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After a depressed infield at last year's Preakness due to the ban on the tradition of bringing your own beer, executives have made a move to try and bring back the crowd that abandoned Pimlico last year. Organizers are cutting the cost of admission and offering all-you-can-drink-beer.

For only $20, each infielder can purchase a refillable cup along with a $10 cut in admission. “We were boycotted by the college kids, but we still believe that was the right decision,” said Mike Gathagan, spokesman for the Maryland Jockey Club. “Obviously, we took something from them last year. This is trying to give something back.”

Will this bring back the college kids or has the damage already been done? I suspect where there's all-you-can-drink-beer, college-aged and college-minded folks of all stripes will be there in droves.

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