Australian Equipment To Test Racehorses For 8,000 Drugs

by | 05.11.2015 | 10:09am

Australian racehorses will soon be screened for more than 8,000 drugs from a single drug test.

Bought for $A1.5 million (US $1,186,169), the equipment, purchased by Racing New South Wales, is expected to be operational by the end of May. The state-of-the-art equipment will be used by the Australian Racing and Forensics Laboratory to ensure that all horses are racing with no illegal substances in their systems.

Prior to these machines, a swab could only screen for a few hundred drugs at a time, with the operator having to stipulate ahead of time what drugs would be tested for. The new equipment tests for 8,000 drugs automatically with no decisions needed to be made in advance by the operator.


  • Needles

    In America they test for 1% of that number.

  • Gary S. Broad

    I would be happy to provide funding for this equipment here in California.

    • Dave

      Very generous, but the funding for this testing needs to come 100% from the purse accounts. Horsemen must be made to pay for their own sins.

      • Ben van den Brink

        I suggested this before, if the test is negative, the costs are to be paid as it is been done today.

        If the tests are postive, the trainer, owner/trainer pays.

      • Gary S. Broad

        Yes the horsemen should pay for the testing, I am talking about providing the funds to purchase the testing machine.

  • Jttf

    This technology has been around for years and the american horsemen refuse to use it. It doesnt take long to spit out the results, either.

  • pesposito

    Awesomely awesome!!! The racing in the US (among other things we wont get into) is a joke and an embarrassment We should be on the cutting edge of all these improvements. We really are the laughing stock of the world. I love this country but my goodness. . ..

  • Ben van den Brink

    I think this will be helpsome, in fighting of cheaters

    The aussies are really protecting the game, the industry as a whole, and the public.

  • Peyton

    I wonder what it would take to force the US industry to use this equipment?

  • kim

    we need one here in the states please

  • Finish Line

    Let’s face it….the real cost of this machine is the cost of damaged reputations and careers at racing’s highest levels….therefore this machine is ‘cost prohibitive’.

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