Update On Sept. 16 Remington Park ‘Wrong Horse’ Winner: There Is No Update

by | 10.06.2017 | 2:12pm
Collateral Kitten (top) after winning at Lone Star Park July 15; Onemorefastdance (below) ran and won as Collateral Kitten at Remington Park on Sept. 16

The wheels of justice sometimes move slowly in racing, and they often turn under a cloak of secrecy.

On Sept. 16 at Remington Park in Oklahoma, a 4-year-old gelding named Collateral Kitten was credited with a victory in the evening's fifth race, a $15,000 claiming event for non-winners of two races lifetime. The only problem was that the horse running under the name Collateral Kitten was actually a 6-year-old mare named Onemorefastdance, who had four victories to her name. Both Collateral Kitten and Onemorefastdance are from the barn of trainer Karl Broberg.

The Paulick Report was alerted to the error the following day by John M. Lowder, the breeder of Onemorefastdance, and Broberg confirmed that his barn staff made a mistake by bringing over the wrong horse. Onemorefastdance, if entered in her name, would not have been eligible for the race. Broberg called the mistake “egregious” and “embarrassing” and said he has taken steps to tighten barn procedures, equipping his staff with digital tablets and the iStable management software, which includes identification marks and tattoo numbers for horses.

According to reports, personnel at the test barn discovered the error after the race, but it was too late to disqualify the winner for pari-mutuel wagering purposes.

Three weeks later, the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission and Remington Park stewards have yet to disqualify the Sept 16 race winner. Under normal circumstances, the runner-up in the race, Honor Earned, would be given credit for the win and his owners would receive first-place money.

Because there has been no official ruling, Honor Earned is still eligible for non-winners of two races lifetime conditions, and he is entered in tonight's fourth race (Friday, Oct. 6) at Remington Park for non-winners of two.

It appears the Sept. 16 race was the second time the two Broberg horses ran under the wrong name, and in each case the person responsible for identifying horses entering the paddock prior to being saddled did not catch the mistake. A horse identifier is supposed to check each horse's lip tattoo and compare it the official papers.

On Sept. 4, video evidence suggests the gelding Collateral Kitten ran under the name Onemorefastdance in a race restricted to fillies and mares.

The Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission and its executive director, Kelley Cathey, have not commented on the incidents other than to say through the commission's staff attorney that no official rulings have been issued against Broberg; steward David Moore, who is believed to have been working as horse identifier on Sept. 16; or Walter Orona, the regular horse identifier at Remington who is believed to have been working on Sept. 4. Sources told the Paulick Report that Cathey, the commission's executive director, performed the duties of horse identifier for a week in late September. It is not known if Moore and Orona were sanctioned in any way.

Meanwhile, horsemen and horseplayers at Remington Park have grumbled to the Paulick Report about a lack of transparency from the commission and concerns over whether horse identification procedures are being corrected to prevent further mistakes.

This is the second Oklahoma racetrack to have a wrong horse run and win in 2017, following an incident at Will Rogers Downs. There also were incidents at Delta Downs in Louisiana last year where horses were inadvertently switched and not caught by the horse identifier. In August, the wrong horse from the Steve Asmussen stable was sent to race at Indiana Grand, but that error was caught by a state veterinarian conducting a pre-race exam and the horse was scratched. Last month at Canterbury Park in Minnesota, trainer Robertino Diodoro was fined $200 for bringing the wrong horse to the paddock, necessitating a scratch. The mistake that was caught by the horse identifier.

In none of the cases are there suspicions that any horses were intentionally switched to run as “ringers,” in order to fraudulently win purse money or execute a betting coup, as allegedly occurred in New York in 1977 and at Hawthorne in Chicago in 1978.

  • Hamish

    What happens if Honor Reward wins the 2L condition tonight, can this horse still get the winner’s share of the 2L race that the wrong Broberg horse won on Sept. 16th?

    • Garry

      Wanna bet it don’t run?

      • Hamish

        Horse still in.

        • Joey McDonald

          Ran 2nd…

      • MR.DR.

        it hasnt won yet……….figure it out……

    • Eric


  • Richard C

    Track Horse Identifier: “If you’re Collateral Kitten, then where is your lip tatto?”
    Onemorefastdance: “Lip tattoo? We ain’t got no lip tattoo. We don’t need no lip tattoo. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ lip tattoo!”

    • Ray Thomas

      They probably found out when they tried to collect Urine from the winner,

      and in amazement it shot out from under the tail 😊

  • ccstuart

    It is exasperating that with all of the pictures and scrutiny of the identification of the mistaken horses that the OHRC going to let the horse that ran second to the ringer run in the same race where there is no doubt he is going to be declared the winner. So if he wins will he be disqualified from tonight if he wins because he will not be eligible if declared winner of the first race ? Also there was a horse excluded from tonight’s race that has rightfully been denied a chance to run due to the negligence of the OHRC. How long can we continue to race when it appears that the rules of racing are not being adhered to? I hereby ask the commission to deal with this iss

    • Jon


    • MR.DR.

      you are exasperating……..the horse has not won yet………….you need common sense…….

    • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

      Yes, many are impacted by this, not just the 1st/2nd place finishers. And the lack of timeliness of resolution causes the impact to spread.

    • Bradly

      Do you still think they’re going to declare Honor reward the winner? It’s a good thing a smaller stable didn’t do this they would have been ruled off and sure as hell wouldn’t have got the purse. It looks to me like no one will get busted here even though they were exposed. If you want to get down to detail this has an impact on every horse that gets entered at RP because NW3 races may not fill due to Honor reward not entering which could in turn make an allowance race fill for broberg that otherwise wouldn’t have which could keep a cheap claiming race from going that otherwise would have filled because one of the allowance entries didn’t enter etc.etc. Or something like that. Will they do anything?

  • Jon

    The track can’t suspend or fine who was at fault cause it was them. The management that let this happen! Love for once for track management come out and say we messed up won’t happen again. Wishful thinking

    • perks

      Identifier should be fired and fined.

      • horselover

        As an identifier I can only ask that you will understand how difficult the tattoos are to see sometimes on darker skinned horses. Many numbers look very similar when tattoos are faint. The markings are often covered by blinkers, leg wraps, and bell boots. To compound this horses are often rambunctious and being handled by inexperienced grooms. I am not making excuses, just pointing out how this is possible.

        • Rebekah Lane

          But the sex was wrong. Can’t be that hard to tell a mare from a gelding.

          • Horselover

            Sex is not checked during afternoon exam. Way too dangerous to be trying that while horses are coming to paddock. Tattoos and markings are used to identify. Sex would be last resort. If nothing else checked out, and if that were the case it would already be a scratch.

          • Larry Ensor

            No snark intended but please. No one needs to get up close and personal with a horse to see if it is a colt/gelding or a filly/mare. It states right on the papers what sex the horse is.

            Don’t need to get up close and personal to see if it is a colt/horse or gelding.

            I would like to think anybody that is qualified for the job can do that without risking personal injury.

          • Larry Ensor

            Bingo! Exactly.

            Contrary to what others have been saying reading a lip tattoo is not always that easy even with a horse that is standing quietly in their stall with good light and only wearing a halter. Some tattoos are a LOT easier to read than others. I suppose it depends on how much effort the person doing the tattooing puts into it.

            I have had some horses “identified” who’s tattoo’s I know were very difficult to read in the best of conditions and all the ID person did was just flip their lip and gave a quick look-see. IMO no matter how good there were at their job there was no way they could have read the whole number that quickly.

            But IMO the person surely should have seen the horse was the wrong sex. There is really NO excuse in this case.

          • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

            And that the markings were not even similar

        • Olebobbowers

          That don’t fly, in any way, shape or means. Your post borders on absurd, and is an insult to the entire sport of thoroughbred racing.

          • horselover

            Great. I will challenge you to read tattoos and identify by markings an entire 12 horse field. If you can read each tattoo and name the markings properly I will give you my weeks pay. Easy enough, right? And absurd to me is misusing the English language in a public forum.

          • Jon

            Sorry grammar police, not all born as smart as you:) I’ll take your bet. Tell me what state and track to fly too? If I lose I will give you your weeks salary. Jon

          • Olebobbowers

            Do I get at least a consolation prize if I can recognize a male from a female??? duh

          • Bradly


          • Raymond S. Tucker

            I’ll take that challenge, sir, you are outright full of it. If you cannot interpret a tattoo; then you should go get a tennis racket. You are involved in the wrong sport.

          • Raymond S. Tucker

            The post does NOT border on the absurd. It steps on; crushes, and eradicates any border between absurd and coherent.

        • Manefan

          I can imagine that scenario and, it certainly may make it difficult. Hopefully, tattoos are not the only marker that the Identifier uses. And, if it is just one of many, why would the identification process be done while blinkers, leg wrap and bell boots are on the horse? After the race, the horse certainly doesn’t need them. Is it that time consuming to take off blinkers and leg wraps? Thankfully, the horse can’t hide it’s gender.

        • Raycing W

          You are making excuses. Furthermore, with your faulty logic, we should just remove the identifier as the job is too difficult and can’t be done.

          • horselover

            Not too difficult. I am successful at it every day, have been for years. Just enlightening public on what possibilities are there for honest mistakes. Again I will surrender weeks pay to anyone who would like to read me the tattoos of every horse in a 12 horse field as they come into the paddock.

          • Bradly

            Oh you think your the only one who can do it? Bahahaha

          • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

            Although I think the identifier is the last check to ensure the correct horse, I think the ultimate and primary responsibility lies with the trainer and the trainer’s barn. I find it amazing the focus being put on the identifier and racing commission, but somehow Broberg seems to slither by without an ounce of blame.

        • Chief Wahoo

          The color of their skin makes it difficult? This sounds awfully racist.

          • Horselover

            Very funny. Dark bays generally have dark lips. So black tattoo on black lip is tough to read. Chestnuts and greys are much easier as they have pink lips. Feel like I need to make some anti racist disclaimer here….

          • Jon

            In your opinion was broberg or someone on his team trying to sneak horse thru? Or could they have made honest mistake like identifier?

        • Sureshotalli

          So if you cannot read the tattoo clearly, then maybe you check the markings? Then check under the hood to see if its male or female? How much training does that require?
          The pictures of the two horses show a blaze on one and a star on the other.
          How incompetent would you have to be to miss that especially if the tattoo was unclear?

    • Larry sterne

      Best thing they can do. Like a retail customer coming back to complain his product didn’t operate as planned and wants anothet. You just suck it up and make it right to save the customer and the stores integroty.

    • El Espresso

      You are exactly correct Bro…!! Track management and regulators have become a joke !! Oklahoma is better than a few places but stil a lot of bias from both groups. A lot of brother in lawing still goes on. It seems they like to make the rules and apply to whom they want… or in this case when they themselves are made to look bad. Just roll into town and claim a few horses and then you see where the limbs of the incestuous family tree grow ! They make the rules and then can’t seem to understand why people use the rules to their advantage.

    • Bradly

      Jon it was the cheater who is to blame I think that’s you karl

      • Jon

        I’m not Karl. Live in southeast Pennsylvania. My name is Jon. Why did two track officials get suspended? Old argument. Tracks fault.

      • Jon

        I’m not Karl. I live on east side of Appalachians mtns Ask Ray? If he gets suspended your right. But he won’t. So your wrong.

  • talkingman17

    LMAO. Wrong horse, karl is embarrassed, sure he is. Stuff happens, especially in horse racing. My tummy hurts!

  • Gls

    This is beyond stupid, how do you have someone in your barn that doesn’t know the difference between a gelding and a mare. And if the above pictures are correct then one has a star and the other has a thin blaze. If the trainer was there how could he not know? Someone cashed a big bet.

    • Tango F

      Yep. Trust me; every groom and hot walker and employee in any barn knows which horse is which.

  • perks

    Pretty typical OK commission operations. Try to find any results of (all) bad tests, you wont. If identifier cannot tell difference of mare and gelding and markings, they need a new profession.

  • Larry sterne

    Can we say the words Kelleys Cathey is synonyms with weak management? Now let’s say it all together…..Frozen in mind to make a simple decsion. And to make it right to the betters and just chalk up the it up as a cost of doing business and to maintain racing integrity. Could even fine Cathey if he drags this on.

    • Tango F

      My guess is that he hopes it just gets swept under the rug

    • Jeffrey Brown

      If you ask me Mr.Cathey is a amazing management person he does a amazing job and deserves the utmost respect! Being in a position like he is where your in charge of everything mistakes are gonna be made you can’t tell me you don’t go through life’s and don’t make mistakes!

  • Always Curious

    OK Racing Commission reminds me of my county prosecutor’s office, the “Black Hole”. Cases go in but never come out.

  • Cuffdaddy

    Call it what it is, race fixing. The normal horse identifier coincidentally was off that night and replaced by Mr. Magoo

    Broberg can say all he wants that it was a mistake, did the horse just happen to win when this occured the first time or does this just seem to always be the case when these “mistakes” occur

    Public always loses while these bums profit betting offshore, onshore , and every shore. They make multiple small profits that add up with each new scam

  • Southwest Dude

    This is the problem with mega stables. Losing track of your horses.

    • Tango F

      No. Not a viable excuse

    • cate

      Funny, Baffert never runs the wrong horses and he’s as ‘mega’ as you can get.

      • Jon

        Why would he he runs horses that have best bloodlines/ pedigree that are bought for 6 figures and up. Not running $5000 claimers. Like comparing Mercedes to a Amish buggy. Jmo

  • Jonny

    My name is Jonny, and I am not KB. I think Karl is the greatest and Navarro is horrible (not because one of his owners took their horses from KB and gave them to Navarro). Karl would never do anything wrong or inappropriate. Anyone who says anything negative about him is just a liar.

    It is totally not his fault that he ran the wrong horse. The darn track should of caught it. I think every trainer should be allowed to just bring over any horse they want and if the track doesn’t catch it, no harm no foul, and if they catch it after the race, that is just too darn bad. It is absolutely no reflection on the trainer. If every trainer in the race brings over the wrong horse and the track does catch all of these accidents and has to cancel the race since all the horses were not who they were supposed to be, well that is just too darn bad. It wasn’t any of the trainers fault for bringing over the wrong horse.

    While I’m at it, screw the gambler. While Karl loves gambling, it isn’t his fault that gamblers may get screwed out of their money for getting beat by the wrong horse. The just need to learn how to handicap better and take into there handicapping that sometimes the wrong horses run.

    Again, my name is Jonny and I’m not Karl, but Karl is just a wonderful, legendary, genius, historically honest, man who doesn’t post under any aliases.

    • Olebobbowers

      Do you do stand up comedy? If not, consider it, you’re good!

    • Whynotwest

      There have been some extremely idiotic posts on these forums, but this one undoubtedly tops them all.

    • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

      OK…I needed this good laugh. Thank you very much. Won’t even spend the time addressing your comments they are so outlandish.

  • Monica Lewis

    This is typical of horse racing these days…RP is NOT going to do ANYTHING.PERIOD. They don’t want the negative publicity. They will NEVER do anything to try & catch the trainers/owners that are doping their horses, either. It doesn’t “look” good for track & management. They don’t want to spend the money & they will not admit it. It’s expensive to use sophisticated testing. Do you all realize how corrupt this industry has become?
    Is it a coincidence that the SAME trainers/owners win, place or show almost every single race????
    It’s not just RP…it’s at most tracks. Please don’t tell me it’s due to being able to buy the “BEST” horses….How can some of these outfits run these horses almost every week & they just keep winning???? Please enlighten me????

    • Jon

      Because the tracks management and each states commissions let it happen.sad part is nowadays the trainers are not afraid to try anything cause no matter what they will take a vacation run barn on vacation and comeback from vacation like nothing happened. Jmo

  • Manefan

    If this scenerio happens often, I wonder how many horses are sold or claimed boasting fictitious wins.

  • matt z

    This is just another way of racing showing it’s incompetence. Ban Broberg, the groom, and the Horse Identifier for 3 years and see if it happens again. I’d also hit the track with a 100k fine for screwing the bettors that were deceived!!!! This is just another reason why Horse Racing is Dying right before our eyes!!!!!! Honest mistake my A””!

    • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

      Very well put, Matt. And agree they should all be hit with punishment.

  • Andre Lobanoff

    Regarding Dr.Mark Gerard’s “ringer”. As a young kid Dr.Gerard was the vet at the stable that my family had our riding horses.I got to know both Mark and Alice.
    Years later working for Reggie Cornell( who knew the Dr),Mark approached me and asked if I could take of 2 horses that were in the barn next to Cornell,$100 per week.
    Mark and I walked over to look at his 2 head,which looked like they just came in from being turned out( long coats,manes and feet). What are their names I asked Mark? His response was names are the last thing you need to know.Blacksmith will be here this afternoon,you need to be here for that and start rubbing the hair off. Yes sir I responded.As he was walking away jokingly I ask am I to ride them also? No,rider will meet you here before the track closes. Mary Bacon was the exercise rider that showed up the next morning. I asked Mary do you know the names of these horses? She said it was not what she was getting paid for.
    Both horses looked alike (drk/bay small star), the strange thing was every morning there was hoof prints coming out and going back into the stalls. Never found out who they were. Halloween 1976 Cornell’s barn shipped to Santa Anita for the winter meet.
    Shortly later I left Reggie and race track to Dr. Buell’s Rancho Jonata.
    While at the farm in Buellton Ca,the news reported by the Daily Racing Form that Dr. Gerard was caught in a “Ringer” case. No more than 7 days later,I answered a knock at my apartment door only to be shocked to see Alice Gerard standing there,she recognized me and near fainted as I was the last person she wanted to see while running from the Feds. Alice and Jim Buell were college friends. That’s how she came to Buellton. Buell was not home,Alice drove out the gate to the 101,I never heard from either fo the Gerard’s .
    It’s fun going down memory lane

    • I Think I Can Fly

      The divine Cinzano. ….. flat racing’s loss, in jump rcingg’s pantheon of gods. watched him all through my youth, a giant amoung mere mortals.

  • Wayne

    I think there is a very important fact that is being overlooked here. In Oklahoma, the Horse ID person is an employee of the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission, not the track. I find one of two scenerios are the only possible explanations:

    1: Oklahoma has one of the lowest literacy rates in the country. I’m sure that the Horse ID person just got confused reading the tattoo. You’ve got to admit, the letters N and M look kinda similar. The only way to fix this is to petition the governor’s office to create the Oklahoma Racing Commission Regulatory Oversight Commission for Public Confidence. Someone needs to watch the regulators, it’s called checks and balances.

    2. Mr. Broberg has been using his vast finances to shower state officials with lavish gifts of Oklahoma’s finest things. Such as, Bar-S Hot Dogs and Bologna, autographed photos of Carmelo Anthony, and 3.2% Beer. It is because of these gifts that the state is willing to “look the other way”.

    To top it all off, how do we know that the horse that ran was really a gelding? Shouldn’t we all support the gender the horse identifies with?

    • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

      Although #1 could definitely be an impact, I would say #2 is the greater impact. Not just in OK, but in TX and LA too. Someday the tide is going to turn on the Broberg barn, and other trainers like him, and when they come under scrutiny people are going to be shocked to learn what goes on in these barns.

  • Larry Ensor

    Even easier for just about anybody to be able to tell the difference between a colt/gelding and a mare/filly. The papers do state what sex the horse is.

  • 33horses

    Hopefully microchipping will put an end to this stupidity!

    • Betnags

      It has been tested in NorCal for a few years now, and recently CHRB approved its expansion to all California Tracks

  • Manefan

    Sorry for late reply. Discus notification is not working. In the conditions you explain, I can certainly see potential for error. I thought that horses were checked before saddling and the winner was tested after. I’d love to shadow your work for a day to see how it’s done. And yesterday, I made a mistake at work.

  • 520Tux

    Here’s your update: Honor Earned finished second on Oct. 6 as second betting choice in the RP N2L he shouldn’t have been eligible for. Good job, Oklahoma.

  • lrush2073

    Doesn’t the State Vet check the tatoo in the morning of the race to ensure that they are looking at the right horse, to determine a scratch?

  • Olebobbowers

    Well, guess the system has crashed. You have Ron Ellis still without a ruling from the DQ of his horse in last years BC Sprint, almost a year ago. Now this wrong horse racing under another horses name. That’s darn near as bad as Ellis’ offense, on second thought, it’s not near as bad being as the ‘wrong starter’ offence occurred at a lesser track, while the entire world was watching the BC Sprint where Masochistic screwed bettors world wide by allowing the mutual payoff on a horse illegally drugged. He came back and raced drug free to finish 13th as odds on favorite, screwing the bettors once again. Justice must be served, and less than a year later…duh! ~

  • Raymond S. Tucker

    Obscuring a tattoo, or even accidentally impugning the ability of a horse identifier to read the damn thing; should be an automatic scratch, fine for the trainer; inability to enter for 30 days, and a hearing with the stewards before the ability to enter is reinstated. Bet it never happens again. You’re a racing official, don’t you open your mouth to anyone if you cannot read a tattoo??

    • Jon

      You are the man!

    • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

      I had a first time runner scratched because the identifier couldn’t read the tattoo well enough, and the markings were not as clear as they like. We had to send in a blood sample for DNA to verify and get the paperwork corrected.

  • Olebobbowers

    Sir, (i always call ‘racing officials’ sir) your comment “I frequently ask trainers to remove blinkers to look at markings and cowlicks” uses the ‘F’ word where it makes no sense. There’s truly no need for the ‘F’ word, as the rules you’re supposed to follow certainly would specify if ‘A’ blinkers should be removed in all cases, or ‘B’ they should never be removed. Savvy?

  • annonomous

    I can see where the incident at WRD could have happened as well as how it shouldn’t have been as big of a deal since both of the horses were entered in the race, they just had the two switched yet the same person owned both and the same trainer trained both and they were both maidens i believe. I do see where the gambling public could have been misled yet I see how paddock judge missed it because both entries tatoo numbers were on the card, just that they were in the wrong starting positions both starting under the name of the other.. but they threw the book at them… so why havent they did something about Karl spelled with a “K” Broberg..

    • Todays_Tom_Sawyer

      Absolutely agree on questioning why they haven’t thrown the book at Broberg. Very suspicious activities take place between he and his buddy trainers.

  • annonomous

    Rumor is theres more scandal going on over at remington park, and the culprit, fingers are pointing toward Broberg… One being, Broberg is said to be responsible for horses being scratched which likely would have outrun him, but as result hes won.. Dont know how he would accomplish that feat unless hes thru bribes to the track veterinarian. that is where the connection seems to be.. yet half the horses he sends out are far from sound.. but that doesn’t seem to matter……

  • annonomous

    Yes the state vet does check the tatoo for the pre race exam. they may have taken the correct horse out for the pre race exam.. its at 7 am if stabled on site, which broberg is… for ship ins the pre race exam is at 5 pm.. but even then, the state vet can also declare a horse sound to race and then he is not the vet on the race track or in the paddock… its a different vet who may have different opinion and scratch the horse that the state vet just passed. I can see that if something happened in between the time state vet seen horse and on track or if the horse suddenly showed signs of distress or lameness… but in the case of old injuries/scars etc. that are exactly the same in appearance when state vet examines and the track vet, then shouldn’t be scratched.. but the vet on track should be there for pre race exams too, then if it was something unpassable to the vet that will be at starting gates, then it would be known at pre race exam not when the horse is at the gates.. That recently happened to a friend of mines horse… Ironically the horse had just been removed from the vets list by the state vet, who was also provided xrays of the horse and full medical history. the state vet was confident in what he saw and removed the horse from list (the horse had been on list for close to a year because there was an issue that was fixable with the horse when my friend claimed her.. so rather than continue to run her he took the time to have problem treated, fixed, and then layed off and rehab slowly bringing back to races sounder than horse ever was when he claimed her. ) but still had to be removed from vet list, which happened recently when he went to state vet to have her examined following a workout as well as xrays.. the state vet again examined the horse prior to a race which was less than month from when he removed from list.. From what i ve been told, the leg had not changed at all in appearance and likely never will as well as the horse is sounder now than ever before when the horse was being allowed to run and was winning. Yet the horse was on the race track and the vet on the track decided the horse couldnt run because it didnt appear to have enough flexion in one leg.. so will that happen again, the state vet thought it was fine before and just before the race, so if nothing has changed he likely would again, but since nothing has changed wont the track vet again think same thing and scratch the horse again..?? how is that problem addressed? My friend isnt pointing blame but is fairly frustrated with the whole situation, but staying calm and not raising too much of an issue over it.. I would be if it were me. when asked what hes gona do or is he going to do anything, he said to me, “not sure.. but likley race somewhere besides remington park.” assuming he thinks it wont be different next time or that theres no use in challenging a corrupt system…. I may not have been at liberty to discuss the situation but doubt my friend ever will so I thought it needed to be told….]

  • justifythetime

    Horse racing is the same everywhere. Big barns rule the day and it won’t change. Big barns, more horses, bigger fields, more handle, etc. management loves it. Personally I think the pee samples should be visually monitored and transported in an armored. Especially on the biggest days

  • Bradly

    Do they fire a cop when someone has a car accident because he didn’t catch them speeding? Or a teacher when a student cheats on a test? Should a man be horse whipped because his wife cheats on him and he doesn’t catch her even though he goes to bed with her every night? Or would it be the murderer, student, and the cheating wife who got the blame?

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