Breeders’ Cup or Bust Day Six: A Late Scratch

by | 11.17.2010 | 12:48am

An arduous walking trip from Lexington to Louisville has its unforeseen pitfalls and the Paulick Report experienced its first major setback last night. Blame it on conditioning, bad conformation, or trying to read his BlackBerry while walking down a narrow two-lane highway, but Brad Cummings twisted his ankle and well, watch the video below to learn more.

He's got a lot of heart so don't count this colt out just yet. But for the meantime, the Breeders' Cup or Bust walk will be a one-man affair with Ray Paulick trying to cover 12 miles be himself. We have also been visited by jockeys Pat Day, Otto Thorwarth (Ron Turcotte in “Secretariat”), Jon Court and Ben Creed. Look forward to video from these four later today.

Please remember to contribute to Breeders' Cup Charities by clicking here. The money goes to a good cause for sure and your support, even $5 or $10, is much appreciated.

UPDATED 1:30…Ray is out walking on his own without that pesky Brad character. He's sure to cover more ground this way. He had a chance to walk with the aforementioned jockeys and they were gracious enough to spend some time in front of the camera as our TCI friends joined us. Among other things, we learned that Jon Court was once the voice of Burlington Coat Factory. Maybe that's were Otto learned his acting chops.

Almost immediately after the jockeys left, Ray made a B-Line for the nearest Beef O'Brady's for a refereshing salad and then off to Simpsonville.

11:00 PM … Ray a great visit with the aforementioned quartet of current and former riders, who gave him an escort into Shelbyville and sent him on his way to Simpsonville, which he reached by late afternoon. With Brad on the sidelines for the day, Ray was able to make slightlty better time and is hoping to reach Louisville either late Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday morning. Only about 22 miles to go.

Thank you to all contributors, but especially to our four Breeders' Cup champion sponsors: Gainesway Farm,, Preakness 5.5 million dollar bonus, and Keeneland.

Clear skies again on Tuesday.


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