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By Ray Paulick
The 25 candidates for the 13 open positions on the Breeders' Cup Board of Members and Trustees were asked by the Paulick Report last week to respond to six questions about themselves, their priorities and recommendations for the organization, and their thoughts on Breeders' Cup governance issues.

Thirteen individuals responded in time for inclusion in this report to be published on Monday, June, 1, the first day Breeders' Cup nominators had the opportunity to cast their ballots in the 2009 Members and Trustees election. Additional comments, from John Sikura, Clem Murphy and George Isaacs have been added; we hope other candidates who have not had the opportunity to respond will do so and the Paulick Report will publish any of their answers in the coming days.

In addition, I have offered my thoughts on the various candidates, along with recommendations on how I think nominators should vote in this election.

Click here to see the comments of the candidates in a chart form (UPDATED JUNE 3) that allows easy comparison.

Click here to read or print out a PDF document with all the responses (UPDATED JUNE 3), which are listed alphabetically.

Additionally, click here to access the biographies supplied to the Breeders' Cup by each of the candidates. Nominators who have not received a customer number and passcode with voting instructions should e-mail the Breeders' Cup nominations department or call (859) 514-9423.

Click here for a listing of all nominators and the number of votes they are eligible to cast in the election. Each vote can be used for up to 13 different candidates (for example, an individual entitled to 10 votes may cast 10 votes for as many as 13 individuals, but may not used 130 times  for one individual). There are a total of 40,258 eligible votes. Breeders' Cup has not published tabulated results of previous elections, but approximately 12,000 votes were required to be elected, according to sources in the organization.

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