Arrests Made Following Horse Meat Scandal

by | 08.30.2013 | 5:09pm
During the meat scandal, horse DNA was found in some frozen hamburger products labeled as "beef"

Two men were arrested this week on suspicion of fraud and conspiracy related to the horse meat scandal that rocked consumer confidence in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Officials would not reveal the identities of the men, or give any other details on the case, except to say that the investigation is ongoing and it's possible the substitution of horse meat in some products labeled as beef “was deliberate and coordinated criminal activity.”

Food safety officials in Britain launched the investigation in January after it was discovered that burgers in the country's biggest supermarkets contained horse DNA even though they were labeled as beef. Eventually, the scandal spread to include other food products, many of them frozen, in restaurants, grocery stores, and institutions across Europe.

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  • 14151617

    Jockey in France arrested
    And you think is isn’t going to happen here one day soon?

  • ziggypop

    The scandal is not over. And if you don’t think this could happen here, with meat packers pushing to do their own “inspections”, I have a lake side cabin in Dubai to sell you.

    • nu-fan

      And, if it ever gets to that point, yes, it will happen here. And, if it does, this should eliminate horse slaughtering in this country for a very long time. There are too many businesses that will be adversely affected and they have far more clout with the public and our politicians than a bunch of yahoos who want to get into this sleazy business that doesn’t have a high positive impact on our economy.

  • In Tears

    It’s already in this country. There is a Italian pepperone, packaged and sliced. The name begins with M, is importated from Italy, The package says beef, but the pepperone contains horse meat. Know this from a used to be meat inspector

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