Arthur: New California Claiming Rule ‘Working Well’

by | 06.21.2013 | 8:35am

A new claiming rule in California saw the claims of 19 horses voided for the period May 16 through June 16.

California's equine medical director, Dr. Rick Arthur, testified before the California Horse Racing Board Thursday that “procedures are working well administratively” with the rule that requires claims to be rescinded for horses that die or are placed on the vet's list after the race.

During the one-month period, 229 horses were claimed at three California racetracks, and of the 19 whose claims were voided, none has returned to race yet.

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  • thevoiceoftruth69

    Good rule that protects the horse and the drive for trainers to get “one more race” out of the horses who should be on the shelf.

  • Jerry

    Dr. Arthur’s “claims to fame” are 1) heel nerving a horse (Refinery) and failing to disclose it to the racing office for a competitive advanage and 2) supporting Richard (The Keyman) Shapiro’s CA Crap Track mandate..

    He is a fool who only cares about making nearly $400,000 per year from the State as the State Vet (because his private vET practice was failing) and promoting the passage of restrictive medication and other rules that destroy CA horseracing….

    As for the claiming rule, it is a TOTAL FAILURE, just like Dr. Arthur…..


    • First Watcher

      Mr. Jamgotchian; aren’t you tired of singing the same out-of-tune song to your loyal audience of 10?

    • LongTimeEconomist

      How is the claiming rule failing, Jerry?

    • Stanley inman

      This rule doesn’t go far enough
      Need to keep track of voided claims
      Of horses dropping; expose those
      trainers & owners
      Who abuse horse, rider & bettor

      • Stanley inman

        You didn’t forget that virtually all starters
        In cali and elsewhere are runnin on bute,

  • jttf

    the numbers show there are a lot of bad legged horses running in cal. and what do the horsemen do ? some of them still complain about the vets pointing out that their horses are health hazards. they dont want the public to know how bad it really is.

  • True North

    of the 19 voided claims how many of the owners/trainers, who dropped the claim, really wanted the horse irregardless of its condition, and were not allow to take ownership.

    and…Vice-chairman Chuck Winner said the rule merits ongoing debate.

    “I’ve had two trainers tell me that they are more confident in claiming horses now because the horse will be sounder when they claim it.”

    who were these two trainers and how many claims in the recent past did they drop? and how many have they claimed since the rule was laid down? two trainers out of hundreds?

  • Confused?

    What if a trainer is trying to claim back his old horse to get it out of a butcher barn? Or what if a claim is being dropped on a horse for a breeding prospect?

    Does the new trainer have the right to override the void?

  • Kris

    For the life of me I can’t fathom why ANY owner would be upset about a rule that protects them from getting stuck with an unsound horse. As for Peter Miller, it sounds like he got stuck with some horses that he was trying to get rid of before the Del Mar meet. There’s a lot of claiming action at HP ever Spring/Summer meet.

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