feeds for the purpose of getting an edge while completing in-race wagers on exchange platforms such as Betfair. Obviously, being able to see something happening during the race earlier than other bettors would provide an advantage.

A spokesman for Arena Racecourse Company, one of the top track operators in Britain, said the company considers drone use during live races a form of piracy.

“We, along with a number of other racecourses around the country, have seen an increase in unauthorized drones and similar remote-controlled aircraft which we suspect are being used to capture and broadcast live pictures of our racing,” the spokesman said. 'The broadcast rights of our live action are a key part of our business, as with any sporting venue, so we consider this unauthorized filming and broadcast as theft.”

It's unclear what can actually be done to prevent people from flying the drones, if no laws are being broken and no private spaces are being transgressed.

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