‘All Others’ Trump Verrazano on Last Day of Derby Futures Pool

by | 03.24.2013 | 7:20pm

The field finished ahead of Verrazano in the final day of wagering for the Derby Futures Pool 3. Verrazano finished with odds of 7-1 to pay $17.00, while the field finished at 5-1 for a $13.40 payout. Itsmyluckyday and Vyjack tied for the third choice with odds of 10-1.

The final list of odds and payouts are available here.

Exacta payouts are available here.

  • Don Reed

    Flashback, a known quantity and fourth in the leader board standings: 15-1.

    War Academy, an unknown quantity that perhaps has not even raced against any of the horses with 10+ leader board points: 18-1.

    The annual “Baffert Inflation Factor” is up and running again.

    His Police Academy – not yet born – this year, might have been bet down to 20-1.

  • nu-fan

    Can someone explain to me what “all others” means and how the odds on this is calculated? I’ve been seeing this recently but haven’t seen any explanation about it. I’m probably the only one in the universe that doesn’t understand it and would appreciate a not-too-complex answer. Thank you.

    • harry


      “ALL OTHERS” means any horse who will win the Derby and not be listed 1-23 in future pools. Odds are same as pari-mutuel determined by the money bet on this listing. All pari-mutuel which determies current odds. In other words when you bet on “ALL OTHERS” you are saying the winner of the Derby is not listed 1-23. Sometimes true and sometimes false. Basically a gimmick wager. But with this wager you don’t have to worry if you bet on horses 1-23 if somehow they don”t make it to the Derby then you lose your bet.Example if Verrazano gets hurt and does not run in Derby all money wagered on him is lost on a no refund policy set up by Churchill Downs.Heaven forbid any horse gets hurt just trying to explain wager.

      • nu-fan

        Thank you, Harry, for explaining this to me. I suspect that a lot of fans have basic understanding of wagering but there is so much more that is never explained to them. So, I gather that anyone that wagers on a horse that gets scratched before the race loses that wager. If that is right, then, last minute wagering is a safer than placing an earlier bet.

        • harry

          Yes for sure!! Welcome to our great sport. Race tracks owners really don’t understand that inn order to attract new fans there has to be a learning experience for them to understand horse racing as you point out.Night School does a great job educating new racing fans for your informantion and DRF.com also has information that might help new racing fans. Again welcome and best of luck.

  • harry

    Verrazano in winning the Tampa Bay derby went head and head with Falling Sky and pulling away in the stretch. Falling Sky closed 114-1 in the final Derby futures pool. My question is who did Verrazano really beat in the Tampa Bay Derby. A horse the public says is really bad (114-1). I don”t get it why Verrazano is favorite for Kentucky Derby. Lets see how he does when confronted with legitimate speed and not a 114-1 Derby prospect. Shanghai Bobby and Itsmyluckday. are true speed horses who if nothing else will guarantee a fast early pace in Kentucky Derby.Verrazano at 7-1 is a ridiculous bad bet at least 40 some days before the race. Only time will tell???

  • Big Red

    Has anyone noticed the obvious sign that both front shins on Verrazano were recently freeze fired (look at the TB Derby winners circle pictures from Bloodhorse). I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t seem to be a good thing especially if you are making a future bet.

    • Don Reed

      Not that anyone can do anything about it now; at any rate, Pletcher’s chances in this thing are notso hotso, which is the only saving grace (too much $ bet on TP’s probable entries) when mulling over the insane proposition of having to cover all of Baffert’s horses, if you like The Wag’s chances.
      You’d need wtihdrawals at a faster rate than what’s cooking in the Russian tax haven (OOPS!), Cyprus.
      By the way, has it occurred yet to Gerald Depriedeu that if Russia is such a great tax haven (the French gov’t trying to hike the actor’s taxes), then why did thousands of Russians relocate their assets in Cyprus’s offshore banks?

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