18 Months Probation for Man Charged in Animal Cruelty Case

by | 01.29.2015 | 11:38am

A Pendleton County, Ky., man has been sentenced to probation in a case where animal control officers removed 49 horse carcasses and 14 emaciated horses from his farm.

According to a report in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Larry Browning was originally was charged with “14 counts of cruelty to animals and 49 counts of failing to properly dispose of an animal carcass within 48 hours.” Browning entered an Alford plea earlier this month. The deal allowed the charges to be merged into a single count of “failing to dispose of a carcass”.

Under the Alford deal, Browning did not admit guilt, but acknowledged that there “was enough evidence for a conviction.”

Browning was sentenced to 18 months of probation. He must also repay restitution of $7,500 to the county for the care of the horses removed from his farm.

Read more at Cincinnati.com

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2015/01/29/3667136_man-charged-in-dead-horses-case.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy
Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2015/01/29/3667136_man-charged-in-dead-horses-case.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy
  • Memories of Puchi

    Disgraceful. At the very least Larry Browning should be barred from ever owning another animal and weekends in jail for the 18 months.

  • springcolor111

    I seen ads circulating on Facebook that he is still advertising to buy/sell horses and bulls. If I find the ad, I will post the link here.

  • Garrett Redmond

    Kentucky law is notoriously lenient in animal abuse cases. It may be the problem is use of the word “abuse” instead of what it is: “CRUELTY” ! It is my take that, in general, most Kentuckians
    are not kindly toward animals. Common example is the great number of dogs on short chains left outside whatever the weather.

    • reality check

      It is an uphill battle getting the cruelty laws passed in Kentucky due to the Houndsmen and the League of Kentucky Sportsmen who do not want the laws changed. They have the money and the ties to stop it – some of the members of the legislature are also members of one or both groups. Of course what starts as a good bill is usually almost unrecognizable by the time the lawmakers are done with it. And HSUS insists on being involved in trying to get any legislation changed… a sure fire way to make sure it doesn’t happen. There are two bills that need everyone in KY to call the LRC call center and leave a msg for their rep to sponsor and support… HB 154 to end dog fighting (prohibits ownership for that purpose) and 177 which defines adequate shelter for companion animals (very common sense, not over the top). Call 800-372-7181 – it’s quick and easy. The more you call the better as the info is tallied each day. As for the Browning in Pendleton Co., one of the reasons he gets by with what he’s been doing for year’s is that horses are classified as livestock, not pets. I do wonder why Jack Conway hasn’t stepped in on this. He also has a relative in Georgetown who has is notorious for similar. If you (or anyone here) does call the LRC, also please ask them to sponsor and support HB 165 to allow Paint horses to race in KY (at the track Keeneland is building in Corbin). Hope that gives you some insight on the abuse/cruelty laws. A whole lotta folks are working so hard to make things better or animals in the state but as much help as can be found is needed. Most are not HSUS or PETA folks, just every day people who, like you, are tired of our abysmal laws and seeing even basic care lacking for many.

      • Garrett Redmond

        Thanks for info about upcoming Bills. I certainly shall make those calls and also contact my local Rep, Sannie Overly. Isn’t it ironic and sad the Group opposing change has the word ‘SPORTSMEN’ in their title?

        • reality check

          I hear ya. They seem to think anyone who wants a decent shelter and basic care is some animal rights lunatic. SMH Thank you for helping with your calls!!! So appreciated!!

  • Sharon

    This man should be in jail….end of story

  • DDAmasa

    Probation? That’s all? This man should be sitting in a jail cell.

  • Shar

    Clearly the law looks the other way at horse abuse and death. When the judge has no other law tor rely on than ones that produce these results, THE LAW NEEDS TO BE CHANGED!

  • swiss305

    This ridiculous sentence and the combining of all those dead and dying horses into one charge is why this sort of thing continues to happen. How do the people who gloss this crime over sleep at night?

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