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By Ray Paulick
There is no disputing that a number of under-nourished and lice infested horses bred and formerly raced by Paraneck Stables were rescued from a kill pen at a New York livestock auction last month, but there are conflicting statements on the path those horses took to get there.

The issue first came to the attention of the Paulick Report Thursday when a reader alerted us to a posting on the
Another Chance 4 Horses web site, detailing the condition of four mares the Pennsylvania-based rescue and rehabilitation facility acquired at a New York sale last month. Most of the mares had been bred and all were formerly raced by Paraneck, one of New York's leading racing stables, run by Ernie Paragallo and licensed in the names of his daughters. They were part of a larger group of 24 horses sent to the auction, most of which were subsequently transported to a slaughter facility in Canada.

Paragallo, described on the
National Thoroughbred Racing Association web site as an investment banker and computer software executive, raced the champion sprinter Artax and Kentucky Derby favorite Unbridled's Song (now a leading stallion in Kentucky), and his stable is represented by Cellar Dweller in Saturday's $750,000 Wood Memorial at Aqueduct, a major prep for the Kentucky Derby. Paraneck has previously been ranked as the leading owner in New York.

After the link to the Another Chance 4 Horses appeal for help was posted on the Paulick Report, several Internet forums began discussing the plight of the horses.
Paragallo himself posted two messages on the Thoroughbred Champions forum, indicating he had given away the horses to an unnamed Florida breeder in December. The breeder promised to breed the mares to Paraneck stallions, giving Paragallo the opportunity to receive future stallion awards, he wrote.

“This was a home run for my business; we were going to move 60 horses that had limited value to us and were going to get the added benefits of having the mares bred back to our stallions and we had the potential to earn stallion awards for their offspring,” Paragallo wrote on the forum and later repeated in a telephone interview with the Paulick Report.

Paragallo said he didn't have the name of the Florida breeder and was unaware of what happened to the horses after he said a van picked them up in December at his Center Brook Farm in Climax, N.Y., located approximately 130 miles north of New York City.

That doesn't jibe with what Richard Baiardi told the Paulick Report. Baiardi, who transports and re-sells horses across the United States, said he had talked with Paragallo about taking the horses but that he picked them up at Center Brook Farm much later than December. “I don't have the exact date,” he told the Paulick Report as he was driving his van through North Dakota on Friday. “But I can tell you one thing: it wasn't in December. You can call the horse sale and find out what day they arrived, and that's the day I picked them up.” Baiardi said he has van logs and other documentation to account for the date he picked the horses up at Center Brook.

When asked  later about the discrepancy in dates, Paragallo hedged, saying he couldn't be certain the horses left his farm in December.

According to Another Chance 4 Horses, the Paraneck mares were on the auction grounds in a feed pen for a couple weeks before they were rescued.

“I was going to take them to Florida and sell them,” Baiardi said, “but when I saw how bad a condition they were in, I said, ‘I'm not taking them horses anywhere.'”

Baiardi was concerned he might face consequences from agriculture inspectors as he crossed state lines because of the condition of the horses. “I said they're not getting me for this crap. I called Ernie and said, ‘Ernie what the hell happened to these frikkin' horses?' I had seen them in the summer and they were nice and fat. I told him,'These sonofabitches are walking skeletons.' Ernie said, ‘I'm sending 600 bales of hay a week.' He was pissed and said he was going to send somebody out there to the farm.”

Paragallo disputes the horses were malnourished or had open wounds and that the infestation of lice must have occurred after the horses left his farm. 

“We keep our barren mares on the light side,” Paragallo told the Paulick Report. “They're out in big fields, about 80 acres. We used to give them big round bales, but you can't get those in New York anymore, so we feed the equivalent of half a regular bale to each horse per day; the horses are getting between 22 1/2 and 25 pounds per day. Some of those horses might get their ass kicked and are a little skinnier. We don't check them every day.”

““He may have thought he was sending hay, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone wasn't pocketing the money,” Bairadi said. “I don't know who. But if those horses were in decent shape, I would've taken them to Florida.”

Why didn't Bairadi leave the horses at Center Brook?

“My nephew is with me right now, and he said the guy at the farm told him they had two die there that morning,” Bairadi said. “He said if I didn't take the horses, ‘They'll die and we'll bury ‘em.' I think Ernie's just got too many horses, and you can't be in two places at one time. You try to leave everything on the shoulder of one person at the farm, and things do happen.”

Paragallo said he has approximately 225 horses, including 80 broodmares. He defended the staff at his farm, saying some of them “were crying when I told them what happened to the horses.”

According to Christy Sheidy, co-founder of Another Chance 4 Horses, Paragallo has offered to pay the veterinary bills the operation incurred.

“We pulled blood and did fecal samples on the horses,” Sheidy said. “This kind of neglect doesn't happen overnight, or in three weeks or even two months. The vet reports shouldn't have been as bad as they were.”

Sheidy said she received a phone call from Paragallo's former girl friend, Jennifer Pedersen, who trained many of the horses in question. “She was absolutely distraught, very upset about this,” Sheidy said.

Paragallo is also upset, saying this was the second time he'd “been screwed” after giving horses away. “I'm not too happy about this at all,” he said. “I have horses on my farm that I've had for 18 years that have never done anything. I don't believe in sending them to the killers.”

here if you'd like to find out how you can help the Another Chance 4 Horses organization.

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  • Jonathon Brunia

    Paragallo says: “This was a home run for my business; we were going to move 60 horses that had limited value to us and were going to get the added benefits of having the mares bred back to our stallions and we had the potential to earn stallion awards for their offspring,”

    What the hell is he breeding 60 “limited value” mares for when they couldn’t run to begin with? Over breeding is all about the $$$ and never about the welfare of the horse. Paragallo = Greed and with no remorse. He should die a slow tortuous death as those horses did. Despicable.

  • Ratherrapid

    should these unfortunate animals should have been on the trucks BEFORE they suffered this level of abuse?

  • D. Masters

    Sorry…but horses of this condition (and I’m not a big fan of AC4H, although I have given money in the past and do believe that they are trying to get it right for the horses…I require follow-up) didn’t get this way since December. Sounds like the owner is speaking, “not my fault” speak. How convenient…but this is where they wound up. And horses don’t get like this in 3 months unless you had not been feeding, caring for them in the first freakin’ place. Who was the trainer troll that cried foul? Was it at Suffok or DelPark?…said the same thing…I was sending them to a “summer camp”. Yeah, right…where do you think summer camp horses go in the fall?

    Paragallo will never live to suffer the death he sent that stock off to. What a piece of human garbage…noncompostable. And a lying cheat to boot. If NTRA, Jockey Club, state horse breeding and racing associations don’t start taking charge, collectively…you will bury this industry because the cheats (as with drugs and abuse) will remain at large and they will kill the game I love. You will kill the race game.

  • Wouldn’t one have a reasonable expectation that if the mares were given to a Florida breeder to be bred back to Paranack stallions that contact information would be of utmost concern to the parties involved? Would it not then be reasonable to assume that the name of the Florida breeder be known by the person giving those horses away and the whereabouts of those horses? Discounting the obvious welfare of those horses, or lack thereof, it seems like only good business practice that one would know those most basic of details, if nothing else.

  • Somehow an owner selling 60! broodmares under favorable conditions, but not remembering who he sold 60! broodmares to sounds more than fishy to me. On a sidenote, if they were going to be bred to Paragallo’s stallions anyway, wouldn’t the usual custom be for the broodmares to remain on Paragallo’s farm in the first place? And wouldn’t he find it fishy if some breeder from Florida, of whom he obviously hadn’t heard before, not only told him he had the possibility to stall 60! mares, but also that he would ship 60! mares of low value somewhere (Florida?) in December, to ship them back for the next breeding season? Shouldn’t a longtime owner of racehorses immediately realize that this doesn’t make the least bit of sense? And is his stable in the habit of selling 60! horses without any kind of receipt?

  • MED

    Sounds like Paragallo needs to severely rein in his operation. Overbreeding is a serious problem and all too often this is the tragic result.

  • very curious

    D. Masters – as someone who has donated to AC4H before I’m very curious to know a little more about why you’re not a fan. would you mind elaborating a little bit? thanks!

  • Joe

    Allegedly all surviving horses with enough flesh went to slaughter. The skeletons were unwanted by the killer, left behind then rescued.

    If racing had a moral compass it would permanently ban all abusers but the industry is so sick, desperate and corrupted, it continues to sells its soul to the devil each day, not only by tolerating if not encouraging cruel and evil practices but by rewarding the guilty and immoral.

    The racing and breeding industry has been immune from animal protective laws. If it wants to become respected it must fit in our modern society in which is highly sensitive to animal welfare as it becomes more and more urbanized… Much to the chagrin of some of our racing “leaders”. Animal protective laws must fully apply to the industry. It is the only way to stop crimes against its horses and aim for quality.

  • ktq

    Last summer I went in search of a horse that was in our barn but claimed a year and a half earlier. Not a big winner – won once for us and several 2nds and 3rds. But I loved him and was sad to lose him.

    I worried what would happen to him so I watched. He had a positive drug test in the next barn. He passed from trainer to trainer, sometimes only lasting one race in a barn. His performances went from in the money, to last place. He was running every 2 to 3 weeks. His last owner he was so bad he never finished much better than in the rear. Finally he was shipped to Finger Lakes to run for $4,000. and finished 7th and collapsed after the race. I researched, found the owner and asked them to give him to me when they wanted to call it quits. A week later they called and said take him.

    After a relaxing winter off, he’s being re-schooled. He rides beautifully and is loved by everyone in the stable. He’s easy to be around, the kids can lead him and he’s put on 150 pounds. His coat is beginning to shine the blackest of black.

    How could I play in this sport without the compassion and care of what happens to these animals? I am so proud of him and love him immensely. He’s the bright spot in my life.

    By the way, I have not heard one word from his previous owner to check on his welfare. Good thing I actually care about him.

  • How ironic this tragedy should come to light the very week Elliot Waldrop whined in the Bloodhorse (Final Turn 3-31-09) about animal rights activists seeking to “portray our sport as inhumane, uncaring and greedy.” As someone who has saved hundreds of racehorses from slaughter I can’t imagne how anyone could possibly get that impression.

    Priscilla Clark

  • Arkle

    As a Florida breeder I demand that Ernie P. divulge the name of the breeder, if he really does exist. Otherwise he besmirches the name of everyone in Florida who tries to do the right thing, as I suspect Paragallo did not do in this case.

    C’mon Ernie or are you suffering from selective memory.

    Here’s hoping you never make a dime more or win another race. Cellar Dweller now there’s an appropriate name.

  • Kevin

    If you don’t have the money to take care of your horses – get the [email protected] out of the business. This guy has the money to do the right thing and he didn’t do it. Disgusting!!!

  • How bout that?

    I was thinking the same exact thing about Waldrop. What a pathetic figurehead. What a waste of his salary. I agree, put the name out of the person in Florida you were supposedly to have a deal with. Bulls–t. There was no deal. How stupid do you take us for. The van driver should have never touched those horses. He should have called the sheriff or whoever the proper contact would have been in that area. I bet he wishes he had of now. Yeah, how stupid to tell the story they were going to ship to Florida and then turn around and ship back to be bred. Investment banker?? Did you get in on the “bailout.” Unlike your horses who had to rely on someone else to bail them out. And there just wasn’t enough money or time. Hey Ernie, hope what “Earl” says doesn’t get you. Earl says, “That’s Karma!”

  • My follow up question — what is Paragallo’s usual practice for disposing of low value stock? Was this transaction a deviation, or the norm?

  • floridarider

    This is just deplorable. Isn’t this the same rescue highlighted on HBO about Little Cliff? Some may not like that this rescue saves horses from killbuyer barns or broker barns, but they certainly have shown many of us how despicable the owners and breeders are after these horses literally had to run for their lives. Look at the reward they give to these horses. Yeppers, starvation, lice, and a hellish trip to a slaughterhouse. Shame on all of you who do this.

  • wesly

    Who the hell is Elliot Waldrop? A twisted cross between Elliot Walden and Alex Waldorp?

  • Joe

    wesly, Ms. Clark has seen way too much. California, where the horse slaughter trade has been illegal for over a decade, is experiencing a catastrophic situation with many breeding operations closing down, throwing all horses away and truckloads going to slaughter. The killers are like vultures circling and growing. Anyone should visit the Thoroughbred Friends website and read its journal. Feedlots are full of discarded Thoroughbreds, young and old, skinny and plump, pregnant and with foals. Some TBs are used for illegal match races and others are tripped at mexican rodeos before going to slaughter. Bravo to California and its irresponsible breeding program.

  • Honestlady

    Mr. Paulick, I’m the one who started the thread on TBC forum after reading the rescue article you linked yesterday. Thank you for linking the story and following up with these interviews. It’s incredible you were able to reach the van driver and have him tell you so much. The whole story hinges on his testimony. It would be great if you followed up on this story with Mr. Baiardi. Even better if you urge him to notify the authorities with everything that he told you including documentation. Waiting with anticipation for the guilty party to be exposed and justice to be served. Not necessarily Mr. Paragallo, more likely someone at the farm who pocketed the feed money, but Paragallo lying about it won’t help his case.


    Joe, you are correct. California is as hypocritical as they come. They passed legislation to ban horse slaughter in the state, yet truckloads of horses are hauled across the state line for slaughter.

    Remember last August when 40 broodmares from Ben Warren’s farm ended up at a feedlot in Arizona? Warren said the same thing – “I thought they were going to good homes”. Priscilla Clark and others had to work to pull those poor horses off that lot.

    And now we have Ernie Paragallo claiming the same thing. At least Warren knew the name of the person he gave the horses to.

    When is this going to stop? Certainly Alex Waldrop is not the answer.

  • Honestlady

    Joe Drape article on the story:
    The van driver picked them up at the end of February.

  • NTRA Not

    Three things are obvious in this thread:

    1. Paragallo’s explanation is a farce (imagine promising 60 mares to someone whom you can’t remember)

    2. Paragallo is a despicable thug.

    3. Alex Waldrop and the NTRA’s claim that all is well is blown away. Their stance on slaughter is cowardly. I suppose their savior — Tommy Thompson (a hasbeen failure even in the Bush Administration) — will all over this. Right.

  • smaloney

    Back to square one…crossing the border into Florida with horses requires current negative Coggins and Health certificates for each individual, which in turn require a veterinarian to draw blood for the coggins test and inspect the animals. A van driver wouldn’t think of shipping horses without such documentation and no concientious vet would allow animals in that condition to be transported. Paragallo says he doesn’t remember who he sold the horses to. Ask the driver if he was given the proper paperwork, which would have the name of the vet and the address of the horses’ destination.

  • Furious

    Do you mean to tell me this POS sent these mares to Florida with (1) no contract with the “Florida breeder”; (2) no papers for the mares ; and (3) no health certificates? BS. Either he knew he was sending these mares to a very bad end or he is an incredibly bad, stupid and irresponsible owner and businessman.
    The mares did not get in such poor condition overnight. Where was Paragallo’s oversight of his farm? It is his ultimate responsibility and he should be criminally charged with neglect along with everyone else in his employ on that farm.

    The NY authorities had better get on this and do the right thing.

  • smaloney

    (More…) The vet would also retain copies of the required (by law) documents. If the test and health inspection weren’t performed, there is no way those horses were going to Florida. It would also be informative to know what Veterinary operation “services” Center Brook Farm and why it didn’t blow a whistle long, long ago.

  • vavmark

    I share the other posters’ skepticism regarding Ernie Paragallo’s evolving story. Unfortunately he cannot suffer more than embarrassment as an owner of slaughter-bound race horses because NYRA has not adopted the policy that Suffolk Downs’ owner started last year to ban owners and trainers whose horses are found in slaughter pens. With Churchill Downs having just announced its adoption of this policy, NYRA is now the only Triple Crown venue that has not…perhaps Steve Dunker can explain why NYRA remains on the sidelines when it comes to making meaningful efforts to deny horse owners the privilege of racing at the NYRA tracks if they participate in the slaughter pipeline. As a result, Paragallo fears no consequences where it would really matter–his pocket!

  • MED

    And The Blood-horse and TB Times have yet to acknowledge this story. Thank you Mr. Paulick for having the er, guts.

  • FastG45

    The guilty people involved should be put in a pen, feed them worst then jail house food once a day with dirty water and make them wait and think every day that this might be the day they come and kill them.

  • Freespirit

    Paragallo’s story is obviously a lie. And the fact he actually states he keeps the barren mares on the “lean side” and some might get their ass kicked, no one checks on them daily, what the hell is going on? Anyone that manages horses should know that they need to be checked on AT LEAST once a day – one could be colicking, one could be injured, etc. This guy is a real piece of work with all his money to treat horses this way. And I have been told that he had a mare in KY at a farm a year or two ago (this is hearsay, I admit) that had a foal by Unbridled Song at her side which was beautiful, but she was skin and bones. So, this doesn’t sound like a new situation for Paragallo’s horses. I have also been told by a reliable New York resident that he doesn’t pay his bills and do not do any work for him, and him not paying his bills is a well known fact there in New York.

  • Thank You Mr.Paulick, we have been trying to get this in the news for years,it’s not the first time this has happened at this farm ! If Mr.Paragallo wants to clear his name, all he needs to do is invite the press and the ASPCA of Albany to his farm for a tour tomorrow, it should be bucolic this time of year with all the mares and foals so they can take lot’s af pictures. Perhaps one reason NYRA doesn’t want to deal with this is that the racing secretary’s brother is Mr.Paragallos trainer.No conflict there !

  • Belmont

    I am truly sickened and saddened by this story. Ernie Paragallo’s story is unbelievable for all of the reasons cited by other posters. Based on the photos, it’s clear that these horses have been severely neglected and exposed to the elements for many many months.

    Does anyone have a thought on the sequence of events that took place the day Baiardi showed up at Paragallo’s farm to pick up the horses?

    I’m not accusing Baiardi of any wrong doing, but it’s clear that someone gave him the authority to take possession of those horses. The question is who? There’s no confirmation that the mysterious buyer in Florida even exists (I don’t believe there ever was a buyer).

    Baiardi stated that he was bringing these horses to FL to “sell them”. This suggests that he was taking possession of the horses and would be selling them himself, as opposed to delivering them to the mystery buyer. Also, his comment that he had seen the horses in the summer and they were “nice and fat” strikes me funny (I find that to be an odd way to description a horse unless you’re interested in their weight). Did Baiardi ever get the Jockey Club papers for these mares? Any paperwork at all?

    It sounds like Paragallo made a deal with Baiardi to take those mares, no questions asked. When Baiardi showed up that the farm and saw their condition, Paragallo gave him the horses and said “do what you like.”

  • hithappens

    E.P. knows who the breeder in florida is and so do i. the man in florida and his partners are trash. Baiardi is also not the most up and up person, he overloads trailers, moves horses without proper paperwork and doesnt give a darn if he hurts a horse or not, he and his family (nephew been in jail) are not honorable or lawabiding but I am sure he is enjoying the press he is getting at the moment.
    The deal E.P. made is made all across the country on large and small scale all the time nothing fishy there. If a mare is barren and you can find her a home, get her bred to your stallion and get stallion awards in the long run you are on the winning side. There was also a deal made between the florida man and some young horses with the deal including training/racing/earnings ..its a win/win for everyone when it works and really sucks when it doesnt. hard to tell who to trust these days. thank goodness for the internet since you can tell who to stay away from AFTER the screw someone over

  • Tiznowbaby

    Sixty broodmares? Really? That you’re just casting off to someone whose name you can’t recall? They didn’t have lice when they left? They weren’t too skinny? How the hell would you know if they’re not checked every day. It is YOUR responsibility, Mr. Paragallo, to see to the welfare of your horses. Shame on you. Shame on you for allowing this to happen. Unbridled’s Song has made you millions. Shame on you.

  • LCM

    So we all shout and call Paragallo names (deservedly) and then what? NOTHING!!! And all the industry insiders freak out when PETA comes a calling…… For every story like this that sees the light of day, imagine all the ones that don’t. This business is truly a disgrace. Why is it so hard for people with the MEANS to do the RIGHT THING? Mares turned out in an 80 acre field in the dead of winter in upstate New York need more than 1/2 bale of hay a day. Any MORON KNOWS THAT. As everyone knows, this was CRIMINAL NEGLECT. Where is the humane society? Isn’t there an investigation being conducted? I certainly hope so. Please keep following up on this!!

  • untill today i’d never heard of my impression of him is a lying,devious,cruel bastard.
    he wasn’t selling the animals to florida;they were being DUMPED to someone,anyone in names,no address,no of the buyer-what utter crap paragallo!
    paragallo stated in his nyt blog that none of his employees could have spoken to baiardi the pick up float driver; why not? are they all illegals? from guatemala,mongolia or somewhere?

    the postings of joe,vaymark,freespirit,suev and others are pertinent,illuminating to me,anyway. would someone please advise the name of paragallo’s current trainer (# 11 apparently).then when i transmit my misgivings and abhorance to the race secretary at nyrc i’ll be able to formally address the guy by name!!

    you know, yesterday saw the running of the ‘golden slipper’ in sydney and the ‘grand national’ at aintree. the noblest of beasts performing their utmost,some giving 110%,some with their lives.

    paragallo,i find you to be despicable,even evil because you abuse my animals.i demand the nyrc and other appropriate authorities in the good ol’e usa initiate immediate action to remove you and your ilk from the industry.

    i fully agree with d.masters post on apr 3 ‘paragallo is a piece of human garbage’
    it is a fact of life that elements of humanity,human scum many of whom have never done a productive day of work in their lives,seem to infest the racing,gambling business.
    well,without the horses (and the gambling) there can be no industry.
    no meal ticket to fund booze,girlfriends etc.etc… that paragallo??

    in closing,this posting,all of the above postings are to be circulated,transmitted, by me, thru every available source,media and elsewhere in australia….


  • bee

    Is there anyone that really thinks that these horses were not sent out to eventually go to the KB? Even down in Florida they have backyard slaughter and its booming. The poor fat girls went first, and the skeletons were left to starve. So sad, stop over breeding and it will stop slaughter too. Bless the scared horses in the kill pens.

  • hithappens

    bee….to stop the horse slaughter you need to stop the QH and “mutt” breeders who breed because they want to have a pretty horse, or because the ugly one they have needs a few friends or just because they can. Its not people like E.P. its the idiots everywhere who breed because a boy part fits in a girl part

  • April

    Mr. Paragallo – it has been stated that these horses were in deplorable condition ON YOUR PROPERTY – WHILE IN YOUR POSSESSION – something you have not denied. In the very least you should be charged with neglect. For all those new zero tolerance policy racetracks – let see some teeth being shown from your policy – do not allow him to race his horses at your track. Keep your word and follow through, your intergrity will be lost if you fall short in your actions against Mr. Paragallo.

    I also understand you have offered to pay the approximate $1,100.00 vet bill – WHOOPEE! I am sure that there will be thousands more spent to bring them back to proper health. How about paying for their complete care /boarding until they are adopted out – that would be stepping up to the plate. Anything less is a JOKE.

    Further – the fact that you cannot “remember” the name, address or phone number of the farm they were “supposed” to go or the real date these horses left your property is just shocking. Really. How can you forget where you were sending SIXTY horses?

    You said you do not care what people say or think of you – that is obvious – someone who values their reputation would take much better care of their animals than you appear to have done.
    Was it someone else’s fault? If you are passing the buck – have they been fired? As the owner – the buck stop’s with you. Have you bothered to go out back on those 80 acres to check on your other horses since this took place? I think this situation would merit a “looksee” at your own facility. I hope that the Humane Society is ringing your doorbell this very minute. Perhaps your version of keeping the mares “thin” may mean something quite different to them. I am sure keeping the mares “thin” as you say, makes for a nice number in the feed budget too.

    I am glad that you are no longer the owner of these horses. Ac4h will take the time to properly place these horses in happy forever homes and they will be protected under a contract from ever going to slaughter. Something you should have done.

  • April

    To all of you rightfully angry posters here – I have one thing to say to you- help work on stopping horse slaughter in this country as well as shipping to Canada & Mexico and Mr. Paragallo will not longer have the option to ship to slaughter.

    Contact your state reps, senators, the humane society and other animal welfare groups the media and even our President Obama. Write letters make phone calls, sign petitions. Write the racetracks and tell them they can forget about your business if they allow the horses owners and trainers to neglect their animals. Write to the states who are trying to re-open slaughter houses and tell them you will not spend vacation dollars in their state. It is not hard to do – it need not be lengthy – but make yourself heard where it counts. The Mr. Paragallos of the world could care less about what you have to say – he admitted that. Force him to care and make the right choices by changing the rules at the racetracks and by changing the laws in this country. One person – one letter at a time = millions of people and millions of letters.

    April in Mass.

  • MED

    I’m over believing these horses were ever going to Florida. I suspect Biairdi is a kill buyer and Paragallo knew it.

    Also, as someone up there ^^ said, this isn’t the first time. Follow-up NYT article:

  • vavmark

    I am beginning to lose track of all the parties that Ernie has blamed (while also “taking full responsibility”)… my current favorite: the horses themselves. In Ernie’s desperate OJ-like search for the guilty, those “fat/dominant mares” are the latest candidates. Drape’s story about the 2007 abuse cases makes it clear that he had plenty of warning that horses were being neglected at his farm. Instead, rescues were allowed to clean-up after him, while he earned multi-millions each year from Unbridled Song’s stud fees. This is a pattern of willful, criminal neglect that warrants prosecution.
    Why is New York state not enforcing its animal cruelty laws when it comes to Paragallo? The van driver’s latest quotes about one of the horses dying in his van less than 2 hours after being picked up, as well as the farm hands’ statements to him about other deaths that day should be more than sufficient grounds for a full-scale criminal investigation. If this was a backyard breeder in Troy (unless it was Joe Bruno), they’d be having their picture taken at the police station. Who in Albany is protecting him? How many of Paragallo’s horses need to die horrible deaths via slaughter before he faces any consequences?

  • ktq

    I’m no fan of PETA. Actually I deplore what they did to Larry Jones last year, putting racings problems on the shoulders of a trainer that had no past record. However, this situation IS the face of racing’s problems and with the one annual timeframe approaching where racing gets front page coverage, maybe this does need to be put in the hands of PETA. They certainly put our issues out there last year and I love this sport so much, I’m willing to endure a few years of pain to acheive change.

    By the way, I was at the track the other day and Ernie was sitting front and center in the box seats watching his horses run, like just another day. I hope this will enrage everyone here enough to contact PETA, state law enforcements, NYRA and NTRA.

  • D. Masters

    The NYRA, TOBA and useless Jockey Club MUST do SOMETHING about this troll; this user and abuser of horses. Why was he allowed to sit at a track? Why is he being allowed to continue to race? At a minimum, he needs to be put in some sort of probationary period that includes a ban on physical presence at all NY (or any for that matter) track, with close scrutiny of his in training or stabled horses until authorities (that would be you, State of NY and NTRA/Jockey Club) get to the truth of this travesty.

    You ineffectual entities better start growing a pair and get fellow members and state legislatures to clean this game up or it will be completely dead in 5 years. And in the long run GUYS…that’s a lot of lost coin. Idiots. Simple and plain, self-absorb, out of touch idiots. Yeah…I noticed it still isn’t picked up by TBTimes and BH too…the maxi-pad rags for the race industry; just clueless with a ton of blood on their hands. But by God, the NY Times has picked it up.

  • Joe

    I also believe that Biairdi is a killer buyer.
    The latest from Joe Drape:
    “April 5, 2009
    More Horses Rescued From Owner’s Care in 2007
    Ernie Paragallo, the prominent New York thoroughbred breeder and owner whose horses were found emaciated and on their way to slaughter last month, had horses rescued from his Center Brook Farm in 2007. They were starving and required more than a month in an equine hospital in Saratoga Springs.

    The three horses have fully recovered and are under the care of Equine Advocates, a rescue group in Chatham, N.Y. Its founder and president, Susan Wagner, said she removed the horses from the farm on Jan. 16, 2007, after a neighbor called and reported that they were in poor health.

    She transported the horses to Saratoga Equine Veterinary Service, where Dr. Bill Barnes treated them. Barnes said the horses were anywhere from 175 to 250 pounds underweight and had skin problems and parasites.

    They were released from the clinic on Feb. 21, 2007.

    “They had no groceries,” he said. “They were starving to death.””

    EP is a serial abuser. I bet that this classless character doesn’t miss a meal and may even enjoy stuffing himself pretty well, unlike his horses which he like to keep on the “thin side”. Can anyone tell me? Is Paragallo a walking skeleton infested with worms and lice, with open sores?

    These are only the horses that were found and rescued. How many others has EP abused in one way or another? How does he treat his race horses? Should the NYRA assume that the man has an ounce of integrity and moral? His current trainer is related to the NYRA racing secretary and son of Johnny Campo… Enough said! He also had horses with doper Greg Martin and drug abuser Frank Amonte.

    EP doesn’t deserve to own horses. If horse racing wasn’t so out of control and corrupted, NYRA and others would yank his owner’s license immediately, the NY State-bred program would ban him and the JC would refuse to register his TBs.

    And the good ole NTRA… Well, Pargallo donated $1 Million to its Heroes Fund. That would have bought a heck of a lot of hay for his starving horses. Is this how EP buys immunity from racing powerbrokers since he can’t help himself from starving his horses?

    EP’s farm manager and vets if he used any, should also be prosecuted for failing to report abuse. This must become a criminal case like other forms of abuse need to become in horse racing. I don’t care if the American Horse Council succeeds year after year to keep horses classified as livestock to help protect the abusers including those who send their horses to slaughter.

    State-bred programs must stop pushing over-breeding with breeders’ awards, numerous restricted races with large purses for mediocre horses, and help reduce the number of unwanted horses sent to slaughter. State breds should earn next to nothing in restricted competition and huge bonuses for winning and placing in open competition. This would promote quality and limit reckless breeding. Horses would be much better taken care for and have more opportunity to be raised and managed well if breeders and owners had only two quality horses to feed and care for than 10 inferior ones. The TB world is still much better than the AQHA puppy-mill, a total disgrace with its defending over-breeding and slaughter.

  • D. Masters

    Maybe the NYTimes should be attributed with picking up the news release from AC4H, more correctly with further input from Drape. God! Please! I understand that there are bad people in the world, but where are the people in charge of being in charge/oversight of those bad people????? Like Madoff and AIG? In some ways, they are worse than the offenders because they are in charge of making sure the “baddies” behave. Tragic and in this industry it translates into a cruel and violent end to a noble, trusting servant of humans-the horse. Disgusting.

  • D. Masters

    To Joe:

    HOLEEE CRAP!!!! Absolutely disgusting information. Thanks for the most needed post. Is anyone going to impede this SERIAL ABUSER????? Hello NYRA, TOBA, HSUS, NYASPCA or NYHS???? Anybody home????

  • Joe

    Ray, thank you for this story.

    PETA is probably waiting for the KY Derby to raise hell.

  • D. Masters

    Hey Joe:

    You forgot to add that AQHA is into cloning! What horsemen!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    D. Masters: you are correct, the AQHA is into EVERYTHING it can dream of to exploit horses. Allegedly, the 2007 champion QH two year old filly Heartswindopen had 5 mares carrying her foals before her 3rd birthday then she was sent back to race at 3.
    The AQHA is pro horse slaughter but so is the NTRA.

  • Freespirit

    E. Paragalla is nothing but a complete thug and his owner’s license should be revoked. Too bad the profit that Unbridled Song brings to him couldn’t be taken and directly given to the people taking care of the horses he has neglected. Thanks to Ray Paulick for reporting this story as I don’t see it in the Bloodhorse or Thoroughbred Times. I agree that PETA can go way overboard, but they could have a field day with this story. I transport horses and I have been warned to never transport for E.P. as he does not pay his bills. So, that tells me this Balardi guy was in all probability heading to the killers. And of course he was upset when he saw how skinny they were.

  • D. Masters


    At least the horse abusers, aka…AQHA are up front about it. The NTRA and other TB entities (not all and the TB industry is doing more with re: rehoming and standing up….one by one) are like those in Germany that stood by when their neighbors were being rounded up….”they didn’t come for me and I didn’t have anything to do with it”. But when you stand by in the face of evil, you become part of the problem and in a way, just as guilty because you stood by and said or did nothing.

    PETA bugs me tremendously, but they do get some things right. Agreed, what they did to Mr. Jones was disgusting. But I’ll say something else. These horses that are bred and pushed to the limit give us their ALL. I think many have undetected stress fractures that are so difficult to read, especially since the horses with heart don’t tell you directly, “I’m uncomfortable”. The greats have run with fevers, stress fractures, soft tissue damage, etc.

    As an example (never had great faith in the trainer), The Pamplemousse was scratched. Glad they did that, but wonder if we have really been given the complete story. On the other hand, Aintree’s Grand National was unbelievable. The best! BOY! Those horses, trainers and the JOCKS, tremendous.

  • bugweed

    I note that the Bloodhorse and Thoroughbred News have yet to pick up the story. Could they be afraid of the implications of running negative stories about one of their largest advertiser’s business partners? Naw, that would be too Kentucky for even the Bloodhorse. Kind of like the Herald Leader not running stories about the ex basketball coach and his fondness for college aged women, especially the girlfriends of players.

    Silly me, horse abuse is only news if its done by hill billies without any money. Hill billies in NY with money and a big farm advertiser don’t count.

  • walkinthepark

    from Alex Brown Racing forum.
    Thread title:
    “Horse racing – NY Times article:breeder neglects horses”
    Poster: iluvasbs

    “I have tried to refrain from posting, but after talking with 2 other ABRs and having some sleepless nites I feel obligated to speak on this subject. My farm did business with Ernie Paragallo in the early 2000 and we handled MANY mares for him. When the first mares came we did not know much about Paraneck other than Unbridled Song. We were in for a shock. The mares that came to us were in deplorable condition. We immediately contacted Mr. P and got a very flippant response about it being winter and lack of grass, etc in NY. We contacted the farm manager at the time and were told issues with getting feed and hay were problems and there were just TOO MANY horses. WE accepted the mares because we felt we had to for their sake. We actually took picts and sent them to Mr P. and later we took after picts. I have been trying to locate the picts as I now have a new computer and they were on our office computer. I handled many of the mares and to my horror it appears that some may have been apart of this group that went to slaughter. I think folks will see that this issue is not a sign of the immediate economy-it is a sign of a person who treats his horses as commodities and they are thrown aside/discarded when they no longer can give out a product. We made calls then and asked questions and even inquired about some one visiting the farm in NY. Everyone had “answers” for why these mares looked the way they did. They had skin ailments, underweight, and had some physical ailments. My feelings are that he should not be allowed to own horses and he needs to stop making excuses. I am sure many others will step forward on this issue soon and we will see a trend of ill care spanning years, not just the last few months. Having been a first hand witness I know the truth. How many other horses from his farm have shipped to Canada we may never know. But, I dod not think this was the first incident-it was just Paragallo’s unlucky day and he got caught. I do pray measures will be taken to save the rest of the ones on his farm because THEY NEED SAVING-if not from immediately starving-from the hands of an owner who just does not care. “

  • etic parana

    this guy has to be banned from the game
    he is the lowest life there ever was
    he walks around the track with a puss on his face and talks to no one. his face shows the evil thats inside he should be tied on the track in the middle of the track at belmont and trappled by a 12 horse field and i would hope i of those horses that trappled him kicked him a little harder because his mother was a horse this cocksucker killed

  • Thank You so much walk in the park ! I’m not a fanatic horse rescue person, just a NY breeder doing the best I can. We need everyone with a story like this to step forward and put an end to this once and for all. it’s a black eye to all of us in the TB industry.

  • ktq

    walkinthepark, you are correct in that this is not about economics but about a philosophy that has no business being part of this sport. It needs to stop now. Please folks, get assertive and write, call, email every possible enitity in racing and let them know how you feel. And as much as I detest Peta, this might be a job for them.

    bugweed, you’re right that bloodhorse / t times have not covered. but check out the Jeff Mullins story on T Time. 2009’s version of Dutrow??

  • Joe

    How did Paragallo get away with abusing his horses for so many years? And not paying his bills? Everyone remained silent, are they all so afraid of him? The damn code of silence has been way too lethal for horses. It was a neighor who alerted the authorities in 2007, not any of the professionals who saw these starving horses for years.

    iluvasbs also failed to report the abuser Paragallo to the authorities almost a decade ago. Everyone who knew but failed to stop the suffering and dying of Paragallo’s horses are just about as guilty as the abuser.

  • Belmont

    The day Baiardi picked up the horses, he called Paragallo to complain about their horrible condition. To my knowledge, Paragallo does not deny that this conversation took place.

    Quote: “I called Ernie and said, ‘Ernie what the hell happened to these frikkin’ horses?’ I had seen them in the summer and they were nice and fat. I told him,’These sonofabitches are walking skeletons.’ Ernie said, ‘I’m sending 600 bales of hay a week.’ He was pissed and said he was going to send somebody out there to the farm.”

    Having been informed about their condition, why didn’t Paragallo get a vet, a neighbor, a fellow horseman, ANYONE to his farm ASAP to verify Bairdi’s claims and help these horses? How could he have allowed them off his farm?

    Paragallo’s story stinks to high heaven. And if Bairdi were truly concerned about the condition of these horses, he would have called the local humane society or a vet instead of selling them to slaughter.

    It just saddens me that the fate of these animals was left in the hands of such bad actors. It took months for the condition of these horses to deteriorate; someone could have stepped up to help them but no one had the courage.

  • NTRA Not


    Any parallels here?


    The Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting investigation began in April 2007 with a search of property in Surry County, Virginia, owned by Atlanta Falcons football quarterback Michael Vick, and the subsequent discovery of evidence of a dog fighting ring. Over seventy dogs, mostly pit bull terriers, with some said to be showing signs of injuries, were seized, along with physical evidence during several searches of Vick’s 15-acre property by local, state and federal authorities.

    The case drew widespread publicity to the issues of animal abuse and dog fighting. It also drew attention to unlawful gambling and drug activities which authorities claim often accompany dog fighting.

    Subsequently, Vick and three other principals were convicted of federal felony conspiracy charges and imprisoned. Vick was suspended by the NFL, was ordered to pay the Atlanta Falcons back a portion of his earnings, and lost endorsement deals worth millions more. With other creditors also attempting to collect millions of dollars in debts, in July 2008, he filed for Chapter 11 (reorganization) bankruptcy protection.

  • D. Masters

    As to Vick, just this last week his bankruptcy file was denied by the judge and was ordered to work the plan over again. Yes, the NFL did step in and suspend Vick. Also, many dog and humane organizations did step in and were able to place or rehome (some permanent “no adoption” at sanctuaries) most of the dogs.

    Two things: I hope Vick can be given another chance. Disgusting as his hobbies were and appalling illegal. However, forgiveness and second chance is what our country and we as humans must give…to a point. But this crud in NY, with his money and his abuse of horses on multiple counts is absolutely unbelievable. Look at the racing entities; NOTHING! The legal authorities are no better. The silent killer of life and quality of same…apathy and influence of money. This entire story and this man’s history is the poster child for the ineffectual racing industry, animals welfare laws and the frequent abusive nature of horse ownership and all that can go wrong and those that allow this trash to happen.

    This horse owner has burnt up his “second chances” as far as I’m concerned. Anyone heard anything from NYRA or NYTOBA????

  • Noelle

    As many have suggested, Paragallo needs to be banned from racing and NY state should go after him the way Virginia went after Michael Vick. Will it happen? I fear not. The fact that this scum is still allowed on a race track – I read that he was ensconced in his box at Aqueduct on Saturday – makes me think that abuse of hoses in the racing industry is probably every bit as widespread as some have suggested. If Paragallo’s serial abuser conduct were a complete anomaly, one would expect the NTRA and other influential industry groups to be demanding his prosecution. They’re not. But if everyone’s hands are dirty, that would explain why no one in authority is condemning this vicious thug. Disgusting.

  • MED

    The Blood-Horse has finally spoken, albeit via a generic AP article. I suspect this is to acknowledge the situation, but not PO a major advertiser by doing any sort of further investigation. At least they did something-to my knowledge the TB Times has not. Guess I better email them, too. :D

  • MED

    Thank you Mr. Paulick for moving this story back up to the top of the page.

  • Joe

    Ray, thank you for keeping this story up.
    Noelle, the abuse of racing and breeding horses including sending spent horses to slaughter is widespread. Why is the NTRA in bed with the AHC and is pro-slaughter? Because it is not a popular position to want to take money out of the “game” to feed spent and broken horses. If all Thoroughbreds sent to slaughter were instead euthanized, it would be most humane but it would make the industry look extremely bad. So sending truckloads of horses to slaughter is a stealth and expedient way to dispose of unwanted horses. Some well bred horses and stakes winners and producers are identified by rescuers at auctions and feedlots and then embarrassed breeders and previous owners can always express total shock and horror.

    Michael Vick will play football again as soon as he gets out of jail because it is all about money like in horse racing.
    The Blood Horse finally posted a story on Paragallo after finding a mild enough one with an apologetic headline: he “takes full responsibility”. It is to be noted that it is NOT a the Blood Horse reporter who wrote that story. It came from the Associated Press!! It’s still the ole boy network and the mag doesn’t want to jeopardize potential ad revenues. It is not about moral, it is all about money.

    How much of his $1 Million pledge did EP donate to the NY Heroes Fund since 2001? Whatever, he should have been feeding his horses first.

  • MED

    I absolutely can’t stand PETA, but the inaction by the TB industry has me hoping PETA blows this wide open. I’m getting more angry by the minute as Mr. Paulick is the only one who appears to give a rat’s butt. There’s been no worthwhile acknowledgment by any other entity in the industry. I was hoping an owner with deep pockets would step up and make a donation for the care of these horse, but no one has. Do it anonymously if you must and restore my faith PLEASE. It wouldn’t take much, a couple thousand.

    Bah.This issue will probably get swept under the carpet unless it begins to affect someone’s pocketbook in the form of bad publicity.

  • Benny the Bull

    And why isn’t someone at the Florida TB Owners and Breeders Association trying to find the name of the supposed breeder. It is an insult to all Florida breeders to have the reputation of our state dragged through the mud.
    We’ve already heard from the van driver and Paragello. Now let’s hear from the Florida breeder to who these horses were supposedly being shipped (if he really exists).

  • Tiznowbaby

    Mr. Paragallo’s “explanations” are not acceptable. He’s still blaming things on some unnamed guy in Florida. The reality is that FOR YEARS he has not been properly feeding or caring properly for his horses.
    Why is The Bloodhorse skirting this issue. The story they have posted leaves out half the facts — the most damning half. Why is the NTRA not stepping up.
    Shame on all these people. I am disgusted.

  • Ernie Paragallo is is own Farm Manager, there are no one else to blame, by his own admission, no one at the farm even speaks english. Can some concerned citizen who lives near his farm and has seen the condition of his horses please file a complaint and get the police out there asap ? Otherwise,I fear this will fade away,just like it has in the past.
    The rest of us need to continue to voice our outrage, write to NYRA and anyone with first hand knowledge of Paragallo’s abuse and neglet can call Joe Drape in the NYRA pressbox on most days or write to Ray Paulick.

  • Freespirit

    After reading Walk in the Park’s blog, I realize the things that I had heard that were “hearsay” were true. I just talked to the person who told me about the starved mare with the beautiful Unbridled Song foal at her side. It was two or three years ago and she said she saw them at Rood and Riddle. The mare’s physical appearance was so bad it was shocking, but she had a beautiful Unbridled Song foal – pretty obvious who owned it. I agree with the many people that wrote earlier, this has been going on for several years and why has no professionals – veterinarians and farriers, etc., stepped up and reported this inhumane treatment of these horses? Veterinarians had to have gone out there to his farm occasionally. Why didn’t the people that worked there do something? They could have anonymously reported it to the Humane Society in NY.

  • As someone in the employ of a struggling non profit (Tranquility Farm CA), I usually feel I can’t afford to donate to other organizations. HOWEVER, I think everyone contributing to or reading this thread can see how important it is to keep the Paulick Report alive and kicking the bad guys. The coverage of this debacle has been almost nil in other racing publications, not to their credit. Lets all send Ray a contribution today and let him know how much we appreciate his fine reporting and his courageous stand for the welfare of the horses.

  • He has been reported to the police and SPCA repeatedly,he blames the help at his farm, convinces them that he is a victim too, and gets another chance. I know several vet’s who have gone there in the past and won’t go anymore, I can’t find out who is doing the work, I have a feeling that no one is going out there, I doubt very much that there were current coggins on the horses that were rescued, but if there were, the vets name would be on them.

  • D. Masters

    OK, let me put this bluntly…why has not ONE TB organization at the NY State or Fed Level stepped in to investigate this situation? For God’s sake…it was in the NYTimes!!!! That crud’s fat ass was sittin’ in his box at one of Aqueduct’s major race days????? I’m of the opinion that the racing “charge d’Lords” are as screwed up as the perps!

  • Joe

    Equine hospitals including Rood & Riddle have chosen to hide evil for years by failing to report severe abuse and doping cases. All professionals who have had first hand knowledge of equine abuse and fraud but failed to report each case to the authorities for financial reasons are as guilty as the abusers and dopers themselves. The Code of Silence is racing’ self-inflicted cancer.

  • smithy

    we must not forget why most people who run the likes of the NTRA and the NYRA and others in Leadership Positions in the horse business get their jobs,it is ‘Jobs for the Boys .The likes of Paragallo survive in the game because no one in leadership dares to say anything to upset their jobs,except the likes of Ray Paulick and Indian Charlie,in a round about way,Thanks keep up the good work.We revere the likes of Paragallo and others like him and all it does is put off good people from gettting into the business.

  • I am DISGUSTED & APPAULED @ this !!!
    ………….. if nothing is done over this, it is telling everyone else that this is ok, it will blow over.
    I have a rescued Thoroughbred & he is the most precious magnificent animal that I have even been in contact with !! I am a race fan & LOVE to watch these Thoroughbreds run, as they are elegant & athletic BUT I will no longer support a industry that literally spits in the faces of those that make them money. God BLESS anotherchance4horses & others that help these elite animals……… & if you are as disgusted as I am, MAKE A DONATION to help save a racehorse, I even started a horse treat business to help………… put your money where your mouth is…. DO SOMETHING !!!
    thanks, janet & King of Spain

  • Gail Vacca

    My concern is for the horses who remain in the care (or lack thereof) of Mr. Paragallo. Are any humane authorities following up on this? What is NYRA doing to get to the bottom of this and to sanction those responsible for the neglect/abuse of these mares?

    Considering Annie Russek and I rescued a Paraneck horse at New Holland last Nov. 23rd (there was a second Paraneck horse there that day too, but we didnt have the $$’s to rescue both) I’d say that shipping horses to slaughter is par for the course for Paragallo.

    We rescued a gray gelding that day named LeBron and we believe that the bay Paraneck gelding, Take the Risk, went to the killers. Both LeBron and Take the Risk were brought to New Holland on 11/23 by Amanda Seiler. That said, LeBron had a coggins with him that was drawn at New Holland on 10/2/08 and the owner was listed as none other than Richard Biardi (Ocala, FL). Apparently Biardi got the horses from Paraneck and then took the horses to New Holland on 10/2. The horses remained at New Holland for 4 days until the following Monday, Oct. 6. when they were sold to Seiler, who then returned the horses to New Holland some 6 weeks later. Both horses had only recently been gelded as both still had open incisions.

    The bottom line here is that this kind of dispicable treatment of horses has got to end. If one is unable or unwilling to provide humane care to their horses in both life and death, then PLEASE get the hell out of the racing industry. We absolutely must rid the industry of these bottom feeding, horse abusing, incompetents.

  • Gail Vacca

    Post #39 by MED
    “I’m over believing these horses were ever going to Florida. I suspect Biairdi is a kill buyer and Paragallo knew it. ”

    Bingo!!!!!!!!! I too believe that the horses were never going to FL. Biairdi is funneling Paraneck horses directly to the New Holland slaughter pipeline.

  • MED

    RE: post #76. Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Gail. It sounds like Paragallo and Biairdi are old chums. And BLESS YOU for the work you do. How is LeBron? Are you affiliated with a rescue group? Please post the URL. I hope Mr. Paulick doesn’t mind, I’ve donated to AC4H instead of him this month, but I can eek out a bit more for your group. Will get ya next month, Mr. P.

  • D. Masters

    And where is the outrage from the NYRA, New York Breeders Association, the NTRA and Jockey Club? Where is it? This guy is a certifiable piece of noncompostable SH*T!!!

  • Gail Vacca

    LeBron is living the high-life. The day we rescued him, we also rescued a mare (Victory Mirror) who was bred and formerly owned Mr. and Mrs Stautberg. I called the Stautberg’s to tell them we discovered the mare at New Holland and to ask if they would help us to finance her rescue. Mrs. Stautberg didnt hesitate for a single second and pleaded with me to do everything in our power to save her mare. Anne purchased Victory Mirror and was approached by a man who wished to buy the mare for his wife as a fox-hunting prospect. Incredibly enough, Mrs Stautberg knew the man and agreed that he could purchase Victory Mirror with the condition that the mare be returned to her should they decide they no longer could keep her.

    Mrs. Stautberg already had her farm manager enroute with the farm’s van to retrieve Victory Mirror, so she asked if she could do anything to help us to help another horse in order to repay our efforts to save Victory Mirror. Long story short…Mrs. Stautberg is now the proud owner of LeBron. Incredibly, we took photos of LeBron after being loaded onto the Stautbergs beautiful rig and through the window of the trailer, just outside in the background a double decker was visible in the photo. To think that could have instead been LeBron’s fate.

    My organization is the Illinois Equine Humane Center. Our website is
    Thank you for supporting AC4H…I know firsthand that it will cost them tens of thousands of dollars to rehabilitate and rehome these mares.

    ps…I can send you the full report of the 11/23 rescue at New Holland if you like. Mr. P might think it a bit too long for this venue. Send your email address to me at [email protected] and I’ll send you a copy.

  • ktq

    janet and gail,
    Thanks for your rescues. it makes me feel good to know there are others out there. I have two myself, one I got from Finger Lakes last summer. He is being schooled now and is the most amazing and beautiful horse! I love sharing his story and he makes me feel so good about myself. How anyone can behave this way is beyond me.

    Please everyone, flood the NYRA and NTRA emails and express your outrage.

  • Tiznowbaby

    anyone have an email adress for NYRA CEO Charles Hayward? I have some things I’d like to say.

  • etic parana

    when you get haywards email ask him if we can name a race it will be called trample ernie p race and see if it could be televised right before the belmont stakes

  • etic parana

    the race will be on a new surface not poly not dirt not turf

    it will be run on ernie ps disgusting body

    i think the horse would love that flabby surface

  • SportOKings

    Maybe someone on this blog will know……

    #1 DOES ANYONE KNOW OF… OR HAVE … THE LIST OF MARES THAT WAS DISTRIBUTED, and when was it supposedly issued??? “after Paragallo distributed a list of the horses’ names to farms and racetracks in New York. Paragallo said that he offered the horses for free and said that anyone who took them would be able to breed the mares back to his New York-based stallions”. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE LIST.

    #2 Has anyone been to his farm to take a mare to be bred to his NY Based Stallions? … I did a bit of research and none of his stallions have a Mares Bred Report submitted to the JC for 2008… and if no one on the farm speaks English, who books the stallions? I think he has over 10 of them standing there at “Fever Stallions”, which I was told is the same place as Center Brook.

    #3 Has Ernie ever been to the farm in the WINTER?

  • SportOKings

    And I too, would want to know what is going to happen to the mares and stallions left in Ernies care at his farm? Is AC4H going to follow up? If Ernie said he would pay the vet bills for the rescued horses, maybe he ought to go visit his farm himself ( not send someone else) and pay vet bills for the suffering ones on his farm!

  • Joe

    Tiznowbaby, it’s not Hayward’s email but relevant contact information concerning this tragic story:

    New York State Racing & Wagering Board
    1 Broadway Center, Suite 600
    Schenectady, New York 12305-2553
    [email protected]

  • ktq
  • […] by the SRWB as an “authorized agent.” When I spoke with Paragallo last week about the mares from his Center Brook Farm that were found in a lice infested and malnourished condition at a New York livestock […]

  • Philip

    Unfortunately this will blow over, and, this coming September, Ernie Paragallo will be prancing around Keenland Sales grounds being wined and dinned at Malone’s by his TAYLOR MADE “buddies”. Keeneland most likely will be kissing his and Buzz Chase rear end !!!

  • […] Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals raided the farm on Wednesday. The Paulick Report first reported April 3 that several undernourished horses with lice and open wounds owned by Paragallo were […]

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